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Appearently, Kinder Surprise is doing a raffle and you can win a pure gold PPG figurine there.

JANE FOSTER Will Make 'Ultimate Heroic Sacrifice' in MIGHTY THOR #705

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>Marvel is billing March's Mighty Thor #705 as the issue which Thor (a.k.a. Jane Foster) will die, as previously teased in various ways - including an on-the-nose title to the current arc.

>“The Death of the Mighty Thor” kicked off in October’s Mighty Thor #700, but now it appears that March’s Mighty Thor #705 is the actual issue in which Jane Foster will, in Marvel’s words, “make the ultimate heroic sacrifice” in the fight against the monstrous Mangog.

>“This is it, folks! The big showdown between Thor and Mangog. The penultimate chapter of ‘The Death of the Mighty Thor,’” said series editor Wil Moss in a statment. “Jason Aaron and Russell Dauterman have been building to this issue for over three years, and you absolutely do not want to miss this. You may think you know where things are going, but I promise you do not.”

>Jane Foster has been Thor since Odinson, the original hero to bear the name, became unworthy of his hammer Mjolnir in 2014’s Original Sin. In her time as Thor, Foster has battled cancer, with every moment she spends as a hero taking time off her life. A variant cover for Mighty Thor #700 featured Foster in a pose similar to the cover of the Marvel graphic novel The Death of Captain Marvel in which the Kree warrior Mar-Vell died of cancer.

>The Mighty Thor #705, which Marvel promises is “the beginning of a mind-shattering conclusion that will change the Thor story in explosive ways,” is due out on shelves March 21, 2018.

Well we'll see if it happens
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>I mean I haVE CROSS-STITCHING BUT THat's more of a jobby than a raison d'etre

>Hello, recently I am all about tabletop games and watching youtube videos of sound-based art installations. I hope you all are all about something right now too. Thank you for reading!

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>At its commercial peak, Cerebus sold over thirty-five thousand copies an issue, easily the most successful self-published comic. Following issue 186 and Sim's ongoing diatribe against Feminism, his public arguments, and the increasing presence of his abrasive opinions in both the letters pages and the story pages of Cerebus, readership dwindled dramatically. By the series' conclusion, only about three thousand remained, with most former fans citing Sim's entwining of his ideas and himself with the main narrative as the reason the work had become unreadable, and the majority of the comics-reading world coming to the conclusion that Sim was a misogynist.

>Sim would contend that he is not a misogynist because he says that he does not hate women. He argues that he is simply an anti-Feminist, and in the world culture climate, such an opinion leads to vilification. But the specifics of his cosmology are deep and strange, and the prevailing opinion is that his rhetoric equates to hate-speech.

>Sim believes that, apart from a few "Exceptions," women are incapable of rational thought; that womanhood is a void that siphons male light and creative energy; that women are naturally inferior to men; that the advent of Feminism has led to many problems in western society, particularly Liberalism; that YHWH of the Hebrew Bible is not God but in fact God's female Adversary; and many more peculiar things. If he does not think this is misogyny, plenty will disagree.

>As he has transformed from a drinking, smoking, drug-consuming atheist to a celibate monotheist who fasts once a week and recites a 1,491-word prayer five times a day, Sims has come to believe in too many controversial things to list. But like Walt Whitman and Cerebus, Dave Sim and comic book readers contain multitudes. It's possible to disagree with him and still appreciate the artistic mastery on display in his work.

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So is he white?

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Cause Tumblr's telling me otherwise. I'm asking because somebody WILL play him in the MCU, so should they get a black guy or something?
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How do I convince her dad to let me marry her?

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I never dropped a comic harder.
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If any of you guys had any hope of Nova making it to the MCU it might not happen anymore. The sperg that runs Cosmicbooknews annoyed James Gunn by giving his phone number on his website and him and his followers called him non-stop.

James Gunn posted this after said sperg started tweeting him about adding Nova to the MCU
Then he made a facebook post (pic related) that goes into detail about what happened.

On a side note, Gunn revealed on his twitter the top five characters he gets asked about the most and they are:

1) Cosmo
2) Adam Warlock
3) Moon Knight
4) Howard the Duck
5) Nova
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Am I alone in thinking this shit was legitimately disturbing? I haven't felt this bothered since I saw treehouse of horror V as a kid.

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>Do we take prisoners?

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