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Frens, let's explore Argentina together in Street View. I'm using a site that gives me random SV locations in a given country. This seems like a good way to get a feel for a country. I won't post boring pics of roads, just stuff that seems interesting

This advertisement for tea is wishing us a good day, which is a nice start
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Дoбpaй oптыкi нiць.

Пaпяpэдняя нiць:
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>a foreigner says “dude” or “yall”
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Russia and China provide full-ride scholarships, including Russian/Mandarin for 1 year. This includes tuition, dorm and a monthly stipend. They also have a shitton of places for med school.

While going to the Fucklabinsk or Sughimydickhua University is not a good idea, both countries have reputable universities, with credits recognized in the ETCS system and the degrees being recognized abroad.

If you are in an impasse, why don't you try? You have nothing to lose. Russian/Mandarin in itself is a good asset, not to mention the education you'll get in itself.




I said I will come back in a week, thus here I am. This is the last time I will post this.
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Women in Sweden are so fucking stingy and retarded. Literally everyone I talk are somehow super involved in social media like snapchat, facebook, instagram, twitter etc. I absolutely hate these social media whores. And they listen to the dumbest music. Always some stupid pop song.

Every single one of them dress the same. Blue tight jeans, small impractical leather jacket and a white girlie shirt. Every. Single. One. They also use the same perfume and shampoo. Literal NPC's.

Are women soulless in general or am I just in the wrong country?
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Fix och trix-upplaga
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>your cunt
>last movie you saw in the theater
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Post places with interesting names in your country/state