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Can ban this faggot, >>675582 at least delete his post.
Those fucking anime boards are using storage.
We should get a single board for all those weeaboo
Jap lovers, >>>/jap/. Delete everything else.
Can mods stop being fags? My post at /fit/ got deleted and i were banned for no reason, WHY?!

/vr/ rules clarification

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> Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. Sixth generation and later consoles are not considered retro.
>video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier.
>Sixth generation and later consoles are not considered retro.

The Sega Dreamcast was released in 1998, and discontinued in 2001. it died three years (2001, only 16 months past the cut-off date) before the discontinuation of the PS One (2004). And yet even mentioning it (thats not an exaggeration either) is enough for the thread to get deleted.

Either clarify if the Dreamcast is retro or not (most consider it to be, given what it competed against, and its short lifespan ), or tell the mods to calm down and stop being so damn autistic about things.
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Banned urls list

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Can we get a list of all the banned URLs in the rules? I was banned a few days ago for one and I'm still not sure what I did wrong.
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Recommendation Threads on /a/

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Ever since /q/ went up, one of the most talked about issues for /a/ is the subject of recommendation threads. Although I personally don’t believe that this is as big of an issue such as shitposting/trolling, the latter unfortunately cannot be solved by the understaffed moderation we have right now. So leaving that aside until we have more janitors and mods, let’s discuss whether or not /a/ would benefit from a recommendation sticky.

Please keep in mind I’m talking about recommendations such as “I liek Death Note. Wut do I watch next” or “Gimme some anime but none of that uguu moeshit.” The janitors and mods ALREADY DELETE THESE TYPES OF THREADS, as long as the userbase reports them enough to catch our attention. However, we have no intention of taking any action against recommendation threads with legitimate effort and thought put behind them such as “I want more anime that features Kanada-esque animation.”

Now the main argument for the sticky that I’ve seen so far is that it would cut down on the number of incessant recommendation threads that are created daily. Some users have pointed out that there really aren’t too many created a day and that it’s a minor annoyance at most, but as someone who personally goes through the reports every day, I beg to differ. Although there might still be the occasional trolls and lazy newcomers who’ll continue to make recommendation threads in spite of a sticky, I do believe having a sticky will not only cut down on the overall amount to an extent, but more importantly, it’ll also encourage the users to simply report and move along when such threads do appear, which is far better than having a thread full of troll-feeding angry replies.

Having said that, the main aversion to a sticky is the possibility that it would encourage the “spoon-feeding” mentality many newcomers seem to have. As a person who solely lurked close to a year before actively posting, I myself profess to be a big proponent on the virtues of lurking. However, I have my doubts on whether or not a sticky would actually unleash a torrent of newcomers of the worst kind as some of you fear. That’s because the people that do make inane recommendation threads aren’t necessarily intending to stay on /a/ for the long-term. They merely want to drop by temporarily and get a couple recommendations in the same way that people drop by /g/ and ask for pc-building guides with no intention of staying there any longer to argue about different OSes. If they do intend to stay on /a/ for several hours every day as many of you do, then I do believe the board’s inherent elitism will force them to adapt.

But of course, in the end, speculation is speculation, and none of us can say for sure what will happen unless we try something. And so, I’d like to propose 2 options.

First Option:
A short, locked sticky containing a link to the /a/-wiki (can somebody update this site so it includes the seasonal anime charts as well?). This sticky will be temporary, probably 1 or 2 weeks at most, but if the outcome is largely positive, it may last a lot longer than a few weeks.

Second Option:
To continue on as the way things are.

To make the job of gauging responses easier, please write either “1st” or “2nd” at the beginning of your post if you wish to vote. Also, please keep the discussion civil and leave out petty board rivalries. I’ll lock this thread once it has lasted long enough and then have other mods read through it before any further action is taken.
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Delete /co/ and /mlp/

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Let's deal the final blow. Delete /co/ and /mlp/. /co/ is responsible for /mlp/ and /mlp/ is responsible for all our troubles. Their methods, and their inept mods are the reason we've suffered. And /mlp is exactly what everyone thinks it is. Evil, oh so evil.
I know this doesn't get rid of the posters on these boards, but it gets us one step closer to getting rid of their cancer for good. /co/ is a well known producer of cancer and shit taste so deleting them is just common sense.

/mlp/ claims they don't post outside their own board, so why don't we put that to the test?

In summary, delete these cancer ridden boards for everyone's sake. Don't let Homestuck, Gravity Falls, Ponies, or even heroes in spandex stop you. You think these people are normal? I'll destroy that screwed up illusion of yours!
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The hype train has no brakes

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Last month, in one of /vp/ hype days, someone made a suggestion here about putting a countdown on /vp/ for the release of the new games, since hype is just getting bigger each time and after the release the board will start to dull slowly, we'd like to enjoy it as much as possible, and it's less than a month left
Just trowing the idea out there, /q/ seems to be busy with other problems

4chan banner questions

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I have question, approx how many 4chan banners are there total? are there certain banners who are exclusive to certain board(s)?
pic slightly related its the last banner I got
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/mlp/ Fluffy pony dispute

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When can /mlp/ expect a resolution to the disputes of whether or not fluffy pony threads are allowed?

Some argue that they are NSFW and not show related.

Others say the board they belong on the most is /mlp/ and the rather prevalent porn threads are worse, and the posters of such threads actually follow the "Bronies and ponies should play nicely, and if necessary keep to their own threads" rule.
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Mootles when will you wordfilter gr8 b8 m8 and those stupid fish images?
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Unable to delete threads

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Why can't I delete my own threads anymore?
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