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ITT: the worst leader in your country's history

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Tyrant who abolished constitutional government and rule of law, ruled as a dictator, and bombed a house of worship killing hundreds in the process. thankfully got what was coming to her.
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Why are German people so obsessed with anal since forever? Has this been a thing since pre war Germany?
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Sverigetråden - Mexicopeupplagan

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What do Americans even eat for lunch? Hamburgers? Seriously, I have never heard anything about this at all, I have no idea what they eat.

Pic related - typical lunch consisting of white rice, pinto beans, steak, fries, fried eggs, lettuce and tomato.
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Would you marry an Irish lass?
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new janny edish
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هل قتلت عربياً او مسلماً اليوم؟

Do harmful racial slurs like K*ren exist in your country?

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