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How does /r9k/ feel about him becoming an hero?

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This young tub of mass gave me a hardy blocking
I think it's only appropriate you little devil's have her contact information to hook up with this bbw abomination
>pic related its the hog
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Get it through your head, your thick skulled normies. I'm a pedophile myself, but even I would never actually sexually abuse a child, I know that's wrong. Just because we find them attractive doesn't mean we'd actually do anything to them.
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>you weren't born as a comfy Japanese citizen
>you will never have this comfy display in your shit hole vandalizing nigger country
fuck me!
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If you are an 18 or 19 year old girl, you have to make a Vocaroo and explain what you're doing here.

And also tell us your sexual fantasies.

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Why don't you guys pick up an instrument? I've been playing guitar for almost 7 years now and it really helps when the depressing kicks in. Plus my parents don't think I'm a total waste of space and enjoy it as well.
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Who the fuck are bullying these QT teens?

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Can we have a sex toy thread? I'm a 31 yo wizard and I bought a fleshlight last week. I went for the value pack even though I guessed it was a scam because what the hell, I have nothing else to spend my money on.

Anyway, I tried it for the first time today and it was awful. I couldn't get my dick in the fucking hole, it was incredibly tight.

I'm guessing the answer is "no", but are real holes this fucking tight? I couldn't move my penis at all and I used a shitload of lube too.
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Do NOT get on their ships!

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When the Nordic aliens come, do NOT get on their ships, I repeat, do NOT get on their goddamned ships!
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