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Why don't the humans in this show care about anything? Why are they so frustratingly stupid? Why is it that nobody in this show acts rational at all? All this freaky shit happens and they don't seem to care or look for a way to prevent it. Why haven't they at least tried to do something to fight against rock monsters instead of just letting the Crystal Gems take care of it? Do they even know the Crystal Gems? Have they even tried talking to them about the rock monsters?
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How would you react if this happened?
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story time

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Inhumans Prime

Morning yo
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Is there any other show where a character design goes completely Off model all the time?
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Ghost Rider #5 storytime

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On your knees, dog.
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Avatar ultimate red pill

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The aircaust never happened. The airbender traps were fabricated, they all escaped and race-mixed with the population. Ozai only wanted to share superior culture and tecnology with the world. Water savages are responsible for most crimes in Republic City despite being the minority. Sand benders aren't the 'culture of peace'. Kuvira did nothing wrong; the earth nation was objectively in a worst situation without her, and she had support even from people in Republic City. There were no concentration camps. Azula is best girl.

If you think otherwise you're more cucked than Zuko.
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Titans Annual #1 Storytime

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Can any heroes in marvel, DC or Image defeat the Pumaman?

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Ahh, I get it. Johnny and his gang are literally retarded. THAT'S why Johnny's fine with his faggot friend being a special snowflake. Bravo Zack, you're truly a madman.
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