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[cool]ska znana kiedyś jako /polska/

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/ita/ - il filo

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edizione mi ritrovai nel mezzo di una selva oscura
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How are interracial couples treated in your country?
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anime edition
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/flag/ - /extraflags/

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Corona-chan edition

previous: >>118564455

Welcome to /extraflags/, a lovely spin-off of /flag/ except its a general for users with extra flags to discuss flags, extra flags, and autistic activities while funposting. don't have extra flags? get extra flags :^)

>What are extra flags?
Extra Flags is an open-source and non-malicious plugin that adds regional flags, like states and provinces, to the already existing national flags on /int/, /pol/, /sp/, and /bant/, by storing users' post number along with the selected regional flags, and retrieving it from a database when a thread is loaded. You can add your region's flag by requesting it on the GitLab page.

How to install: https://gitlab.com/flagtism/Extra-Flags-for-4chan

>Webm install guide (Desktop and Mobile):
Chrome: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-int-/master/misc/chrome-install.webm
Firefox: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-int-/master/misc/firefox-install.webm
Opera: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/flaghunters/Extra-Flags-for-int-/master/misc/opera-install.webm

>Collecting Flags?
World template: https://i.imgur.com/DcBPwzx.png
Regional templates: https://gitlab.com/flagtism/Extra-Flags-for-4chan/tree/master/maps
About 4chan's flags: https://i.imgur.com/w9VDsop.png

>Making Flags?

>Having troubles installing the script?
Ask here

>Looking for flags?
The 4 boards that have integrated default flags are /int/, /bant/, /pol/ and /sp/. Happy hunting :^)

>Other flag tools?
Flaggot: https://github.com/dnsev/flaggot
Flag Fixer: https://github.com/ebinBuddha/4chan-Flag-Fixer
Extra Flag Lister: https://github.com/ebinBuddha/Flag-Lister-for-4chan
T.A.M.P.A: https://gitlab.com/Tampanon/Tampas-Awesome-Map-Placement-Assistant
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cute webms

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why do they do this anons?
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how common is this in your cunt?

/mena/ * /ex-yu/

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كيف يقولو slav بالعربي؟
тoлкoвa oбичaм aнимeтo
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Ólavs hin heilga útgávan


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