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Why are so many socially failed males brainwashed by fascist propaganda?
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/gfd/#2 - gentle female domination

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last thread: >>55381305

>what kind of gentle femdom gf would you want?
>what would you want your partner to do for you?
>what would you do for your partner?
feels, stories, etc. are very appreciated
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/r9gay/ - #880

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what are your romantic fantasies? what's one thing you've always wanted to do with a boy? edition

last time on r9gay: >>55410791
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I assume all robots are autistic incels and spergs, but are any of you all legitimately handsome beyond your social awkwardness?
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Would you record homemade porn with your girlfriend? Would you upload it?
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Nothing is enjoyable without friends and I can't make or keep any

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What encounters with horny internet indians have you had?
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I suffer because of myself

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>be me
>quit University
>skip to early 20s neet
>move out to another country to find work
>live in a house with people
>neet anxiety so hard unable to cook and save money
>flatmates middle aged and aggressive
>drink a jug of milk and a precooked meal for nutrition
>rent and other costs make me unable to save money
>have relied on parents sending some money to survive
>suicide-fuel.jpg because im a loser
>run out of money and have to leave
>attempt to study again
>anxiety and fear at every corner
>go back to neeting again for 2 years
>parents give money
>go to another country this time
>cant find work, but do self-employed work and save something
>have to leave and go back to the first country with the excuse of im just going to get some licenses, work a little and leave
>pure cope because im a failure
>have done this today and went on a plane
>realize pproaching mid 20s
>too terrified to sleep
>writing this thread
I cant even sleep. Im afraid. Talk to me r9k please
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