Shit normies say/do that annoy you

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>friend tells me he has the weirdest dreams out of all his friends
>I say ok, tell me about one of your weirdest dreams
>tells me about a dream where he tried to hook up with friends brothers gf
>tells me it was some random girl though and not actually friends brothers gf
>how weird is that?
>kind of sigh and tell him that just last night I had a dream where I cut my own head off and re-attached it
>he says that's not even that weird
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>Find a cute guy online
>Flirt with him for a while, everything's going fine, he says he likes me
>Find out he's a white guy
>Immediately block him and forget about him

Why do whites even try anymore?

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I have a crush on Despair Lord Vyro!
Isn't he cute? Let's talk about Vyro!
Do you have a crush on anyone, anon? Who is it?
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Daily Aus-fag thread but cancucks are welcome. What did you do today?
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>You will never live in a cozy farmhouse at Halfhill, spending your days fishing and your evenings drinking and having fun with your friends in The Lazy Turnip
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Bushy eyebrowed femanon reporting in..Let's see if you guys have what it takes to look what's on the inside.
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Reminder that there is nothing worse than a Millennial.

Gen Z will beat your asses.
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do you have to do the "introduce yourself to the class" thing at community college?

my first day is tomorrow and I'm worried about it
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>Tall guys can be robots too!
Not. Tall men are virtually incapable of being robots. Much like having good facial aesthetics and/or a full head of hair, height is a very positive trait not only to the opposite sex, but in trying to climb up the corporate ladder, being treated with respect, etc.

It is a simple fact that women prefer height over all other qualities in men. Obviously looks are of upmost importance to women, and height is the #1 quality that defines looks in men. A manlet with 8/10 facial aesthetics will ALWAYS lose out to a 6'4 tall (about 195 cm) man with 5/10 facial aesthetics. And that's not all, it is a proven fact that the majority of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are 6'0 or taller. Tall men are also always treated with respect in society, but that goes without saying. Being tall = epitome of masculinity. Simply put, manlets are lesser men than tallfags.

Now that is not to say that being tall automatically makes you Chad Thundercock, but it sure damn helps. Height is essentially 90% of the equation in being a Chad/normalfag. Robots are defined in large part by their strange/abnormal appearance, as said appearance is what shaped and molded robots' minds into behaving the way they do. Tallfags need to try their hardest to be treated as the dregs of society like manlets are - this includes voluntarily being NEET, never leaving their house, or being repulsive in every single aspect barring their height. Basically, you need to really, really try in order to fail at life if you're tall.

Tallfags have life handed to them on a silver platter, all by virtue of winning the genetic lottery. The world is their oyster, and all things being equal a tallfag will always beat out his shorter counterpart assuming they have similar facial appearance and are raised in similar circumstances.

That is all. I now await the falseflagging manlets role-playing as tallfags to come out of the woodwork and say how they're still virgins despite being 6'5.
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