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Tangled Thread

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One regular episode left before the 3-partner series finale. Is Cass going to genuinely amend with Raps in the next episode or it's just red herring that Raps is getting tricked by ZT again to deepen their misconception?
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Batgirls Thread

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"Mostly making this so Cass drawfriend has somewhere to deliver if/when they finish" edition.
But that doesn't mean there's nothing else to discuss! This month in Batgirls:
>Cass has such a good streak it lifts the curse hanging over this company for over a decade
>Babs is apparently the only one with enough of a brain to recognize and call out Bruce's bullshit
>Steph continues to be ignored by Bat-office, but perhaps has promising things to come over in YJ
With 5G on the horizon (maybe?) and DiDio BTFO, what are your hopes (and fears, for the sake of realism) for the futures of our girls? Or girl, nothing wrong with preferences.
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This is literally the major scene that was missing so the film would finally make sense
Why the FUXX didn't they include it ???
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This kills the Superdaddyfags

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>becomes a superhero
>dresses up like a ho
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but seriously though, goku would win. sure superman is stronger, faster, tougher and smarter but goku is an infinitely more experienced fighter; goku would start dodging before superman starts punching and once supes is out of juice goku would annihilate him.
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Storytime, the jekyll island chronicles #1.
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Rise is the only turtle cartoon that's been TRUE to the 80s cartoon. Really.

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The 80s cartoon didn't give a shit about "canon" or "Maturity" or stupid grim dark shit like that.

it was a stupid show about a stupid concept, fucking teenage mutant ninja turtles, and it KNEW IT. It was only concerned with being FUN and telling fun stories, everything else be damned.
Rise is the first show in forever to *Get* this. Its not concerned with being true to some oldshit 80s comic, or appeasing 40 some manchildren's desire for a cartoon about ninja mutants that eat pizza being super grim dark. It just trying to be telling cool and funny stories for kids, like the series should be.

Rise is a freaking breath of fresh air because it is FINALLY going back to its 80s roots and "gets" what the 80s show was actually about at its core, just being fun and humorous.
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Could this show be made today?

And I don't mean a Johnny Bravo reboot, I mean if someone tried to pitch a kids show about a Chad who lives with his mother and is constantly hitting on girls who beat him up in return, would it ever get approved?
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