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Transformers: War For Cybertron announced

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ava's demon

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Hasn't updated in a very long time....has it joined applegeeks in the dustbin of webcomics?

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Why does TF2 have the best animated shorts?
Why are the mods not considering animated shorts cartoon related?
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JLA - Pt. 9

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Hope everyone had a wonderful week! If not, maybe this thread can improve. Probably not going to be too social as I’m marathonig Umbrella Academy and so far pretty good. I’m interested to see how it compares to the new Doom Patrol pilot.
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This is Epcot Center.

It's the best Disney theme park in the whole world and that can't be debated.
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Was she a good consort to Zuko?
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DC rerereboot

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According to rumors flying around, things aren’t looking good at DC’s offices. Books are failing, continuity is fucked, there is no communication between writers, some writers are given more power than others, controversies every week that make the upper suits angry, books being canned, and sales just going down and no hype for books.

Because of this, people at DC behind closed are considering either a reboot or a relaunch.

Some people want a full reboot and some people want a half-reboot (like New 52). Some people think doing a simple relaunch with fresh #1s is enough (the idea being to kick it off after some big epic event by Scott Snyder).

What do you think, /co/? Do you think Rebooting or Relaunching can save the DC?
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What is the eternal allure of the tsundere girl, /co/?
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