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young people are obsessed with specifically this type of music
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So, are Radiohead cancelled now? We aren't allowed to listen to them anymore?
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>Fifth Wave Emo gets sold as this huge experimental diverse scene
>50% of the bands are bland energyless Modern Baseball wannabes and only 10% of the acts are good total
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Panchiko - D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L

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hey hey

I picked this up because it looked interesting:

I wasn't able to find any references to it, online, whatsoever. even with super obscure bands, you might expect to find some an old myspace page or mention in some forum.

does anybody recognise the album?

I half expected it to be noise pop or some vapourwave wankery. listening to it, now, track 1 is like hella lo fi shoegaze with noise panning back and forth.

this isn't some viral marketing bullshit. I'm just curious if anyone can shed some light on it and I'm slightly excited by the prospect of owning a rare album

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