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Gujarati is the fastest growing language in America.
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Is your "type" abundant in your country?
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/deutsch/ Weißer Wolf Ausgabe

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Sunday Snoozefest Edition
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In India, your parents can just arrange a marriage for you.

It's physically impossible to suffer if you're Indian.
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what if your parents were unitedstatesians?
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/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro

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Edição dos 6 meses

Estão tentando me impedir de criar esse fio. Estão fazendo algo diferente na minha cabeça.
Hoje completam 6 meses em 2021 de assédio initerrupto.
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Canada usa mexico
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Korean writing be like
>dash dash dash
>dash dash dash
>dash dash dash
How do they even understand each other? Looks like gibberish to me, where are the letters??
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>brazillians live next to this and still claim life is hard

the only thing hard should be your penis
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