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Make this thread hit 1000 replies before 7 PM CT.
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Roastie develops a conscious

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While I was on my catfish chad account this roastie matched and messaged me. I honestly did not have time to give a flying fuck about her with all the other matches. She agrees the chad is way above her league. Dubs get to add salt to the injury.
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creative robots unite

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creativity is extremely healthy for a robot down in the dumps. share songs, videos, drawings, paintings, or whatever you've invested creative time into
>try not to bully too hard
>don't expect boatloads of attention
>be grateful for criticism
>give other people's stuff a shot before shilling your own things

have lots of fun :D
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>my crush told me my smile is ugly
should i just end it?


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>im a girl now
What do they mean by this?
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>be me

Is it over to me fellow brobots?
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Stoned as I type this edition
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I'm taking my sister out on a date for fun, where should I take her? She's 14.

comfy drinking thread

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just got some chinese delivered and some beers ready so i can enjoy my day
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