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Because it doesn't look like anyone storytimed this, and because I like Moritat's art, storytiming the new reboot of Sheena - Queen of the Jungle
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Beware The Batman

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Why Alfred is Jason Statham?
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/CTG/ Channel-tans General

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Gotta Go Fast Edition

Drawfags and Writefags are more than welcome to contribute

>What is a Channel-tan?
An anthropomorphic personification of a television channel.

>Why are you making these?
For the simple reason that we can.

>Why are they all girls?
Japanese -tan tradition. But we do have some boy -tans too.

>Where is the gallery for all the images?

>Where is the Pastebin for all the ideas?

>Previous Threads?

>How can I help?
If a Channel doesn't have a personality yet, then you can suggest ideas for one.
If a Channel doesn't have a design yet, then you can suggest ideas for one.
If a Channel has a personality and a design, then you can draw them.
If multiple Channels have all of the above, then you can draw comics of them interacting.

>How many Channels do we need?
All of them. but mostly those who are /co/ related.

And last but not least, remember to have

Previous Thread:
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I love that Priest found a way to keep writing Black Panther at DC by creating Red Lion for Deathstroke. Other similar examples? That Joe Kelly SuperBats annual starring Not-Deadpool comes to mind.
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Voltron Legendary Defenders: What are the chances of Lotor forming evil Voltron for the season 4 finale?
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Nedroid thread?
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Was Pa Kent retarded?
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How is it that this one character made everyone on /co/ gay?
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OK K.O.!

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If they were sent over to Marvel today, would they be written well and treated with respect?
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