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Jonah Hex

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Part 4 - Only the Good Die Young
Featuring the Halloween issue!

Part 1 >>103576178
Part 2 >>103597495
Part 3 >>103633774
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What are some NPC-Tier Cartoons?
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>be what is essentially a super-rich and influential Bond villain
>get fucked over by other villains
>lose all the resources you had
>turn from a credible threat who simply had incompetent underlings into a joke character
>end up being a bus driver
Is there a /co/ villain who fell from grace harder than Valmont and didn't recover?
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ITT: comics that really make you think
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Miraculous Ladybug Thread: Bee-st Girl Edition

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Barring a last-minute delay, Catalyst (Part 1 of the season finale) will air in Switzerland next week on October 21st.
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Edit Thread

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Three B's: Boobs, Butt, Belly. Really anything applies.
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You now remember that time Spectre turned a guy into cheese and fed him to lab rats.
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>Quietly labour in the industry and wait for your shot
>Finally get a chance
>Fired because some idealogues in the union are threatened by your white male presence
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What went wrong?
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Everyone, get in here!
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