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CN posted this on Twitter. No idea what's on the link since it redirects to the CN from my country.
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Amphibian thread

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Favorite dead webcomic?

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all dreamwork does is reprise existing songs and insert them in their films
they're so lazy they can't make their own songs like disney does

and that is why they are and always will be a subpar animation studio
their only noteworthy movie was shrek, and that is solely based on the novelty of making fun of traditional fairy tales, but that has been done to death since then

dreamworks has no raison d'être

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>whatever urges you may have, stop staring at my cleavage, padawan
what do?
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Superman thread

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lets have a comfy Superman thread, try to keep negativity to a minimum, post
>Favourite Superman story
>Favourite Superman artist
>Favourite character Superman teams-up with
>Character you want to see Superman team up with more
>Favourite live-action Superman
>Favourite live-action movie
>Favourite animated movie
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Why did his wand look so evil and dramatic?
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/co/ moments you’ve shamelessly fapped to.

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This and pretty much anything sexual involving Francine.