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>post a dozen different characters
>thread still gets deleted for avatarfagging
why dont you just make anime against the rules here?

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How is your progress towards a gf going guys?
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What would femalems do if I was standing at your door with my hands handcuffed behind my back and no clothes on in the middle of the night? Asking for a friend of course.
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omegle time

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>go to
>enter r9k as only interest
>start text chat
>talk with your fellow robots
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I'm always taken aback at how completely flippant some people are about sex. It's something I'm honestly afraid of, and couldn't imagine doing it without somebody I trusted. I don't understand how it can trivialised and reduced to such a point where you'd barter it to satisfy your whim for homemade pizza. I think I'm fundamentally incompatible with such people, and it's always concerning to see the prevalence of this blase attitude.
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>How much you like Evangelion is inversely proportionate to how much you like yourself

True or not?

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Fembot worship thread.
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It's that time of the year again, the /britfeel/ annual easter egg hunt begins. There will be 1 extra special post in the thread and whoever finds it gets a treat.
Good luck.
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What's the difference between the kind of woman that gets disgusted by beta nerds, and the kind of woman that enjoys relentlessly teasing them and getting them hopelessly horny?
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Why don't you believe in white genocide?
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