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Toonami General #3

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Thoughts about this Mexican show?
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Where's my fucking animated Goosebumps series? This should have been the easiest leap in logic.
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What the fuck is actually happening here? Deathstroke's son is a faggot but marrying his female assistant but he has powers that let him take a persons body?
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Why is Cartoon BB such a faggot?
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Venom: Ruined

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>VENOM #153
Marvel vs. Capcom Variant Cover by TBA
>Eddie Brock and the Venom symbiote are having a tough time sticking together, biologically speaking. Fortunately, the fine folks at ALCHEMAX are working on a cure!
>Eddie just has to find and stop Stegron the Dinosaur Man from turning New York into a raging army of dinosaurs for them!
>Luckily, MOON GIRL AND DEVIL DINOSAUR are around to help! I wonder if they realize Stegron can control dinosaurs in addition to turning people into them.

Why??!!!! I was loving this run so far. Then they just to go ahead and ruin it with THIS. Seriously, why would you ruin a serious book like Venom by putting a boring Meme character like Moon Girl. Literally NO ONE like Moon Girl. She's one the worst characters ever created by Marvel.

And you decide to derail the Venom book just to shill a shitty character no one buys or loves?

How do you fuck up this badly?

The only way this could be satisfying is if Eddie eats Moon Girl's stupid brain. But since this is a SJW character, they won't let it happen. Sigh.
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>Rugrats in Paris
>entire movie is Japanese culture and references

Storytime: illuminating danvers

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Get in here boys, It's time for THE storytime, best of all
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Star vs Character Polls

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Why did she conduct the polls, /co/?
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Who is the queen of the /co/ cucks?

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Is it Star Butterfly? Mera? Barbara Gordon? Pearl? Who takes the crown for the most cucked /co/ girl?
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