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get your shekles back

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If you bought a 4chan pass before the 60 second post counter, go to the bank and get a chargeback now. It might not be too late if you bought recently.
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"Invisible accounts" for more effective banning

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I have an idea.

"Invisible accounts"

Every person, in order to post, has to attribute his email adress with a single password. You input your email and password in a separate form before posting. Banning would work over e-mail accounts, in combination with IP banning, so people need to actually make a new email to be able to post, in addition to resetting their router. Since most IP addresses are dynamic, it would definitely decrease the ability for people to ban evade, and it would make banning a more viable option. Doesn't ruin the anonymous thing too, since the email wouldn't show up to anyone but 4chan mods. Also would help filtering 14-year-olds out a bit.

Plus, you could easily filter 10 minute mail sites for applicable email.

What do you think?
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Polo Shitting Up Boards

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Why does no one do anything about this? All he does is bump his threads until they 404 so that he can promote his chats. And the saddest part is that I usually see girls in his chat to when I tell Polo to fuck off. Apparently they don't know that he records girls and then sells the footage.
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Strict moderation

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"Moot killed 4chan months ago with over-moderation. It's just another no-fun-zone forum now."

I agree with this anon. 4chan has become just a mainstream YAY LETS ALL CUDDLE cute little forum except for /b/ (which is just shit now anyway). Instead of a place where people could post freely like they always have, 4chan is slowly turning into Gaia v2.0

The current mods are completely NOT in touch with what goes on on 4chan. on /sp/ we have people getting banned for memes that have lasted for years, people get banned for saying nigger outside of /b/ (come on, really, REALLY? Just think how ridiculous that is), there's rampant janitors who report/semi-ban people for trifles, or after an argument or whatever. Things are up to a mod's judgement, and that judgement is flawed.

I prefer the earlier days where people randomly would get banned for nonsensical reasons, it was hilarious, anyone could get axed for a laugh. It wasn't fair, but it wasn't fucking oppressive like the current moderation is. I'd rather get banned on a funny whim than because I "offended" someone by just saying whatever comes to mind, like people used to be able to on 4chan.
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Dear moot there is no reason that pont reaction images should be banned on any other board more that there is a reason to ban anime images on a non anime boards. If you continue with this irrational behavior under the impression that mlp haters make up anything more than 5% of the 4chan userbase which couldn't give a fuck about reaction images and are not manchildren like /v/ and /b/ userbases, you will face serious consequences.

Signed, /mlp/

pic related, now your day is ruined
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/a/ Rec threads, etc.

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Why isn't there a must read sticky on /a/ that prevents shit like this?
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Can we discuss the hypothetical of /fur/ being restored? Not a board suggestion, though, just some discussion on what it could possibly bring.

I think that it would remove some of the cancer from /b/ and /v/, but that's just a theory.
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Is /j/ a real board?
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Drop Cloudflare and CAPTCHA, institute JSON in AJAX and heuristic spam detection instead

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Might I suggest 4chan drop cloudflare and replace it with AJAX and an assortment of security measures. Also please substitute a heuristic spam detection system instead of using CAPTCHA.

Cloudflare is not intended for a site such as 4chan because their boasted CDN only caches static content which on a site that purges content so rapidly only accounts for a fraction of the content, whereas the dynamic content comes directly from the server. On top of that, their algorithm for finding high-demand static content on the server is flawed which makes it point to 404'd files. Their CDN also disrupts the https connection due to this because a website is only secure as its weakest link. Their security can easily be replaced with a few security measures, and their optimization would better be implemented using JSON in an AJAX implementation. I believe this way the site would be a lot faster and more secure.

As for CAPTCHA, there are countless works explaining the downfall of CAPTCHA. A heuristic spam detection system is always better for security and for the user. A thousand things can be done such as adding the latest definitions of spam bots, timing inputs, and setting up bot traps.

I know replacing Cloudflare's security may seem like a daunting task, but given their track record for everything else, I don't trust their security. Besides, they aren't using magical security. They're using the same current security that's available to everyone.
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Normalfags a shit

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Post here if you hate filthy normalfags who are ruining 4chan.
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