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>be in my final year of a liberal arts degree
>been listening to loveless/slowdive/surface level shoegaze for decades
>Have my home audio set up right behind me with loveless behind the record player
>a girl I know sees my camera during our online class
>proceeds to tweet about me listening to male manipulator music

Im tired
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Dont ya know he's teasing a new album?
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>(taylor’s version)
People are not really falling for this cheap woe-was-me marketing ploy are they?

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2000 Patrick Bateman listened to Huey Lewis and the News, Phil Collins, and Whitney Houston. What would 2020 Patrick Bateman listen to?
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Why are white women so terrible at music?

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Black and asian women have made great music. White men have made great music. But white women? A great album has NEVER come from a white woman. Why is this?
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Is it bots?

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How does she have so many ratings on rym? Never seen anyone mention her anywhere
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>Iggy pop
>Makes punk
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Aladdin metal edition

Old thread: >>63257573
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recommend me some schizocore lads
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