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Bros, this is the best soundtrack ever.
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Is that Godspeed You! Black Emperor I hear?
Turn that shit WAY UP my dude!
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what the fuck, /mu/

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>be me
>browsing spotify's "discover"
>see artist literally titled "Mom"
>lol why not
>listen to the 1st release, a s/t EP
>pretty good stuff, loving the carefree vocals and noisy aesthetic
>want to check out more stuff like her
>click on "fans also like"
>a bunch of artists pop up
>instantly notice something weird
>the pfp's are all album covers from the most recent album from the artist
>all of 'em are some stock image looking shit with the artists name and album title written in weird fonts on them
>look like they were taken from a "create your own album cover" thread, you know the ones
>almost all of the names of artists are a combination of 2 or 3 random words
>click on some of them
>it gets even weirder
>all have ~100 or less monthly listeners
>all artists have 1 (sometimes 2) albums
>all albums have around 15-16 tracks
>almost all tracks have <1000 listens
>all the tracks are basically a couple second melody and drum beat repeated over and over again till the track hits ~4 mins
>the melodies in each track (from all that I heard) are different
>all of the albums are from 2017, 2018
>almost all are from different record labels, which are hard to find anything about on Google
>all have most listeners in Berlin, Germany
>every one's "fans also like" has MORE OF THEM
what the fuck is this rabbithole, /mu/?
why does this exist?
is this well known or did I stumble over some underground german house electronica music community noone has heard of?
i'll post some examples of artists in a reply
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Soyeon edition
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objectivly best ost to any animated show

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fucking fight me
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What are some 'classic albums' from the 00s? Albums that people will be listening to 20 years from now, regardless of whether or not you consider them good? I figure pic related, but what else?
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>*shitty circus music starts playing*
>*shitty guitar solo*
>*shitty ten minute keyboard solo*
>*song ends*
wow, truly an amazing band. Thank you Jim Morrison for your truly groundbreaking """music"""
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Why is Kpop more popular than Jpop?
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What Happened to Anthony Fantano

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>used to scroll on /mu/
>shout out based records
>actually kept up with the underground
>thatistheplan was based


>MAJOR TWITCH STREAM where he apes out about mainstream releases
>normie memes 24/7
>progressive politics on his feed 24/7
>pretty much a fuckhole for normies to trash his subreddit and comment sections and spread normie memes and basic taste

I was gone for a few years and this is what I return to? Look how they massacred my boy... /ourboy/....
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