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angel's egg
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>sneed is deleted
>soijak is deleted
>kpop is deleted
>japanese girl thread are deleted
Seething TRANNYJANNY is ruining /qa/.
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Mental Illness Awareness

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Friendly reminder to all trans """"people"""" that your self image and identity is a product of escapism and mental illness and your physical features are more akin to the likes of a goblin than whatever anime character you've deluded yourself into believing you look like. You will never be a real women, nor resemble one.

Join the 40% today and kill yourselves. :)
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/soyg/ - soyjak general

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Welcome to the basedjak general! Enjoy your stay here, discuss all basedjak related matters and feel free to be yourself, this is /qa/ after all. No kp*p trannies allowed

Previous thread:

Resources and basedjak packs (To be updated in the future):
Starter set -!tOhxAYjI!Y9nFdFHI_2wlCryV__4-wQ
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Josou General

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suck my cock dude edition

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what boards should I have on the image board website I'm working on?
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You know, IDGAF, I can just hang out on /vr/ and /co/. I’ll probably be happier anyway.
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Why does it seem so utterly impossible for moderation to just sit down and deal with people like ACK and barney once and for all? Just get one mod dedicated to stay alert during their active hours and instantly hit them with a permanent ban the moment they're detected making a post somewhere. Keep it up long enough and they will run out of steam. None of this "let's take an hour to delete one of his posts and ban everyone who happened to interact with him".
Some completely normal and expected topics have been effectively banned because they happen to be on ACK's shitlist and jannies and mods basically let the terrorist win and dictate what's acceptable to post.
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making threads for your favorite anime girl is like giving them a surprise kissu on their cheek
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Keking hard at Know your meme redditfags seething over soijaks. Whoever is uploading every single dumb edit to that site is doing gods work
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