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why is twitter such a normie site?
havent seen one in years
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WOW! Would you look at that.!
Women ruined everything once again.
Who could have possibly seen this coming?
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Politicial r9k

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What is your political orientation?

Do you see yourself as right, left or centrist?
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Jordan Peterson valid criticisms?

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Has anyone found any articles or people which/who critically and logically deduce flaw in any of Jordan Peterson's arguments?

I've heard countless criticisms of him but all of them seem to avoid whatever point he has seemed to have been making and instead devolve into an anti-intellectual attack based on political correctness...
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Lovely sunny evening edition
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Running out of time

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I'm genuinely scared fellow robots
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>tfw you started using oregano as a replacement for original and now the entire board is
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Parents sue son, 30, to move out of house

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Couple take their 30-year-old millennial son to COURT to try and get him to leave their family home after sending him five eviction letters
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ok ladies, time for another round

you can only pick one
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