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/gg/ guitar and bass gear general

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/gg/ guitar and bass general: fender offset edition aka dead general edition
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Pic relateds newest album is amazing goddamn
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Glow in the dark aliencore edition
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Given Hum is likely done with Bryan St. Pere's death, how do we feel about Inlet being the closer to their career?
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Bryan St. Pere (drummer for Hum) has passed away

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This song uses the exact same melody as some alt-rock song from the 90s and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is. Anyone recognize it? Pic unrelated
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The last song you listened to is playing at a party full of staceys
Everyone knows its because of you
How fucked are you
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/gg/ - Guitar General

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>Post pictures of your rig
>Describe dream rig
>How long have you been playing?
>Favorite guitarists?
>General guitar discussion
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How do we reverse the effects of poptimism on /mu/?

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What's that king crimson song where the vocals go like dum dum dum da dee dum dum... dowdow dum da da dee dum?