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do you have ugly boobs femanon?
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25+ thread /friday night feel/ edition

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l'd drink enough of anything to make this worId look new again
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dubs decide what i do at the rooftop of my building
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I keep humiliating myself and allowing people on the internet to degrade me and use me as their slave, then regretting it later only to do it all again.
How do I stop this?
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/r9gay/ - #617

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Nothing ever changes edition

Last: >>50961838
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>Walk out of my favorite sushi restaurant at the mall
>see a group of girls pointing at me and laughing

What the fuck
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Comfy night in shitposting with the lads edition
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I have started unironically started looking up to mass shooter

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I just hate everybody and I wish nothing more than to afflict as much suffering to those around me
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Didn't see one up
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Why is this attractive? It smells.