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4chan Rotating Banner Contest

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Oldfriends will remember we used to run contests somewhat regularly back in the good ol' days (

For the next week or two, we'll be accepting submissions for new 300x100 banners to be added to the rotation that appears above the board title. More information is available on the above linked Contests page, but in short, submissions must be:

1. 4chan inspired/related or board culture related.
2. Note that this is a global rotation, and there are no board specific banners. Banners should be suitable for the entire site, and worksafe.
3. Image dimensions must be 300x100. JPG, PNG, and GIF accepted. Filesize should be less than 100KB.

If you're submitting JPGs, please make sure they don't look like shit. Also don't submit huge GIFs, since we don't want to slow down page loads with these. Otherwise, have fun, and thanks in advance for your submissions!
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You see this fucking Brian H spam? Fucking clean it up you retards. I've reported him twice today.

MQr was scruffy?

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From what I've been told he would participate in nearly every /mlp/ thread on /q/ by bashing the userbase and defending the janitor

Got any links to back that up?

/co/ mods

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Not wanting to start a thread just for the sake of one thread, but is there really any active mods in /co/ during this time of the day?

Same thing happened last week.

all IPs that post on /pol/ banned on all other boards

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Shitposting will decrease by 80%. Make it a thing.
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improving [s4s]

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can we have some more add-ons in [s4s]?

i'd love to see a down/up-vote app that was actually functional.
or what about reintroducing Fortune?

Requesting janitor or mod.

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Watamote airs in about 20 minutes.

I would like to request a janitor to be active on /a/ at that time to delete all the "GO BACK TO /v/, WATAMOTE IS NOT ANIME" shitposts.

Thank you.
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On the topic of normalfaggotry

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Sincerest apologies if this is a recurring topic, but I think something needs to be done about the concept of normalfaggotry in boards where it is not appropriate.

For the sake of clarity, normalfaggotry refers not to actually participating in social life, having a partner, not being a virgin (life outside the chan in general), but discussion about those topics when uncalled for and/or in boards where that is not the subject matter (eg. outside of /soc/ and the /b/ variations) and, more annoyingly, using aforementioned parameters as to judge other anons. An anon comparing real life friends to tulpae on /x/ where it would be considered subject matter would not be normalfagging as it furthers discussion. Calling out an anon for asking about dakimakura pricing as no 'normal' person would need a plush fuckbuddy and laughing at them is textbook n-fagging.

I suggest that normalfaggotry (as defined above) be a warnable (bannable for repeat offenders, as n-fags in general wouldn't know how to evade and would probs give up) offense on all boards whose subject matter does not encompass one's personal life outside the boards, such as /soc/, /adv/, the /b/ clones (/r9k/, /s4s/) and /lgbt/.

General threads on /r9k/

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/r9k/ is a board meant for original content and it's being plagued by general threads which are snuffing out any original content.
Right now we have:
Kpop general
My little pony general
Black women general

New ones are popping up any day and are destroying the purpose of the board. These threads all have boards about their subject matter (/mu/, /mlp/, and /s/ respectively)
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Poster ID Supplement

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/q/ should implement a feature that shows what board an ID has made the most posts on to weed out irrelevant comments and cross board trolls. If there are equally large number of posts on multiple boards show all boards next to ID.

It would quickly switch to /q/ if a user changes IP and makes a couple posts on some board then starts arguing on here. Could also possibly mute them if their primary board changes to /q/. I'm sure there are flaws but something like this would benefit /q/ the way flags benefit /int/.