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ehemals und später wieder /deutsch/
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Workers' Party of Korea edition
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>the English colonised this hot rock instead of staying in nice mild Western Europe
It's 29 degrees here at the moment and predicted to be 33 this weekend. Anglos have no business being born in Australia.


Fuck the Queen.
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Serious Discussion

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Asking to the indians of /int/
Is the caste system still thing in modern day India?
Like if you're born a brahmin you have no choice but to become a priest?
What's more important regarding a person's status, money or caste?
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Make America Mexico Again edition :^)
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Sverigetråden - Dubsupplagan

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Novi /ex-yu/
>klizanje i topla čokolada izdanje
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ITT vietnam war burger butthurt
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Communist nazis
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Edycja transportu o dwóch kołach i trunku z jabłek
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