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Frozen II

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So who actually saw this opening night? Against my better judgement I did and even though I already knew it would be a mess from spoilers, I'm still kind of baffled at just how much of a weird tonal dumpster fire it is.
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Meanwhile: on /co/piercer

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Across the white immensity of an eternal winter, from one end of the board to the other, there travels a train that never stops complaining
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THE BATMAN Adds John Turturro As Carmine Falcone

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Live-action adaption of The Maxx by Channing Tatum in development

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>Actor/director/producer Channing Tatum is developing a live action adaptation of Sam Kieth's The Maxx, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

>Tatum and long-time producing partner Roy Lee are reportedly meeting with writers and filmmakers "to find the right take on the material," and THR said its "unclear" if they are envisioning a TV series or feature film.

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Why is it so hard to care about comics now?

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FOTMonica thread 2
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Steve Ditko's Spider-man stories are the best, he's just a guy in a semi-realistic New York with a bunch of random crazy guys with superpowers. The only thing stopping them is the cops and Spider-man, with some occasional team up with one of the few marvel super heroes. What killed marvel is the ridicolous amount of superheroes and the fact that Shield or Iron Man are overpowered and can technically do anything. Every Spider-man villain is a running gag like Ultimate Shocker
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>"Non-powered Spider-man the manga" is using characters from Slott's run

Oh No No No

Let people forget about her already
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litterbox comics

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i like this comic
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