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Russians aren't wh*Te, therefore Russian women aren't white either. stop referring them as wh*Tes.
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Dear. Asian friend
Good news, here.
Finally, Swedish girls are getting tired of loving rapefugees.
Now, they start to love with Asian guys.
Go to Sweden

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African American female posting on /int/ for 3 weeks AMA

It's ok if you say the N word ok we don't all freakout over the word idiots
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post swedish women
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asia is the wh*te man's playground
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The black MOTHER GODDESS created the pure BLACK man out of the strength of her immense melanin. This pure BLACK man is known as KARA BOGA, known to wh*tes as ALLAH. They created the original BLACK race, one of which was a scientist named Yak*b. Out of spite for KARA BOGA, Yak*b created the wh*te race aka neanderthals who populated the caves of Europe. KARA BOGA and his armies took much of the Meditterranean region back from the wh*tes, but it was nearly impossible for them to reach into the northern lands as the wh*te scum were able to spawn from the earth due to Yak*b's black magic.

Now an eternal war is raging for supremacy of the earth between the BLACK MASTER RACE and wh*te scum.


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ITT: same countries
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Look at dis flag dood

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