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moot's final 4chan Q&A Thread #2

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Thread #2
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4chan Happenings

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>ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff going on in your homeboard.

Post your 4chan happenings

Last thread: >>545691
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Reminder that mods ban what makes them butthurt, not the rulebreaking posts.
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*moderates your 4chan*

/v/ Janny/Jannies and Mod/Mods -- Off-The-Charts Stupid

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It's largely about MY threads, specifically, A). because deleting "a user's topics" is simply "depart from me; I don't know you" sorts of behavior; B). (and because) they're both on-topic and some of the most important in the industry, science being fundamental to public availability of documentation on quality.

4chan administration, it is *not* your responsibility "taking up for" disgustingly abusing privileges. (Neither are similar comments, ITT, welcomed / valid "unless the situations are 'heard out'".)

>[Any relevant suggestions, critiques, etc., of the subforum's cultural aspects].

/qa/ memo: It's obviously plausible me reposting these; and it's "obviously relevant". PS: "Complaining about.." is *not* "against the rules".
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4chan Happenings Thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.
Have a good time edition

Previous thread: >>3393924
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/vp/ anime threads

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Can we talk about /vp/'s Pokemon Anime Discussion threads? Over the past 2 years, a couple of users have been ruining the threads and making them practically unusable.

>Exhibit A: Conspiracyposter
>A user who migrated here within the past few years. This poster is mass-reporting non-rule-breaking posts and peddling conspiracies .

>Simply posting SFW screenshots of female characters he dislikes, such as Serena, Giselle, or Largo, will lead him to call the poster a "pedo" and report the post even if there's no rule-breaking content or sexual comments about the characters.

>He dislikes posters posting female characters because he believes anyone who posts them or finds the characters attractive are a group coordinating an effort to disrupt the thread because they're part of a cabal that holds Adamant, a fansubber in the community, to high regard, and he and these users coordinate attacks on the /vp/ threads via /a/'s Aikatsu threads (Aikatsu, a female-centric anime, once aired in the timeslot before Pokemon and users would occasionally discuss it while waiting for Pokemon to air live, which infuriated conspiracyposter).

>I've since learned that this user came on /qa/ to spin this conspiracy about Adamant, Aikatsu, and female characters with a number of very long posts but IDK if the took it seriously.

>IDK what the ban process looks like for mods, but I think there's a trigger-happy mod who simply approves a lot of reports by this user on /vp/ without looking at the threads because at this point people are getting banned for posting screenshots of relevant characters.

>I've been banned once for this reason for posting one image of a character he disliked for "spamming." I was unbanned after talking to a mod and showing him the thread + posts. Mod said he'd talk w/ the others about it.

>User bypasses bans frequently because I've seen lots of his posts get completely nuked but his trademark aggressive posting style presents itself again within minutes


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Where will 4chan be in 20 years?

What about the people who would browse 4chan?
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Weeb Mafia screenshot thread

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ITT post your favorite /qa/ weeb mafia screenshots, captures, and quotes. It's been a few months since we last had a thread like this.
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Is kemono friends gods gift to mankind?
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