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Do you think feminism has gone too far? Isn't it inevitable with how much technology has progressed? Actual housewives barely have to do any work now
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/r9gay/ - 1335

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Flirting with a boy edition.

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I just discovered AI Dungeon and now I can't stop beating my dick. It's starting to hurt, but AI Dungeon just keeps delivering me the best written transformation stories I've ever seen.
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Waifu thread!

Mods seemingly killed the last thread.
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Post characters who are LITERALLY and UNIRONICALLY you
For me, it's Lou Bloom
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queue at the barber and greggs edition
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/mbti/: NP Appreciation Edition

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How long have you been on 4chan and what is the highest number of digits you've gotten?
7.5 years
Quints (66666)
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I'm not one of you, I've heard your takes, you're all incels, and all you need is a good woman and some light changes on society to be happy, these are the main opinions I hear from you.

I, on the other hand, feel like a genuine monster, there isn't a single change in society that I can think of that would make me any different from where I am now, so I don't care.
I am human, I am skin and bones and can be killed with ease at a moments notice, but I feel like a grotesque leviathan in my head, confined to a life he can't understand or live with until he eventually passes, I am an animal in an animal, all human beings are animals, but they all have a boundary, or subconscious mental safety net that prevents them from acting like apes in public, allowing them to conform to the modern world, while I also have this, I guess a good comparison would be that my ""net"" is made of dental floss while other's are made of copper wire.

/suicide/ general

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Hi, /r9k/. I need some help. Will a shotgun to the roof of the mouth be an insta-kill? Thanks, plan on livestreaming it too when I get the gun.