Bed time!!!

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It is very important 2 get 8 hrs of sleep to be in super condition!! Go 2 bed right now!
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Reminder that Toph was the qtest and best childhood crush.
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Marvel Legacy is ‘Act 3’ of a Larger Plan for the Marvel Universe

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>“Marvel Legacy is Act 3 of a larger plan for the Marvel Universe,” Alonso told Entertainment Weekly. “In Act 2, we took a lot of our iconic heroes off the playing field, replaced them with either new, young characters — like Riri Williams or Amadeus Cho — or familiar characters — Jane Foster or Sam Wilson — and saw what types of stories emerged: Jane Foster as Thor, Sam Wilson as Captain America, Amadeus Cho as the Hulk. The return of the classic characters was inevitable, of course. We knew that, we wanted that, and we planned for that. That’s what Legacy is about: It sets the stage not only for the return of many of the classic characters but for the next stage in the lives of the newer characters. Now we find out if the Marvel Universe is big enough for all of them.”
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/co/tober is coming soon
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White Loaves Matter

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Kelly does it again!
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Is this shit worth watching? Even for morbid curiosity?
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I just started watching this and I was wondering if it was normal to be sexually attracted to a teenage boy in a skin tight gimp suit.
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Totally Awesome Hulk Storytime

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Guest Starring the All Asians Know Each Other Alliance! And Black Panther!

When did Black Panther team up with Cho? Did they just need another smart guy?
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Invincible Iron Man #11 storytime

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>tfw the series never topped this moment

How could we have saved Steven Universe? By killing tumblr?
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