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What's next for Bowie after Blackstar?
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Hailey Bieber 2 edition
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/nbbm/ #8 - Slow Discussion Edition

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>Official group
>/mu/tant radio, will be streaming NBBM 10PM - 12AM EST, with Gris - A l\'ame Enflammee, l\'ame Constellee...

Last thread here >>41824682

So what's the best 2nd wave band and why is it Darkthrone?
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Kpop fucking sucks. These "women" (bug people) make what can only vaguely be called music and bring shame to music as a whole. You compare a kpop song to Pity Party by Avril Lavigne and it's not even a contest. If you compare Avril's album Love Sux to any Kpop album it's basically bullying at that point since the kpop artists can't fucking compete
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The thread last night went pretty well, ITT: post
>Ideal qt

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Ignore the Fish
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ITT: Talentless hacks

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ITT: Talentless hacks
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Sipping a Madison Beer edition
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