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"Men" by ContraPoints

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For this video she is speaking directly to her cis male audience, that means YOU /r9k/ (including faggots)

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what's up with all the moralfags on 4chan nowadays? do you enjoy being fucking pussies?
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Lets get another creative thread started.
Post vids, drawings, music, photos, web projects, or anything you like to do
ill start with a short yt video i just made no bully pls
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make yourself

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wanna see what y'all bots look like.
I guess

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How do you tell over text she's into you?

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How do you know 90 to 100% what a woman is thinking over text?

I'm getting so many mixed signals. Friendzone or dreamy boytoy? How do I know for sure?
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Community Building

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Hi robots, I'm trying to build a community of friends online. However I'm not really sure how to get it going. I have a discord server with some people in it, but there isn't much conversation that goes on between people. Do you guys have any experience with making people online become friends?
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I'm spending a month in Thailand then spending a month in Japan. What should I do there?

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>dont want to talk to anyone
>still lonely
what gives

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>ow anon you need to watch out you knocked over me and my hotdog!
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