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What do you guy think does that Bitch Doja Cat pussy taste like?
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/mbti/ memesters masters

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>"Dude you just gotta ask her out asap before you're friend zoned!"
Ask her out asap
>"Um no anon, I don't really know you that well..."

>"Dude you just gotta befriend her first!"
Befriend her first then ask her out
>"I see you just as a friend, anon. Maybe if you asked me out in the first place..."

I did it guys

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I found myself a cute based femboy.
Pic related
True love

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When did 'trump supporter' become just a blanket insult? I was arguing with some random zoomer on facebook that said a GTX 960 couldn't run CS:GO, despite him not owning one, and then he just started calling me a "Trumper" and "Pro-Trump loser" even though nobody brought up politics and theres nothing political on my facebook.

Is this how badly educated children are on American politics? Is being called 'trump supporter' the new 'nazi'? Wtf bros
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LARPing shut in spastics playing pretend right through the night edition
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What's a pet peeve of yours?

Whenever someone says a sentence like
"[negative statement], no" it ticks me off more than it should, feels condecending.

>Hey did you bring X
>"No I didn't bring X, no"
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post ur standards

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These are my standards. They're not very high. Average looks, nice voice, neither obese nor anorexic (fat is fine), iq above 100, modicum of class (covers mouth when yawning), conscientious, self respect, virgin or low body count (no more than 2). Very reasonable standards, I believe.
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