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4chan a shit

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With the janitorgate that happened it remineded me how shitty 4chan really is.

This site has be shitte since the begining and you are a newfag if you say otherwise.
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Muh Bannurs

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When are you going to start putting the new banners up, dear mootykins?

I need your help finding a possible pedophile.

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My GF was talking on a site called where people who want to vent can talk to people who want to listen, she was a listener.

She got paired with this young man who said that a 21 year old woman has slept with him twice

I do NOT want to start a witch hunt i just want help proving that this is true or not also i believe in the URL the pictures he linked of her there's an email address, perhaps that could help.
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Degeneracy, Fedora, and Redpill

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I would like to draw our collective attention the issue of the words 'degeneracy', 'fedora' and 'redpill' on /pol/.

First off, Every other thread has become like the one in the pic. "Redpill me on UFOs, /pol/" threads have gotten fucking tedious, and do nothing but attract whacked-out nutjobs.

Second off, the words 'degeneracy' and 'fedora' have made the board unreadable. When anyone dislikes something because it hurts their feelings, they shout 'degeneracy', as if that were some sort of valid argument. And when that doesn't work, they call the other side of the argument an "edgy fedora-wearing atheist from reddit."

It's maddening, and honestly, it's gone too far. I'd like to request that the mods either filter these words or make them into autobans, or at least auto-warnings. Maybe a 3-strikes you're out rule? I don't know. This has become a problem. Help us, mods, You're our only hope.
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Please stop trolling /pol/

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I'm feeling depressed, moot, I don't know why you're doing this to us, please stop.

What causes this error?

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how can I fix this popup that keeps happening?

please stop fucking with /a/

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It sure would be nice if /a/ could talk about anime like it was just doing. Sunday is the big day of the week for discussion. Please stop fucking with /a/. Thank you.
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Moot why aren't there any j-list ads anymore
They were pretty cool and since I already use duckduckgo i don't think these ads are necessary