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>azmuth turns albedo female instead of deaging him
>she now has to deal with the urge to fuck human men
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/co/ Hall of Fame

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Let's get it goin. funny, autistically in-depth, whatever
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I honestly think all of them will confuse children...
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Aquaman Lost Kingdom

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>Karshon is played by enbie actress Indya Moode also known as Shep from Steven Universe
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Gravity Falls

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What makes Dipper so great? Also, let's talk about the show
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Star Trek Lower Decks

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Men can be raped
Rape by deception is still rape
Having a bunch of rape jokes in Star Trek is one of the worst things I can imagine. The franchise has been brought down to the level of Family Guy and the Road Trip films

Also "My guards have been trained since birth to skip foreplay" makes it sound like their society rapes children

Guess that's what happens when you hire Buzzfeed writers.
But hey, asshole black girl might eventually kids Uber whipped jack Quaid so it must be great right?

Toonami General #5

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What will the Night make Possessed!Marcy do?
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Happy National Bunny Day /co/!
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