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Religious Zealots Edging Their Way Into /pol/

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I don't like to raise a fuss, but this thread well and truly rustled my jimmies.


While I don't give a shit about threads where religious people argue with atheists about their beliefs, this thread is definitely taking religion too far. The tripfag is simply pasting quotations from the Bible like it's some sort of sermon.

This is the OP outlining the purpose of his thread.

>A nightly discussion on the more meditative, contemplative, prayerful, solemn, spiritual, mystical, etc. side of Christianity with a focus mostly on Catholicism and Orthodox Christianity (because of who usually participates) but all are welcome (and not only Christians, of course).


What the fuck does this have to do with politics? I don't mind a good religious debate but this is clearly too far, and this is, in my view, merely the culmination of the growing amount of religious 'squatters' on /pol/ which is turning out to be a real problem.
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/mu/ mods

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Great mods on /mu/. Meant to reply to a post but accidentally made a new thread and got banned. Good thing that music related threads like this are still alive though >>>/mu/38430315
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why are hikki threads not allowed on jp?

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How is being Hikkikokopuffmori not otaku culture?

Hiki is closely related to otaku culture in that a LARGE amount of otaku are Higigomoogles and its almost ingrained into otaku culture these days.

Why is it not allowed on jp?

Its not like you can take it to r9k cause there are no otaku there, only normalfag sociopaths.
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Blogger URLs

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Is it against the rules to post a blogspot URL? Will I get autobanned for it? Can I still get banned for posting a blogger URL if I add spaces to it so the system doesn't pick it up- is it a reportable offense?


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>there are people on /q/ RIGHT NOW who don't post on any other board
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(Not Really) Recaptcha Question

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Not complaining about Recaptcha; just wondering, if someone here would be kind enough to inform me:

Why does a site like Futaba-chan seem to be fine without it?
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I tried asking /v/ but they directed me here.

Why cant those circlejerk mlg tripfag waifuing too pro /vg/ faggots stay on their own board?
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A modest proposal

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I don't approve of censorship. I don't want to see more people getting banned because we're all having trouble getting along, and I don't want to add a corrupt upvote/downvote system to 4chan that would just turn everything into a popularity contest. I like the mildly anarchic view of 4chan where everyone gets to express their opinions without being suppressed, with only the most flagrant rule violations resulting in bans.

However, I think it's becoming increasingly clear to many people on many boards that some folks just plain aren't capable of contributing anything to a discussion. They explode at imperceptible offenses, treat every single post or thread they don't like as if it were a direct personal attack, continually spam ridiculous nonsensical noise ranting about people invading from some other board or community, blame a certain season of the year, and so on and so forth. Then previously rational people can't help getting upset by this reply with some kind of putdown intending to shut the person up-- but it never works. You can never win against people who post only for pure juvenile ego stroking. The taunting replies cascade back and forth until entire threads are inevitably derailed into complete bickering tantrums. So what's the solution? Start handing out more bans, enforcing more civil order? That might work for some of the most offensive violators, but mods and janitors never quite seem to be able to cover every case. And then you're left with a wide grey area over what's actually worthy of a ban, and unjust censorship, witchhunts, general board angst and paranoia leading to more lashing out, etc can fester.

(continued, inb4 combo breaker)
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