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>want a bf
>terrified of sex
How do I get a bf with a non-existent or very low sex drive?
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Would you date a homeless girl?
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> be me
> 15
> have like 2 close friends, and all my other friends are essentially retarded
> never meet up with anyone
> hardly any friends outside of school
> look at a friend whos school i was supposed to go tos instagram
> theyre hanging out with all my elementary school friends and having fun
> if i had gone to that school id actually have a normal social life and wouldnt be the retard i am today

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covid literally slowly kills your heart without you even noticing, cutting our lifespan by 40-60 years

you are going to live to max 70 years old thanks to lab made covid-19

and nobody is giving a fuck, nobody ever does, the ones that do get locked up.

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Who here is still a virgin close to being 30 years old and now have all used up women showing interest in them (from single mothers to used up roasties).
They had no interest in you when you were younger but now for some reason they care and ask you why you are still single.

I tell them I have no time and that I am way to busy and they get all pissed and sad.
kek stupid fucking whores. I waited all this time to find love and now you think I will lose my virginity to an aids ridden roasty? You think I want to marry a used up whore? Then I could go to a whore house and marry the best whore there is.

I can't wait for the suicide rate of women in their 30's to rise. 2nd lockdown because of covid is doing wonders too.

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Anon, why aren't you simping for Jessy Hartel right now ?

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How do I find a guy who's doesn't do any drugs and is very anti-alcohol that's not super conservative or religious?

My dad drank a ton and now even seeing a guy socially drink is nauseating.

I want someone that I know will never drink even in the future.
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>tfw no friends to watch anime and play vidya with
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When did you become a Fascist?
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>Finally realized that literally everything r9k taught me about woman and dating was fucking wrong
You guys are so fucking far off the mark I can't even imagine how you got to where you are.
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