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So I'm a complete social outcast who went to a party for the first time and here's how it went:

>tons of alcohol
>everyone shitfaced
>talked to 7 girls (5 of them ugly af)
>people seemed juvenile and bland, but I listened to their stories
>everyone saw me helping a girl that drank too much, which earned me karma and made others come over and talk to me

>late at night, only few people left
>missed my last train
>"Anon that's no problem. You can sleep on the couch."
>proved some of the leftover people were couples
>say goodnight and see them go to their rooms cuddled up
>couch is cold and blanket very thin
>spend the night awake, laying in the dark, thinking of my past oneitis who I saw last 4 years ago
>think about what her life might be like now as I'm shivering on the cold couch
>feel incredibly depressed, really crashing down hard
>leave early in the morning before anyone wakes up

Feeling very split about the whole thing. Think I did well in terms of socializing, although they were all painfully normie/zoomers with no ability of critical thought or personal autonomy. Realized how much I long for human warmth and companionship, despite being among people.

It's like they're just lifeless shells swimming in a bowl that gets stirred once in a while. I feel more lonely than before.


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How do you deal with the fact that your waifu will likely be a whore ?

in this society they're a dime a dozen, I can't go outside without meeting one, a good strategy would be to fuck em, and search for a decent girl but that's mission fit for a greek mythology hero in this day. I also don't want to date femcels, or fat neet girls.


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>12cm penis
>5'7 height
Give me a reason why I shouldn't just kill myself. I won't be able to attract a partner so what's the point of living further?

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i wish nothing more than to see these self help guru fucks be stricken with some nasty depression. I'd like to see them shut down and then see what their little so called wisdoms do for them. I'm sure they'd babble it to themselves like the drones they are only for it to fail them and have it turned inward- against themselves. their long rants would turn into nothing but sheer self loathing and they would realize then that they actually know nothing about life, just how to worship success.
Jordan peterson is a good example. crazy bastard rambled on so long he thought he was the 2nd coming of christ or some shit. shit hit the fan for him and he was helpless. he spent months strapped to a table in siberia because he turned to BENZOS for his problems. what a fucking laughing stock.
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Now that I have your attention, what's best cologne to get compliments (colognes that are preferable in summer). Don't even have to go anywhere with it. Just something that people will notice and mention.

Pic unrelated, A.I made it.
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why was internet culture so much comfier in the 2000-2010 decade? it seemed more fun and trolly.
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im back from holiday^^ I went to disneyland paris with my cousins~ do you enjoy going on smol trips with your family?
When's the last time you comfy travelled? OwO
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How do you get a Japanese gf if you have autism (literally) and atrocious social skills

I always make people cringe because I say things that are socially unacceptable due to me living online for the past 11 years. When I get drunk, this trait is exacerbated.

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Have you ever rejected someone you actually had feelings for?
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