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Why, I do believe it's time for Silver Age comics!

But enough about me, what've you got planned for the weekend?
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Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios partnered to turn transgender child activist Rebekah into a Marvel superhero named Mighty Rebekah.

Marvel Studios documented Rebekah’s transgender activism in New Jersey in their Marvel’s Hero Project series that airs on Disney Plus.

Rebekah partnered with Garden State Equality to campaign for the New Jersey legislature to mandate LGBTQ history curriculum in public schools. The bill was passed and signed into law by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. It goes into effect next year.

The Advocate reports the episode shows Rebekah as a “role model for other young trans people in a support group and a singer in her Christian church, where her father is a pastor.”
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Harley Quinn Episode 3 Talkback Thread

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RWBY/RT General #1760: Save The Boys Edition

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>1. Love RWBY, Hate RWBY, just don't leave your boys
>2. Read the pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UmEaBVGW
>3. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion
>4. Don't believe their lies

1080p Episode Archive: https://mega.nz/#F!ygF2xIRS!DlbbI_9Jmb0YHDKHItGSMQ
Volume 7 Episode Archive: https://mega.nz/#F!m88WEaaJ!HGP-ScFwX64cevw5QYLEEQ
M3U8s are dead ever since RT switched to a new back end. For those without First memberships you can wait 30 minutes for new episodes to be uploaded to the Mega

Previous thread: >>111910532
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Mao Mao S01E31 - Mao Mao's Nakey

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Theyre the same character
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I wanna fuck her
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Are Drawn Mascots allowed in /co/?
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TMNT General

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Did I like issue 100? Not really.

Did I like watching wannabe-Bishop get his comeuppance? Yes. Yes, very much so.
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Rick and Morty

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So was this a parody of Steven Universe?
>Bunch of degenerates hiding from a dictator who hates degenerates
>Said degenerates uses their degeneracy to the max to defeat the dictator
>Now everyone is free to be a degenerate.
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