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esoteric edition
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- Include correct format (artist / band, title of release, year of release, cover art, the file type (v0, 320 mp3, FLAC, etc), short description, YouTube sample, link)
- Send thanks if you have downloaded something to let them know they did a good thing
- Avoid sharing / requesting things that are already on the archive (unless you stumble on a dead link)
- Soulseek / Rutracker are your friends, too - just don't argue in this thread about them
- Bump when this thread reaches page 10
- This is not the place to shill your own and/or your friends' music; read the sticky and the following link

>I have a request! Did I...
- Check the archive for a live link before requesting?
- Share something first?
- Search the web for "blogspot + artist name + album name"

>"I don't know how to find what I'm looking for in the archive"
- Go here: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
- When searching, limit your search to links only, like so: "desired album mega|zippyshare|mediafire"
- Make sure you've typed "zippyshare" and not "zippy", or else Zippyshare links will not be found.

- Deezloader / Deemix / Freezer (now requires paid account above 128)
- Soulseek (P2P)


Mos Def - The Ecstatic (2009) [320kbps mp3]
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What do you listen to when you smoke marijuana?

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What do arthoe posers and real arthoes listen to?

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How do you pronounce pet sounds?

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Is it
A). PET sounds, sounds of pets
B). Pet SOUnds, sounds of personal value to the Beach Boys (think pet project)

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Zenjin - Pseudoscorpion

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/x/fag here.

So some of you might remember a small buzz a few years ago in the obscure music/mystery communities of 4chan and Reddit about an album called Pseudoscorpion, by the mysterious and unknown "Zenjin." I discovered the mystery in the comments section of a Youtube video related to Peter Scully, notorious child predator who made various snuff films and other illegal content. The album supposedly contains audio samples from his videos and other deep web shit, but I haven't found much information regarding it besides a few archived threads here, where some say it's an urban legend. But I decided to look into the mystery again today and found a fairly recent Reddit thread where a user named u/HereIsAnAlbum posted a mediafire link to what he says is the real deal.

My normie ass isn't touching the guy's link with a 10 foot pole, but if any of you brave souls want to confirm it's real shit, feel free to reply.
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David Bowie

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Discography review thread, share your thoughts on each album in this thread
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UK's Favourite Christmas Number 1 of all time

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Is this when DEVO peaked?
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>bruh are you deadass, this banger low key slaps no cap
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