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Ultimate Spider-Man Pt. 9

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Picking up where I left off last night. I'm interested to see how Bendis had treated Ultimate Moon Knight before his run on the 616 version. Prior threads are below.
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ITT: Give a /co/ character a theme song
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>Cartoons&Comics board
>Very few people here actually read comics

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You boys want some chocolate?
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Stephanie Brown = Worst Batgirl

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Barbara and Cassandra wouldn't have given away Batman's secrets during torture
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Write a cartoon plot and rate the one above yours.
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Is every walking-talking animal character considered a "furry"? Why didn't something like Kung Fu Panda become as big as Zootopia?

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Afag? Hey everybody, I.M. Afag!

How would you have fixed Korra?

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>Prolong Bolin's jealously and resentment towards Mako's skill with girls (especially Korra)
>Make Asami a spy for the equalists only dating Mako to get close to the Avatar. She later has a change of heart.
>"Have Korra lose all of her bending except Airbending just as she did in the show. Aang does not show up to magically give her bending back. Season 2 is now about Korra rediscovering water, earth, and fire bending just as Zuko and Aang did when they visited the dragons. Amon closed those abilities and now she has to reopen them.
>Season 2 is no longer about shitty spirits. The first avatar's story is still included, but as a legend rather than a memory to Korra. Still include the Civil War, the North invades as they feel Koraa is powerless as just Airbender. Her rediscovering bending is a race against the clock to save her people."
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Why do people complain about Steven being effeminate? There's nothing wrong with a boy being effeminate.
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