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What band/ artist do you have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of? How deep does your obsession with them go?
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This is worse than anything Dev said but since it was aimed at straight white men nobody cares...
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is there really people in this world that don't know who the flaming lips are?
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i want to have a threesome with wt and kms edition
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RYM / Somenic General

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homos only
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Aging Titans: AntiWarhol, brandonsyl, stilton, carbonado, pabanks, germanon, No_

Fallen Titans: plastictears, TheHorbgorbler, doru649, sodr1, crosshatches, sodr2, herkyjerky, fagix, exitsense, chumlum, hevykofe

Rising Stars: junusynu, mihr, schtraw

Missed Apotheosis Tier: picha, aciid, BAYAR, tankpit, miningtown, jazzthreadguy, I0000Days, prostagma, owl_jolson, Fastro, notebooks, acid_udon, lovesick, Sisu, velocifish

Remaining Top Users: Erickson_Dear, moltenhorror, Franssel, hike62, jmttmnj510, Lorgnette, banjie, classifriend, xolotl, carburador, tide2, wqe23, anathemaddicted, 80outof1, epizootics

UHS Tier: sp59, lad, Zizekian, Esichio, Magicsxxxxx, Verkrah, duckstab_tenthousand, bloodie

Wise Old Man Tier: Piezo, Euphemos, Grampus, Patricksmash, TheScientist, sluggo714, tibul

Metalhead Tier: asadv, mishanspace, toolshed00

Creamey Tier: HalfPriceBento, Pate, iloveyou, phlg, mrminio, neverdenudesz, EishunK, Kishinev

Actually East Asian Tier: KareA, ckcy, shj990512, HaruyaIshizuka, ParkFish, kaxk, purplerain, skytothelimit

Shizo Tier: lobit, blessings, hortonscorton, myspaceisflat, infant, tomcarter, KISINEV, L “Y” J, katelynn, ParticularlyEvil

Korean Gay Bar Tier: kyllmiself, collocoll, weathertoken

Autistic Sad Chad Tier: blebbio

Sad Lonely Man Tier: fruitfork

Mediocre Tier: Wujtah

Delusional Gang Tier: Ehwa, cute, sadobscure, keyboard, northmemphis_, guro, Hunteriscoolio, ebmunk, Leema, satan_, Ice_Bear, eeleye420, choccomi, clinethetacolover, Kakalakenpower, nword, pissbucket99, IrisAyris, psychomaid, respirateur, MagaCream

Fuck You Tier: oinopa, AngryGothBoi, Mao007, pinokiwo, sharifi, diction, portraits, Vito_James, gay_, Sal, Jangle_Bojangle, Mercenarion, mookid, AlRog, TriplePositive, Electriclizard, AutoBlood

Abomination Tier: Cubbierill, Decibelle, Bowsette, JillPicket, PyramidPostcard, NoLoveDeepTrans

Actual Retard Simp Tier: metro_RYM_ltd, deform
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LANABROS.... How hyped are we for COCC?

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So what's next for hip hop?

the last big innovation I heard was Death Grips.

What's next? A more accessible Death Grips sounding artist? Well, I guess Kanye did that with Yeezus.

Perhaps something more "warm" sounding, with Avicii or David Guetta? But for the past five years rappers have been doing that...

what's the next evolution bros?
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