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Name a single /co/ character faster than MetroMan. You can't.
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What the fuck was his problem?
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This is your reminder that Black Adam never got revenge on Amanda Waller for ruining his happy life. Further reminder that he doesn't even know that it was Amanda Waller that orchestrated the murder of his wife and adopted child.
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no anime tiddy for one thousand years
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Miraculous sucks

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Is this chick suppose to be hot? She looks like melted plastic.
Do this show's fans have brain damage?
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Given final rankings in the /co/ tournaments, Bugs is now Azula’s boyfriend. How does it go down
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Hi /co/,

I need input on something, I thought about starting a webcomic surrounding a mom and daughter. The twist is that the daughter died and appears as a ghost for only the mother to see. They'll go on wacky adventures, but I'm curious if I should continue it.

It's gonna be called "Ghost Daughter", here's a sample, tell me what you think
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>I am forgotten

Ant-Man 3 expected to film in Summer 2021

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Why does Steven still sleep with a teddy bear?
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