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Ms. /co/ 2020 (Round 5): Part 2

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Keep all tournament talk ITT.
►►Vote: https://forms.gle/ahTPD1K1UgAcL9nm9
—Timer: https://itsalmo.st/time-for-round-5-to-end-exzj
Bracket Image: https://imgur.com/a/XTsO5BA
Round 4 (Results): https://pastebin.com/3wcgSdtG

►OC & Other Links
msco.booru.org [upload oc]
dropbox.com/sh/hux2dhrzwji9dcl/AAAoTk9Jo3cQF1--UhWFziSTa [dropbox oc]
pastebin.com/rMAJqsbD [rules,previous poll results,links]
Round 3 (Results): https://pastebin.com/JL2rCk0v
Round 2 (Results): https://pastebin.com/5Y9XBmzM
Round 1 (Results): https://pastebin.com/YAtrDYYj

yotsuba & /co/nrad!
jenny XJ9 (Tournament Mascot/Judge)
/co/lette (Honorary Waifuhalla Waifu)
hope corgi (Honorary Best Boy)
j/aco/lyn (Honarary Waifuhalla Waifu)

► Previous: >>117779813
Round 4: >>117752408
Round 3: >>117723099
Round 2: >>117692555
Round 1: >>117659822
Qualifier: >>117627576
Nomination: >>117598849

Passwords will be rotated around every couple of hours in random intervals.
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>me getting ready to post on /co/
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>/co/ hates Peggy when Nancy Gribble exists

Owl House Concepts

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Looking at all the concept art Dana showed off on stream, do you think a time skip is possible?
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Emmy the robot maid

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Thoughts on Emmy the robot maid
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>Remember that episode where Carl lost his virginity to a Alien Jellyfish and his ass was pregnant
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wtf, none of you told me this is actually good
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Why is he better than abe?

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Watchmen cartoon general

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What was your favorite episode of Watchmen? For me its where Rorschach learns the true meaning of Christmas.
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