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Division Bell

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What's your take on Division Bell?
I finally gave it a first full listen after being so lazy and halfway through I couldn't stop cringring at its pretentiousness.
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Is it normal for a 35 year old to have the kind of Twitter presence he does?
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to the absolute faggot of a tranny janny that just deleted my post in the kpop general
you are a gigantic cock slurping cum gargling dick tickling bitch ass hoe ass pile of fermenting human excrement on an island of of fermenting human excrement in a sea of fermenting human excrement and before you ban me for saying naughty words look in the mirror and explain to yourself why you are enabling actual and legitimate creeps to blatantly congregate on this board
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Charlie Watts - RIP
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female musicians be like

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female musicians be like
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Soundcloud/Bandcamp/YT thread

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Old ones are dead and boring. let's start fresh.
you know what to do i guess
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I just want to share my thoughts on Bon Scott's original lyrics to AC/DC's Highway to Hell.

1000% The lyric is "She's a nigger on a on a one-way ride". Absolutely no way does he say "Season ticket".

Reason: that's way more metal. Imagine a dusty aboriginal female walking the traintracks in Australia. She's on the highway to hell. That's hard af and Bon knew that.

I would bet my life on it. If you think the line is anything other than that you're actually a retard and I can't help you.


Boomkat Recommended - Lockbox : Spiritual Malware

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Yo has anyone else been into this record? Next level IDM vibes ala Squarepusher, Aphex et al but with a unique 2021 spin. Idk Im vibing

"Hausu Mountain alum Jesse Briata exhumes the corpse of early '00s IDM on 22-track epic "Spiritual Malware", sounding like Arovane, Lackluster, Proem and Mr. Projectile but spiked with a few drops of vaporwave wobble and videogame OST rave intensity.

The thing with IDM is just as you think it's disappeared for good, it bobs up again and refuses to flush. "Spiritual Malware" is Chicago-based producer Briata's latest attempt at mastering the sound, and honestly if we didn't know better we'd swear this was made in 2001. It's a worthy attempt at capturing the wide-eyed hopefulness of the always-online set, that hovers around the post "Chiastic Slide" melodicism of Arovane, Phonem and the Merck label, crossing it jaggedly with Squarepusher and AFX's backroom rave antics.

'Henoncurve' coulda been on Arovane's recently-rereleased "Atol Scrap", while the 7-minute 'Purify' is closer to EOG's complex electro-guided soundscapes. 'Substances That Make Your Brain Change' looks back to a time before "Chiastic Slide" though, with bleep techno nods to Higher Intelligence Agency and Speedy J, and 'Shin Megam' tips into almost dub territory." -Boomkat