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general feels thread

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thread for talking about general feels

let's hear those feels robros
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/r9gay/ - #1517

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gays, gays, gays were made to love -
that's why they have cute stiff dicks,
that's why they stand five feet six,
gays, gays, gays were made to love.
- edition

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Which one should I cook for breakfast?
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Waifu Thread #518
Sorry to be so late edition
Come show your waifu some love! Tell us about the one you adore the absolute most in life.
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Tokyo Ghoul

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"Juuzou he the star of the show. Everybody else just along for da ride. Ken Kanaki who? He got raped in an illuminati dungeon meanwhile Suzuya got his balls crushed like a man and came back stronger then evah and he didnt cry about it have a identity crisis like Haise bitch ass"
And he put women in their place. They dont belong in the battlefield out there with them killers.

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have you ever touched a woman's body (her hands don't count)
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What is it like to cuddle a fat girl?
I long to just sleep alongside a big fat girl and just use her as full body pillow, except it is a woman that loves me.
Do fat femanons find their bodies comfy for cuddling?
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Sam Hyde is a racist pedophile who is a partnered with Spotify with his podcast "HydeWars". Some years ago he groomed, physically abused and ruined 15 year old Marky. He forced her to lick his unclean anus and punched her in the face and left her with mental issues as a result of his abuse.
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i just wish a was a fucking normie