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What are your thoughts on this girl? Do you like her face?
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why are asian girls all pedophiles

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Humans live in a multiverse of thought. Every single one of us perceives and has perceived a completely different perspective on the world. In some people's worlds there is magic and wonder and in others there is only science and math. Then there are people like me. Who don't believe in anything at all. I believe I am as significant on this planet as a mold spore is on a strawberry. Just another form of temporary life. I try to enjoy the ride but it feels like a carnival I was forced to go to and it really isn't all that great.
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Why am I terrible at videogames if I have a decent IQ? I can't read my opponents and they all read me. Is the gaming community composed of 130 IQ brainchads?
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What's it called when you don't really see any value in forming deep relationships with people and only view others as a means to an end? Besides psycho/sociopathy.


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I'm not unattractive. I'm a pretty good looking dude. Girls show an interest in me, but I always seem to get used in the end. I am not looking for a quick fuck (I've had enough of those); I'm looking for a relationship. Why do I always get fucked over in the end?

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Is it legal stream movies from websites? I found a website called soap2day.com and it has a bunch of free streamable movies but idk if the fbi is gonna kick down my door or something if I try to watch endgame on this site. Obvious exaggerating but can I get in legal trouble for this?

r9k Survey Thread

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Let's do one of these because why not

>Hair Color
>Eye Color
>Top 3 Hobbies/Pasttimes
>NEET? If not, what is your job/education life?
>Reason(s) for going on r9k
>Any other interesting tidbits like favorite movies, music, etc.
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