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Why aren't Americans more excited about their new president?
Didn't they vote for him?
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>you're at the doctors office, paying a surprise visit to your shy qt conservative aryan virgin wife who is a nurse
>you're in the nurse's office with her discussing her recent pregnancy
>suddenly pic related - a GIGANTIC ebony warrior stud walks in
>8 feet tall and 400 lbs of pure zulu muscle
>he drops his shorts revealing a 14 inch black mamba
>"ayo nurse, muh dik gots a boo-boo, you best be kissin' it better white BITCH"
>"hehe no problem dequandrius!" your wife says as she kneels down and begins kissing the fat african dong
>dequandrius smirks at you

what do?
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Today a girl fucking told me it was "obvious from my demeanor" that I was a virgin because I "lacked self-assurance".

What the fuck, man. I make eye contact when I talk, I walk normally, I don't sperg out when talking to people.
I'm just a little silent because I don't like being an obnoxious faggot.

How do women figure out this stuff? I was having a good day and now I feel like shit.
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The world is changing. The 89/20 Hypergamy is becoming more and more normalized. Like if we where animals.
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Salute the flag /r9k/.
It's over, you have lost.

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ITT thread we rate each others first names

Hello my name is Ian.
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Voice thread

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Let's here you, a voice can say lot about you

I go first :
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Music thread

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How do your parents view your lonely life?

My parents think of me as someone who never gets lonely and who doesn't need social interaction to be happy.

I would hate for them to realise how upset and suicidal I am.
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