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>there are AA titty femanons here right now and they hate how flat they are

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a femanon gives you permission to do one thing to her ass. what do you do? slap it, pinch it, grope it, whip it with a belt?
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I have these massive mood swings, sometimes I'm happy and want to help people and another I hate everyone.

I feel like a completely different person every time it happens, completely different personalities and opinions.

How do I know which one is the real me?


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hows it going bros? been a while. rainy day soju for me today
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Mongs becoming homeless after spending all their money on tinned beans instead of rent edition
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how long do you guys shower for? i usually spend like an hour but sometimes i could go a bit over that, like 90 minutes tops. one time i showered for two hours i think
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What causes this behavior?
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>finish high school at 14
>enter an university in top 200 world ranking in physics
>become the #1 classified in your class, surprising many professors
>get praise by your tutors in college that say you should work at NASA
>have your family entering in collapse and having no money anymore to continue grad stud
>find only low-paying jobs
>finally turn into a neet
>being recused to return by your university
>forget all your dreams
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I need to find a girl's last name

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Hey Robots so I'm a kind stalker of sorts. My anxiety makes it that I do my stalking from hom in the comfort of my room.

There is girl I learned about and I only know her 1st name, birthday and zip code

I would really like to know her last name and maybe her address.


yeah I looked and there are like 50 something people with the first name and there are barely any photos so I don't know if its her.

Any other stalker robot anons care to help me out?

I do this for fun and am happy with just the knowledge and stalk girls I like online and pretend they are my gf.

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If you think eating dogs is immoral but eating "farm animals" is okay, you are a normalfag incapable of thinking critically.
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