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>met a guy online last week and we got lunch
>no contact since then, even though he said we should get lunch again sometime
>i asked him if he was still up for it today because i'm not gonna let a little thing like pride or dignity get in the way of a possible friend/bf
>"yeah i'm down but [excuse]"

am i fucked? this is just him letting me down easy, right? I asked if he though he'd be free after Thanksgiving but he hasn't responded yet. What would you robots do in this situation?

trap porn, post ur best

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Dudes. One plus one is TWO!!
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Feels thread

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ITT: post feels stories.
Got a pretty horrific one to start boys so I guess I'll go first. Be warned, it's a long one.

>be me
>major autist
>somehow manage to land a gf in high school
>together for 10 years, get married, try for kid
>she gets pregnant, looking forward to being a dad
>one day lying in bed
>idly running my hands over her skin
>feel something weird on the back of her leg
>have a look
>big, weird-looking mole on her leg
>majorly concerned, tell her to go see the doc asap
>she goes to the doc
>they do a biopsy of the mole
>results come back
>devastated, but at least melanoma has a high survival rate
>remove the mole, start doing other tests to check she's in the clear
>still high indicators of cancer in her blood
>find the cancer spread to her brain and lungs
>doc says it's incurable, says she's got 3-6 months
>baby due in 6 months
>would have to abort for her to have chemo, but it probably wouldn't save her anyway, so she says no
>says if she's going to die anyway, she'd rather our baby gets to live

Fast forward to last month
>wife 6 months pregnant
>she's struggling, but keeps trying
>one day she collapses
>immediately admitted to hospital
>her lungs are too full of cancer for her to get enough oxygen
>she's in a hospital bed on oxygen constantly
>quit my job to spend all day in the hospital with her
>go home and cry most nights
>slowly watching my high school sweetheart die every day
>one day I'm there, she's talking but can barely keep her eyes open
>presume she's just tired
>she stops responding
>realise something's wrong, call for a doc
>it's too late
>she's dead
>lose her, lose baby
>fucking breaks me
>have no job, too much of a mess to apply for a new one
>move back in with my parents, can't face going back home

I don't know what to do anymore anons. I think I'm at the end.

Anyone else for sharing feels?

/East African general/: we're all psuedo-niggers edition

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Alright lads I wanna see how many of us exist here so this is the first time. No Kenyans allowed and all I've got is this Colonel Gaddafi wojak. God bless that nigga.
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Only angry lads allowed in here
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Why are people racist towards blacks but not towards Asians?
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>be slut
>dress like thot
>get raped
>go to court
>commit suicide
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Imagine being in a situation where you break a girls heart who deeply cares about (and you care about her too) you due to the fact you're a complete loser and don't want to subject them to your mental instability and inability to stary and maintain a relationship
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