A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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Guys, why the FUCK is Violet so FUCKING angry holy SHIT
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You are weeeeaaaaaak, /co/
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>Su leaks again
>Fandom freaks
>Maybe leaks planed
>because of long wait
>Done with fliller
>seems to be done
> pretty sure Theres gonna be episode of pink diamonds every day life to troll us
>SU got bad
>Su is loveingly made garbage
>Some filler ok but to much like come on steven
>just fix the shit with lars and stop *dicking around*
>Can't stop watching
>Need help
>How you feel about leak?
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ITT Comics deaths that stuck
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Where did we go so wrong?
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So is Voltron /co/ or /a/?

Also Pidge is best Palladin.
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I’m new to this show, so I know it’s an old episode, but who the fuck thought it was a good idea to tackle the gun control debate in this not so subtle way. And who thought that making people who care about their constitutional rights out to be the bad guys in this?
That was almost as in your face as be congresswoman banning them in the end
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Heathcliff stares at the mousetrap.
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What is your favorite Karlism /co/?
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