ITT: cartoons that would have been better on [as]

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"Jon, it's the only way."

Storytime Weekend of Pain: Civil War II

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It's that time of year, kiddos!

We cling together, begging for mercy from this cruel, cruel, world and find only bad comics!

Today's selection comes to us from Brian Michael "The" Bendis and David Marquez.

Will you protect the future, like the Invincible Iron Man, or change it, like the Mighty Captain Marvel.
Whoever wins, we lose.
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Adventure Time Thread

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Minecraft Special is in two days, but the latest game, Pirates of the Enchiridion, just came out.
Anybody playing?
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ITT: The worst scenes ever from superhero movies

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Why does he hate kids so much?
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Write the final episode.
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It's amazing how, for apparently a random choice, the character who's always the asshole with the wrong opinion according to Zach's circles tends to be a white man (and often red headed).
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Voltron Legendary Defender

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SDCC 2018 Edition!
First episode of season 7 slated during the SDCC Panel.

Panel time:
7/20 10:15AM-11:15AM PST

Ask the showrunners, Rhys Darby, Jeremy Shada, and Bex Taylor-Klaus questions! The chosen QA will be done on 7/24.

Stay tuned for your bingo card!
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Say something nice about Mr.Penders.
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