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The real queen edition
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>English band
>names themselves Japan
>makes an album about China
>it somehow works
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The effects of Cannabis

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Indica makes:
-music more fun to listen to
-you better at guitar
-you sleepy
Sativa makes:
-music annoying to listen to
-you energetic
-you a spacetard
-you bad at guitar
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Tally Hall thread

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Since this band is getting a resurgence since "Ruler of Everything" is a meme now, might as well start a thread about the most underrated progressive power pop band of the 2000s.

Dedicated to anything Tally Hall related including side projects: ミラクルミュージカル (Miracle Musical), Not a Trampoline, edu, Joe Hawley Joe Hawley etc.

>inb4 go back to Tumblr faggot
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>be me
>completely useless human
>get diagnosed with Autism
>goverment helps find me find a job
>start an apprenticeship as chef
>kinda shit but pays for weed and cigs so I can't complain to much
>spend my free time watching sissy hypno and v-tubers and getting stoned
>listen to nothing but drain gang and (((Hyperpop))) while I work
>say I am bi but never been with a women
>just hookup with trannies, femboys and men
>live like this for a few years while completing my apprenticeship
>place I did my apprenticeship at didn't want to keep me on
>get new job at local tavern
>way more chill
>start trying to stop my degenerate habits
>stop watching v-tubers and sissy hypno
>stop smoking weed alone
>delete grindr
>music taste hasn't changed
>drained while I make food
>qt waitress starts showing interest in me
>literal sperg so I am not sure if she is just being friendly
>fuck it might as well try
>manage to not sperg out and scare her off
>get drinks after work sometimes
>go on a few dates
>still haven't had sex yet
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Liv laugh love edition

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Sweet trip fucking sucks.
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My 10 favorite albums, thoughts?

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Love - Forever Changes
Mr. Bungle - California
R.E.M. - Automatic for the People
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
The Strokes - Is This It
Coldplay - Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends
Depeche Mode - Violator
Radiohead - Kid A
Deftones - White Pony
XTC - Skylarking


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I love bones now