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Was this a kino moment?

Toonami Ratings for 9/14/19

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On October 5th, Dr Stone will air two new episodes. The bonus episode will cover the slot left vacant by Genlock.

One Punch Man S2 will be joining the lineup on October 12th. Timeslot yet to be decided.

Toonami will be running a sendoff marathon for DBS on September 28th. One new episode of Super will air at 11pm, the rest will be reruns. The finale of Super airs the following week.

Demon Slayer will be joining Toonami on October 12th. Timeslot yet to be decided.

Last week was nothing special, good nor bad. This week, despite long standing tolerance, the audience starts to falter on Genlock, with a sharper drop than Super from normal, as well as a spike when Dr Stone starts. Thankfully we only have one more episode of that to get through. Other highlights, Bort lost to his dad and Lupin lost to MHA reruns.

11:00 Dragon Ball Super 687 0.33

11:30 gen:LOCK 396 0.19

12:00a Dr. Stone 409 0.19

12:30a Fire Force 349 0.18

1:00a Food Wars 318 0.16

1:30a Black Clover 294 0.15

2:00a Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 280 0.14

2:30a Naruto: Shippuden 292 0.15

3:00a Mobile Suit Gundam: Red Comet 265 0.15

3:30a Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 236 0.13

4:00a My Hero Academia 237 0.13
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Should cartoons teach patriotism?
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So how would Hank Hill do if he was the one to marry Rose Quartz and have Steven as a son?
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this is a comic in the year 2019
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This is out. What do you think?

>inb4 eww jewflix hide
Here's the first 5 minutes on youtube
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Do you think Rapunzel is in the wrong with the way she treats her friends? Will she ever become a good ruler?

Tangled thread
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What are your favorite art books?
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>IMDB users think Batman Forever is better than Batman Returns

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Miraculous Ladybug - Startrain Thread

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Thoughts and discussion over the latest episode.
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