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So Babs joins Gotham Antifa...

What the fuck is DC editorial doing these days?

Why hasn't Warner come down on them for having one of thiet characters joins a domestic terrorist group?
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Could the girls be good sisters of battle? What about sisters of silence?
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Now this was some Ennis-tier fucked up shit. I love it.
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Mr. /co/lympus 2020 (Round 2): Part 5

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Keep all tournament talk ITT.
Bracket Image (wip):

►OC & Other Links [upload oc] [dropbox oc] [RULES,previous poll results,links]
Round 1 Results:
Qualifier Results:

Yotsuba & /co/nrad!
Jenny XJ9 (Tournament Mascot/Judge)
/co/lette (Honorary Waifuhalla Waifu)
Hope Corgi (Honorary Best Boy)
J/aco/lyn (Honarary Waifuhalla Waifu)

► Previous: >>118622236
Round 2: >>118610562
Round 1: >>118588144
Qualifier: >>118562184
Nomination: >>118537544
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Don Bluth failed because he's too genuine and nice of a person. He's not cruel and cynical enough to make it in Hollywood long term, and was unwilling to cut any corners.
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Maybe "Gotham Knights" will finally force DC to publish a book focused on the Robins/Batgirls.

According to Scott Snyder, every other month someone pitches a "Robins" book to DC and they always refuse it, and have been refusing it since 2012.
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Why is Starfire so retarded?

Blade will have black writers

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This is powerful

For too long, racist White writers have wrote Blade as a caricature of a black man... now he will finally be written as a real person.
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Well, I'll be damned. They actually DID make a joke at the Clinton's expense.
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