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>band website
>click "manuals" link
>20 pdfs of synth schematics and instruction manuals
But why though

/nbbm/ #8 - Slow Discussion Edition

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>Official Last.fm group

>/mu/tant radio, will be streaming NBBM 10PM - 12AM EST, with Gris - A l\'ame Enflammee, l\'ame Constellee...

Last thread here >>41824682

So what's the best 2nd wave band and why is it Darkthrone?
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>noisefags still have no response to this
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18 naked cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch!
Big, hard, throbbing cocks wanting to be sucked!
18 naked cowboys wanting to be fucked!
Cowboys in the showers at Ram Ranch!
On their knees wanting to suck cowboy cocks!
Ram Ranch really rocks!
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What are some radical hip hop artist?
PARIS, recently released a new album:
Recently found some german rapper called Vizzion which is pretty good:
I guess you also have The Coup, Immortal Technique and Dead Prez but they're old.
I need new shit.
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Division Bell

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What's your take on Division Bell?
I finally gave it a first full listen after being so lazy and halfway through I couldn't stop cringring at its pretentiousness.
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Subject in the OP Edition

ITT: Discussion of Western pop music, new albums, classic albums, alcoholism, flops, leaks, hitting the wall, meme fetishes, ERP, legwear, buttchugging, general waifu and stan faggotry

Prev: >>100114847

Thread theme:https://youtu.be/FKFj-Da85E8

https://wpop.booru.org/ (memes and edits)
https://celeb.booru.org/ (pictures of celebs)

-danz got a big ass head
-damn bro youre here all day
-danz got a normal sized head
-Anon wants to fuck Grimes and Danz
-/wpop/ votes 29 to 0 in support of mass-murdering all smelly ass niggers
-I like SOPHIE
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/RYM/ general

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Fuck trannies edition
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/RYM/ General

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Lets be nice and give recs- edition
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