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Virgin Fembot Fantasies

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What are the most depraved and disgusting acts you want to do? No lying now.

Bonus: Would you really do it?
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What is robots stance on abortion?
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Who are some /r9k/ posters you instantly recognize?

>tomoko poster
>asian guy with a newborn child who wants to kill all bums
>finnish bateman poster
>oldfag harold shipman poster who has been on this board for 10 years
>the tranny who always asks if its safe to meet a guy from r9k
>the female pepe poster with the manly voice
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Schizos going crazier than usual

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Hey frens, my mom is a nurse and says that the psych ward is getting crazy full with psychosis patients recently because the quarantine fucked up the lives of people with mental illness even more than usual. I've also noticed an uptick in schizoposts here. Are you losing it?
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>he graduated college without losing his virginity

WTF? How?
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>not a virgin(unless she is a widow)(1)
>older than 25(2)
>uses contraceptive drugs/device
>uses recreational drugs(especially alcohol)
>raised by single mother
>lives alone/with roommates(unless genuinely shit family)
>shit family and still associates with them
>lives in a city
>fat or underweight
>went to university/wants to go to university(3)
>listens to hiphop/rap
>has dark skin
>has tattoos
>has piercings/body modifications
Ears are fine, no hoops though.
>dyes her hair
>wears makeup
Vain and damages skin.
>has painted and/or fake nails.
>eats fast food(4)
>expresses an interest in "travel"
>is an atheist
>is polticially outspoken
>curses excessively
>uses 4chan
>homophile friends(5)
>whore friends
>speaks in ebonics/slang/bastardized English
>watches television(6)
>watches Netflix
These are my red flags for females.

Notes to follow.
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Name a better cereal than bran flakes.

If you name any of that overly sugary kid shit such as fruity pebbles or cinnamon toast crunch, you're getting gassed.

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What is the biological/psychological reason why women go after/breed with men who are deadbeets and can not provide for themselves let alone a woman's child?

Why do women go after loser men?
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I want a hard and detail explanation

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What do you guys actually expect out of women?
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Would you robots even be okay with dating a legit 4/10 chubby girl who has limited social skills and doesn't care about improving herself? Basically, a girl who roughly has the same qualities as you, but isn't a cute small white girl waifu that you fags dream about. Someone more realistic, with imperfections. Someone who doesn't exactly fit the bill as "hot".
Hypothetically, imagine if someone who looks like pic related was in love with you. Here are some characteristics:
>200 lbs, chubby instead of fat due to height
>small boobs but big ass
>noticeable accent but fluent in english
>somewhat low social awareness
>likes dressing in sweats and "boy" clothes instead of dresses and skirts, chooses to be less fashionable
>can't orgasm properly due to childhood masturbation
>absolutely in love with you, 100% loyal
>loves your dick, constantly wants to have sex with you
>lets you do anal
>passionate about drawing and art
>watches anime frequently
>plays normie video games such as pokemon, animal crossing, and smash bros
>likes kpop and other popular music aimed at women
>likes weed and alcohol, but uses only occasionally
>cries easily during arguments but is quick to forgive you and make up
>is pro bernie
>wants to spend the rest of her life with you and travel the world
>likes spoiling you, buying you dinner, clothes, video games, etc.
>crooked teeth

Honestly, I don't think you guys would date this hypothetical girl. She has some issues, as do many of you. She isn't perfect, and neither are you. But at the end of the day I think some of the qualities above would turn you away, to where you would rather be single and alone than have a serious relationship with this hypothetical girl.
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