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It's Incels are wrong, why can no one prove them wrong?

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I've never once seen a credible counter-argument to the claims made by Incels.
It's always Argument from Incredulity and Strawman tactics.
Maybe those Incels are onto something?
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Helper's World : Pakistan cricket tour of England 2020 Edition
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>tell friend I have BPD
>they no longer want to be my friend
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how do i quit porn? i fapped three times today and its only 2PM. its taking a toll on my sanity and productivity. simply forcing myself to not watch it is hard i need new methods...
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Normie hate thread

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Why did this place go from normie hating to normie worshiping and when or why or when
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Any /poker/ players here? I would like to create a crew/team on PokerStars, also, how do I take my skills to "the next level"? We should create a discord and play together

Escort thread

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Do you guys visit escorts? It's a fun hobby to pick up if you've got the money to spend
I'm going to see this girl soon.
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Lonely wombat
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