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Today is the day, r9k.
I'm going to confess to my mother my love for her, and we're going to have passionate sex.

Wish me luck.
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>TFW Italian but get confused for mexican
>TFW people call me Juan
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>racemixing is ba-
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Please help

I'm a severely depressed college student who wants to drop out but is terrified of the consequences and judgment from everyone back home if I do. I'm absolutely horrified of confrontation, which used to be a strength of my personality. I hate leaving my dorm room, which I intentionally reserved to be a single room because I have grown to despise being around other people for more than an hour or so a day. I'm not going to class, I'm not doing work, all I can think about is going home. Things are getting pretty bad. I don't take out the trash, I don't do my laundry, I have to force myself to eat and stay hydrated. I seriously have no life force to do anything at all.

Is there something I can do to get back my old attitude so I can buck up and handle my problems? Whether that is to relearn to love college or go home.

Fembot Thread

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Fembots. What did she mean by this and do you agree?
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Sex doll thread

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Own one?
Want/need one?
Fetish or just a lonely piece of shit?
Is this rock bottom?
Share pics, thoughts, experience, ect.
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>"Will your girlfriend be joining us for dinner Anon? Or does your computer have a virus?"


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>you will never suck on nicki minaj's big titties and lick her butthole

someone just kill me please

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>Be me
>Be dominant girl
>Be shy and reserved irl
>But secretly have a really really dominant and bossy side
>Just want a qt submissive loyal bf that would serve me, do what I want, and let me take charge but also cuddle him and let him fall asleep on my lap
>But it feels like there's no true sub guys, most guys appear dominant and just want a sub gf but I'm not submissive
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Someone redpill me on Linaire please.
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