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apparently passed from falling
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space music

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What would you listen to in space?


Jazz thread

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The John Coltrane thread made me feel inspired. Tonight is a jazz night for me. What are my fellow jazzheads listening to tonight? I'm currently listening to pic related based on the suggestion of an anon in the JC thread. I'm also going to throw Deep Purple - Made In Japan in the queue, just because it's so pulled-out and proggy so I figured it would fit and be my one non-jazz album of tonight. Cheers.
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ITT: We post oldfag /mu/ meme classics

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Sweet trip fucking sucks.
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is this /mu/core?

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Has any one else noticed the selly-ester wattd field in this album?
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French music on /mu/

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Post good french musics or albums.
Any genre.
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Has it leaked?
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