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The Binklic and Anzaclic Thread
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>Whites are Altmer
>Arabs/africans are Redguards
>Asians are Dunmer
>Romans are Ayleids
>Natives are Argonians
>Russians are Nords
>Turks are Orsimer
>Anglos are Bretons
>Romani are Khajit
>Americans are Imperials
>traps are Bosmer
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Belaruse thread?
Belaruse thread.

If you live in a first world country, then you don't need a visa anymore after the 12th of February. Why haven't you booked you're tickets yet?
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edycja przyjaźni polsko-escobarskiej
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Dacian edition

old: >>70045315
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Ita - /Il Filo/

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È lui o non è lui?
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>your country
>is pedophilia acceptable in your country

no but not for lack of trying
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>Why yes, I am indeed French
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>tfw you are too dumb and unmotivated to learn a second language