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Can we discuss the hypothetical of /fur/ being restored? Not a board suggestion, though, just some discussion on what it could possibly bring.

I think that it would remove some of the cancer from /b/ and /v/, but that's just a theory.
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Anime, manga, manhua, manhwa..

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Non-Japanese animated material goes on /co/? /co/ ignores them and they seem more like /a/ material.
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4chan Passes should be mandatory

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If you are banned, your pass is revoked and you have to pay again to post.

How long do you think shitposters, spammers and trolls would stay around with that system in place?

This is clearly the answer to 4chans problems and would create an environment where people think about what they are posting and strive to contribute quality to the site
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>stricter and stricter moderation
>more and more janitors
>4chan pass
>causing offense is now a bannable offense
>an /lgbt/ safe space for "respectful" discussion

How soon before we have registration and usernames?

get more mods for /pol/

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delete /x/ level conspiracies about aliens and satanism, tinychat spam that belongs on /soc/, and general shitposting/spam. i report it but nothing happens so i'm guessing we don't have enough mods.

or if i'm mistaken about the board and all this is allowed, can we get an actual politics and current events board?
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Fix the textboards

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Jesus christ moot.

Will you appoint some moderators to the text boards already? Specifically /prog/, which seems to attract inane amounts of spam.

Most of the spam is also exactly the same, or malformed moonrunes, or the same few words over and over. Get MrVacBob to write a god damn filter or something.

Please, ban the Jews retard, at least.

/polecat kebabs/
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Banned recognizing the superiority of cute little girls

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What the fuck is this bullshit? Can Mods ban who ever they want? I didn't break any rules. I didn't post CP or anything like that.

Explain the sense behind this.
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Naruto Hater Mod exposed

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I was having a discussion on naruto being persecuted in this thread
when suddenly this brute gTqpY0NB barged in and started shitposting
I found him too supportive of the moderation and looked up the images he was posting and realized I was speaking with a mod

I e-mailed moot but he assured me that it couldn't be a mod
Decided to look into this matter looking up the image and discovered a slew of shitposting done under several IDs all of which are confirmed to be able to bypass the bot

I looked up posts by rapeape,/pol/ mod and mQr but none of them have the amount of shitposting, low quality and immature posts as this mod

IDs this mod has used

In the next post I'll show the startling similarities between gTqpY0NB and the other IDs
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4chan PMQs/Q&A session #3

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Welcome to our third installment of 4chan PMQs/Q&A! Don't know what 4chan PMQs are? They're detailed towards the end of this news post:

A few notes:

-You can ask me anything you'd like. 4chan, personal, whatever.
-People have gotten annoyed in the past that I haven't answered their long questions. Straight up -- I will not write extremely long answers. Why? Because this thread will likely receive thousands of posts, and it would take me weeks to answer them all. I tend to choose questions that I can answer in a few sentences, so I can answer as many questions as possible.
-This time around I might use Vocaroo for longer responses. I am much quicker to verbalize my thoughts than I am to write them out, because I wordsmith my writing like a motherfucker.
-I will only be answering questions posted in *this* thread. Please do not ask me about questions submitted via e-mail, IM, or in another /q/ thread. If you want it answered, repost it here.
-I'll be hanging around for at least 4-5 hours. I tend to answer 20+ questions at a time, so if you don't see a reply from me for ~15 minutes, I'm probably answering a big batch, or writing a longer response.

The best questions are ones that will be useful to more than just yourself. Examples of these would include feature suggestions, bug reports, board requests, rule clarification, etc. Examples of shitty questions are "Can you read my ban appeal?" (No) and "fakk u suk my dick!!!!1" (Yes).

Other tips:

-This thread will likely get huge, so I'd suggest the following if you want to read my replies...
1) Click my name to highlight all of my posts in the thread. Protip: You can do this on any board with IDs, and always on capcoded posts.
2) From the board index, hover over the "Administrator Replies" quotelinks. I usually quote the question I'm answering, so you should be able to read all of my responses from the board index.

Let the tarring and feathering commence!
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