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Banned recognizing the superiority of cute little girls

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What the fuck is this bullshit? Can Mods ban who ever they want? I didn't break any rules. I didn't post CP or anything like that.

Explain the sense behind this.
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4chan PMQs/Q&A session #3

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Welcome to our third installment of 4chan PMQs/Q&A! Don't know what 4chan PMQs are? They're detailed towards the end of this news post:

A few notes:

-You can ask me anything you'd like. 4chan, personal, whatever.
-People have gotten annoyed in the past that I haven't answered their long questions. Straight up -- I will not write extremely long answers. Why? Because this thread will likely receive thousands of posts, and it would take me weeks to answer them all. I tend to choose questions that I can answer in a few sentences, so I can answer as many questions as possible.
-This time around I might use Vocaroo for longer responses. I am much quicker to verbalize my thoughts than I am to write them out, because I wordsmith my writing like a motherfucker.
-I will only be answering questions posted in *this* thread. Please do not ask me about questions submitted via e-mail, IM, or in another /q/ thread. If you want it answered, repost it here.
-I'll be hanging around for at least 4-5 hours. I tend to answer 20+ questions at a time, so if you don't see a reply from me for ~15 minutes, I'm probably answering a big batch, or writing a longer response.

The best questions are ones that will be useful to more than just yourself. Examples of these would include feature suggestions, bug reports, board requests, rule clarification, etc. Examples of shitty questions are "Can you read my ban appeal?" (No) and "fakk u suk my dick!!!!1" (Yes).

Other tips:

-This thread will likely get huge, so I'd suggest the following if you want to read my replies...
1) Click my name to highlight all of my posts in the thread. Protip: You can do this on any board with IDs, and always on capcoded posts.
2) From the board index, hover over the "Administrator Replies" quotelinks. I usually quote the question I'm answering, so you should be able to read all of my responses from the board index.

Let the tarring and feathering commence!
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Oh look another thread!

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Dear Moot

Please change it back to 30 seconds, obviously your not listening to what everyone in the community of 4chan wants (except for shitposters and le epic trells on /q/)

Sincerely a concerned Anon
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mewtles selling the chan

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When do you guys see moot selling 4chan?

Look at what he's done, all in the past few years:

- 4chan Pass

- That shitty built in extension no one uses

- More boards

- Catalog (this is a DREAM for advertisers, hence moot pressing it)

- Trying to make 4chan appear more 'worksafe' and more than just a place people go to argue and jack off (that TED talk springs to mind).

- Starting up a new venture,, and spending his full time towards it. He already has 15 million invested into it from outside sources

- 4chan is losing money, but is worth a substantial sum due to its userbase (think of Redd1t in this case. It's increasingly hard to advertise and turn a profit, but the fact it has a large userbase makes it worth a huge amount; this is the same with 4chan)

I don't expect moot to reply to this, because after all this is confidential stuff and even mentioning that he will sell will cause a huge uproar, and likewise antithetical.

What do you guys think? Even if you don't agree with me, say I'm right; what will happen to 4chan? Will there be more ads? Perhaps ads between posts? Ads on a sidebar? Ads could be put anywhere, and rest assured most of these will be for porn.

Will 4chan die? Will we have to move on?
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The 4chan obcession with reddit.

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We all know about it. This has got to stop.

I bet some boards use "le" more than /r/f7u12. It's getting to the point where posters are creating this characacher of reddit, then becoming said characacher to prove a "point" It's insane, and the shitposting resulting from it is ridiculous.

Anything differetiating from the norm?


A picture you don't like?


An argument you don't have a counter to?

>gb2 reddit!

Can we please do SOMETHING about this? I know it's the communitys job to clean that shit up, but it's become a habit with some posters now. And this isn't just a one board thing (though it is quite bad in /v/), this is all over 4chan.

Is it at all possible to filter the word "Reddit" just how we filter 9fag, and for that matter, make mentioning and obsessing over it a bannable offence?
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Naruto threads keep getting deleted off of /a/ for no reason

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Not only this, but the prevalence of the complaint threads on /q/ increase but are ignored. The problem hasn't been solved, and has only gotten worse. I don't know what's more annoying, the mention of rape ape being a douche mod, that it derails the whole thing from shitposters who aren't taken care of or that it itself causes them to be deleted. Please take care of this problem; I loved Naruto day, but it really didn't solve anything.
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Please revert the post timer back to 30s for all boards under a certain speed. This can be discussed, but I suggest at least all boards under the 0.1 posts/s line.

Additionally, please do the same for /a/ and /co/ due to the importance of comic and manga storytimes on those boards.

Remember that this is a log scale, and the actual distance between boards increases the higher you go.

Welcome to /q/!

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/q/ is a place where the 4chan community can discuss the site amongst themselves and with moderators, developers, and the administrator (me).

I plan to hold regular Q&A sessions and try to clarify rules, solicit feedback, etc. We haven't had a board like this in quite some time (with the exception of >>>/img/ which still exists but is more or less unused), so we're still trying to get a better idea of how it should work. Super-oldfags will remember our IRC townhalls from 2004-2005, /q/, and /sug/. Those proved to be extremely productive and we're hoping this will be the same.

Any criticism should be constructive and related to 4chan. Do not attack other users. Spamming of any kind is not allowed, nor is trolling.

<span style="color: red; font-weight: bold; font-size: 110%;">Unless we are explicitly accepting board suggestions in a stickied thread, board requests will be ignored.
Do not request bans for users, these will also be ignored and removed. If a user is breaking a rule, <em>report their posts</em>. If a user is a known ban evader, <em>report their posts</em>.[/spoiler]

A few things:

-You must write a subject to start a thread.
-Post timers are high to discourage spam/one user creating a ton of threads.
-Forced anonymous and display ID are on.
-When saging, you will receive an ID instead of Heaven. sage will also not appear in the e-mail field.

-You don't need to post an image to start a thread.
-Threads that have received a reply/answer from a moderator or the administrator may be locked.
-We're using the ROBOT9000 script to block duplicate posts. (We will probably clear mutes/hashes from the DB regularly so this doesn't become annoying, but we want to encourage people write well thought out posts.)
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The first PMQ/Q&A

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We used to do IRC townhalls back in 2004-2005, and every now and then I post in a thread on /b/ that ends up becoming a spontaneous Q&A session. I've always enjoyed them, and with the birth of /q/, hope to do them more regularly.

Feel free to ask me anything about 4chan, myself, etc. I'll be sure to read through the entire thread, probably won't answer every single question. If you ask a question that's already been asked a bunch of times or something I've addressed before, I'll probably ignore it.

Let's see how this goes...
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/jp/ has no point

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What's the point of /jp/? Ever since it was created I've been scratching my head.

>visual novels

Can be discussed on /v/ (sometimes) and /vg/

>anime and manga

We already have an anime and manga board

>fap threads

We already have fap boards.

>discussing anime and manga characters

/v/ and /a/ get tons of these threads.

What's the fucking point of /jp/ the so-called 'Otaku Culture' board? Doesn't /a/ already fulfill this place?
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