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/a/ is shit

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wow i was just asking for the name of one anime and the faggots over there were acting like a bunch of assholes
this kind of attitude will be the death of the board
they need to help the users who dont know so the quality improves
fucking shit for brains and their stupid elitism


here is the thread
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Longer post cooldown

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It is clear that 4chan is now way too big for its own good. People come here to shitpost and to "troll" because it's an easy way to kill some time on this site.
But what if the post rate was reduced with a longer cooldown between replies? Would people still answer to any post or would they start thinking and caring more about posting and commenting on good content?
Maybe this limit could be enabled only during high traffic spikes? Or when there's not enough staff to moderate a board?
Of course this won't kill chronic shitposters but it may encourage others to think twice before giving them attention.
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Board Removal

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If you could remove a board, what would it be, and why?
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Connection error

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So lately (tonight especially), I have been getting an error whenever I try to post a picture.

With the built in quick reply it's "Connection error, or you are banned". I am clearly not banned (as it links me to the "You aren't banned" page, and then sends me to /v/).

This only really happens when I post an image. It has happened intermittently before, with no rhyme or reason or easy fix. It's normally very hard to duplicate.

I have found posts going back as far as early June talking about how a fix was in the works. Is there a temporary solution, or is it just going to completely eat up my ability/will to post until the fix is rolled out? Maybe an ETA on the fix?

For example, I could only post this WITHOUT the image.
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Futa Spam on /d/

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Take a look at /d/ right now. Something like 90% of the threads are futa. It wouldn't be a problem if the futa was kept in a few threads but there's constantly new threads being created when old ones are still in the first few pages. A few examples,

Futa game

Futa doujins

Tentacle futa

Generic futa

Trap thread (futa for those who admit they're gay)

Futa on woman

Futas fucking other futas in their dicks


But way, there's more on the second page!

Pixiv futa

Demon futa

Tentacles sucking off futas

Futas with bigger dicks than men

More demon futa

Please mods. Please do something about this. /d/ stands for alternative hentai, not dickgirls.
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Arise chikun

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"Arise Chickun"
I cant find the mlp image but can we get this shit off of /b/ already? Ban all of them for a month.
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"connection error" message on /k/ alone

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I seem to be getting the "connection error, you may have been banned" message whenever I try to post on /k/

I don't have any trouble posting anywhere else, and I certainly didn't get an actual "banned" message.

Any clues on what's going on here?

pic /k/-related


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Moot wat r u doooin


Breaking up /adv/

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I suggest breaking up /adv/ into two separate boards. One for relationship issues and one for everything else.

I get tired of browsing endless threads of "How to talk to girls/boys", "My boyfriend did this...", "this girl said that..." etc... These threads take up literally 99% of the entire board.

So what I propose is, /adv/ stays /adv/ for advice on anything not related to girl/boy/relationship issues, and a separate board that deals with the latter.

Hope I'll get some support on this.

Thank you for hearing me out.
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Animal Crossing Thread on /v/

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Can these furfests please be banned from /v/, or at the very least, force them to be moved to /vg/ or /b/?

It clearly state in the rules:

>Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), post number GETs ("dubs"), or loli/shota pornography.

That's what Animal Crossing threads are on /v/. Nothing but furries coming together talking about their animal waifu's and husbando's and who they are going to yiff when the game comes out. It's honestly making me sick to my stomach and something needs to be done about the furfaggotry on /v/.