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/scotfeel/ independence when edition
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fetish thread

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ITT: your fetish desu
I have this friend that's two years older than me and calls me mijo. This on top of milf porn caused me to develop a thing for mothers, I always think about fucking her and calling her my mommy. Its kinda tame but that's my fetish.
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Why are half asian women always so hot?

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Does anyone like spics?
I swear we are the most hated ethnicity in the planet.

Even sandnigger refugees with nothing on their backs get to fuck qt Aryan German girls.
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>takes a while to get angry (passively accept other people offences)
>suddenly explodes into a anger burst when there's one offence that makes it too many.
>never forgive even though months and years are passing.
>this can be directed toward family members that I'll decide I won't ever meet again.

Is this autism (literally, not the 4chan slang)?
Else how is this personality trait called?

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i think u guys will enjoy this :-)

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Tf gf is on her period >:(
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You know? I actually feel pretty sorry for the guy

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Who /non-verbal learning disability/ here?

I wouldn't wish this hell on my worst enemies.
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ITT: easy ways to spot a redditor

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ITT: easy ways to spot someone from /reddit/

I'll start:

>unironically meming
>takes obvious bait
>is a phoneposter
>helps other people
>doesn't know what a green board is
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