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>18 episodes
Is that really it or are we getting a finale special/movie?
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What other villains do you want to see in Matt Reeves's Batman universe?
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Most retarded take you ever heard from fans

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I'll start
> Superman inspires people to be better
How the fuck can overpowered Gary Stu be inspirational? Superman has always been a power fantasy, any other look at him immediately indicates smooth brain.
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>super hero but le edgy

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I want to marry Charlie Magne..
I want to hold her tight against me and look into her big pretty eyes.
I want to float the River Styx with her and reenact the corny Titanic scene.
I want to sniff her long pretty hair and kiss her on top of her head.
I want to defend and protect her from exterminators (to the death if I have to).
I want to tell her stories about the human world while we cuddle on the couch in front of the grand hearth and sip spiced wine.
I want to listen to her stories about Hell while we cuddle on the couch in front of the grand hearth and sip spiced wine.
I want to feel her little fangs munch into my trapezius during hot love making.
I want to hug her and give her words of encouragement when shes feeling down or sad.
Charlie Magne is truly bestgirl, and I love her.
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Interesting Things Said By Industry Pros

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Let's have a thread for stories and comments from industry insiders.

Here's Warren Ellis on the New 52 (from June 29th, 2011):
>To understand DC Comics’ move to day-and-date with digital editions of their print comics, you have to understand the intent behind their relaunch.

>One crucial thing hasn’t changed. For as long as I’ve known him, Dan Didio has believed the key to a resurgent DC is reclaiming all the readers the commercial medium lost in the 90s. On the DC Retailer Roadshow, he’s been hammering this home. Recent statements about how commercial comics have gotten boring and that there should be more visual punch in the mode of 90s comics movements like the early Image Comics work and (unspoken, but certainly associated) the Marvel style of that general period… have made their mark, but have also misled a bit. It’s all about accessing that hypothetical lost fan base. The impression the recent statements have left is Dan saying “comics used to sell loads back then, let’s do that again.” And that can’t happen in print.

>Comics used to sell loads back then, yes. But a big part of that — and this is the part he isn’t mentioning — is that there were ten thousand comics shops back then. And now there are, optimistically and rounding up, about two thousand. There simply aren’t the number of outlets left to sell the kind of volume comics could shift in the 90s.
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How do you like your goth girls?
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Blacksad 06 - They All Fall Down Part 1

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After several years, 7 years to be exact, Blacksad returns for his 6th adventure. However someone had the bright idea to break the volume into two parts, but today we will dive into part 1 of They All Fall Down.
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Characters whose suffering was undeserved.
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Do you remember when things like pic related were humor and not bullshit tranny representation?
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