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Kurt doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.
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JLA by Joe Kelly

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Part 1
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Are /pol/ cartoons allowed?
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Reboot: The Guardian Code

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How was this considered acceptable?
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Hey, I wonder. is the "good vs evil" narrative we tell in stories the main reason why the world is so fucked up these days?

I suppose it raises the question why new generations have no real, actual people to look up to and have to find their heroes in fiction. Probably because real people are flawed, they make mistakes, they don't always have the purest intentions, and maybe once in a while the "bad guys" had a few valid points to make.

As a result, we have a large group people who worship at the altar of Superman, Captain America, Black Panter, Harry Potter etc, but tear down historical figures who made actual contributions to civilization.

I dunno. It's probably just doom and gloom on my part, so post some /co/ related tiddies if you'd rather do that.
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Voltron five season

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What are you guys looking forward to next season?
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/co/ could you explain me why SUfags hate Rose to be Pink Diamond?

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Why does Princess Bubblegum insist on keeping these incompetent retards around?
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Realistically speaking, their relationship wouldn't last beyond highschool
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