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Is that Godspeed You! Black Emperor I hear?
Turn that shit WAY UP my dude!
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What genre of music is objectively the worst?
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My daughter, Kang Yeseo
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post an album and i'll listen to it and tell you what i think
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Dissoshit edition
OLD >>112497431
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/DAP-MP3 player thread/

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I don’t like streaming and need something to hook up to my aux cord.
>inb4 Zune
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kpop general

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RABM/AFBM is a forced meme

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For those unaware, Red/Anarchist Black Metal (RABM), also called Anti-Fascist Black Metal (AFBM), is a sect of Black Metal that began as a shoehorned counterpoint to the legion of National Socialist Black Metal bands. While leftist musicians within Black Metal have existed with Argentinian band Profecium releasing music as early as 1994, leftism's impact within Black Metal wouldn't be felt until North American Hipsters and Crust Punks developed an interest in Black Metal. Hyperpoliticization and the rise of internet-based activism during the respective presidencies of Bush, Obama and especially Trump accelerated the development of this specific niche. The first platform for these acts was Myspace. The vast majority have since been forgotten, but others continue to make music:

For some, RABM is a forced meme. To better understand why RABM / AFBM is such a joke, you have to first understand why it simply doesn't make sense given the history of the scene. NSBM acts formed as part of a long, natural development from musicians' collective fascination with blood and soil along with Norse Heathenry whereas RABM / AFBM has always been a reaction to NSBM. The first true NSBM band was German act Absurd who, as In Ketten, played covers of RAC/Viking Rock bands Endstufe and Ultima Thule. The infamous "The Night and the Fog" compilation put NSBM on the map, featuring Absurd and several Polish NSBM acts Fullmoon, Gontyna Kry, Graveland, Thor's Hammer, Thunderbolt and Veles. In fact, NSBM was instrumental to the development of Polish Black Metal as a whole.
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