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I think we should permaban anyone that listens to the following:

>Psychic TV
>Throbbing Gristle
>Venetian Snares
>Pic related

And all other "obscure" poseur-core.

They're all tryhard 2edgy4u avant-teens and don't deserve to share this board with actual adults.
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we got this
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Who is the final boss of all music?
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ITT: Favorite Music Videos
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birthday edition
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What causes people to become edgy metal fans? Trauma? Childhood abuse? I’m not trying to insult anyone here, just wondering how someone decides to get a bunch of edgy tattoos and listen to harsh music with evil lyrics. Especially since most of them seem to be nice people.
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Stop posting that obese ugly orc name billie eilish, holy shit
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Soundtracks so good they made you watch the film

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Was Sublime good or a stoner meme band?
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/gg/ guitar and bass gear general

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/gg/ guitar and bass general: fender offset edition aka dead general edition
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