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1. As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
2. What are you now?

I'll start

1. Astronaut
2. HVAC Technician
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Just clicked a porn video at full blast while random roomate is sleeping <10 feet away from me. I skipped to the middle section right away too so it was full blast of a girl getting railed. I tried to react quick but I stupidly fumbled with the phone and used to volume controls instead of just exiting out. I forgot I had already set my alarm and set volume to full, but then I got horny. What are the chances he woke up and heard it? He kept snoring but then about 4 minutes later he let out a loud moan and his snoring slowed. It definitely disturbed his sleep, but did he actually hear it and comprehend it or is he going to say something tomorrow? Am I safe robots or is there going to be an awkward exchange tomorrow morning? He flys out in the morning so should I just sleep in the car tonight to never see him again?

/youth/ general

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Underage up to early twenties are asked to participate.

>What is /youth/?
Youth is a general for those ages 24 and below, as it fits the niche left open by the 25+ general we host on /r9k/.

>what you're working towards
>what you're stressed or excited about
>financial status, living situation
>education status
>age, obviously
and talk with like minded peers about what it's like growing up in this day and age.

>I'd love to chat about this but don't want to be seen browsing 4chan in public/there's too many generals on /r9k/, please use Discord
A dedicated Discord server can be found here- /WKpS44H

>Any server rules?
The server is a simple chat server and will be moderated to keep on topic.
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Rate your life thread, template in comments
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Whitebots, would you ever race mix with a non-white girl?
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off site shills still trying to change this place edtion
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female opinion: traps are pretending they relate just to recruit r9k's dominant males

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As an actual female, I wanted to say this:
Sexually dominant males literally do not belong on *modern day* r9k, and are being duped to believe otherwise by sexually submissive men who want to entrap them here due to a lack of dominant gaybots in the market. (nothing worse to a sexual submissive than another sexual submissive fighting to be the more humiliated one. I know this struggle as a submissive girl, haha)
I'll explain:
The large amount of trap posting isn't coming from people who are prison gay because 'ooh girls would never accept me bc i'm so ugly to them blahblah'. It's coming from men who are sexually submissive and 90+% would sincerely want to be gay anyway if they followed down their sexual logical path, even if they're knowingly Chads in the eyes of girls.
This would be fine in itself. But then these men come to r9k and lie about girls 'rejecting' them and 'haha arent i just like you guys?' when, if they're being honest with themselves, their submissive sexual interests meant they were never interested in said girls in the first place.
These sexually submissive r9k men who complain about 'not being able to get a girls' /then/ move on to 'haha guess ill just have to become a girl now, oops look at what i'm being forced to do because girls are evil amirite fellas?' when really they're just playing out *what they would have wanted to do regardless* due to, again, the progression of their submissive tendencies.
Due to their sexual nature, they ALWAYS would have wanted to be bottoms, etc. If they did end up in bed with a girl, they'd be begging the girl to wear a strapon (and would still be unhappy).

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anyone else as happy as I am that this stupid fucking faggot reddit "whoa so ironic" normie kike's career is getting destroyed? I'll be glad to see his fat ugly ass lost into the oblivion of insignificance. fuck this irritating, shifty jew
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I'm gonna shave my arms and legs tomorrow

what do I tell me roommate so he doesn't think I'm doing it for fag reasons?

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