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lovely white women edish

fish sub edish
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This is what a modern and wealthy neighborhood in Japan looks like.
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/fr/ - le francofil.

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Édition: Bosseurs de la nuit terrifiante.

Ancien : archivée, cherche le
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>Australia has snakes and spiders!!!!!!
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Sverigetråden - sommar och sol

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Gör dagliga armhävningar och knäböj så ni är i form för stranden.
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DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2579

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DJT is the best Japanese language learning vtuber shitposting thread on 4chan for むっつりスケベ共 that are interested in everything Japanese (no politics >>>/pol/)
Japanese speakers learning English are also welcome

How to heal anything:

The only way to learn 日本語:
1.Filter all tripfags
2.Don't waste time/money on ゴミ like:
-英語 youtube channels, shitty apps, Genki, Imabi, RTK, KKLC, Kanji Damage, Wanikani, Duolingo, Bunpro, whatever you're using, language schools, AJATT, JLPT, Kanji Kentei tests and other scams
-Awful anki decks (only 2k/6k from the OP and a simple yomichan mining deck are ok)
-You shouldn't spend more than 1-2 hours on Anki as a beginner and 20 minutes max after a few months, spamming easy is fine, Anki is only good at the start to prepare you for the journey
-Pitch accent (doesn't exist, you can say words however you want )
-Learning how to write on paper (you can do it later once you're decent at Japanese)
Avoiding these beginner traps will cut down your learning time considerably to less than 5 years if you learn every day and never give up.
3.Take care of yourself, sleep naked, get some vitamins, read cosmetic ingredients, switch fluoride for hydroxyapatite, opt for natural ingredients if possible
4.Spend a few days getting familiar with hiragana and katakana
5.A few months of Anki 2k/6k vocabulary and Tae Kim grammar while reading something easy on the side
6.A few years of reading, listening, watching vtubers, shitposting in /djt/ and having your posts corrected by Japanese flags, googling stuff you don't know and you're done!
7.Play Umineko and Doom
8.Move to Japan
9.The ride never ends


先スレ >>142997665

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Do Asian women really?
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/balt/ + /ausnz/ #224

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wth, this is not my kitchen edition
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>מהדורת /ישר/אפו בטיול


>לא להאכיל טרולים
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what happens here?
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