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Why are there so many girls on this board now?
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it blows me away how almost every woman is good looking

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i dont get it. do i just have really low standards. as long as a woman isnt fat i am probably going to find her attractive. even "average" women are often gorgeous
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I hope that lad has a very happy birthday edition
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Seriously what the fuck is this board? Literally just /b/ with extra autism? What is the fucking point?
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>Tfw no BPD gf to shower with love and attention in exchange for nudes
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Why are people so spiteful towards everyone? I knew I should've pulled that trigger when I was 19 but I stuck it through for all of YOU. Now I'm 25 and I found my friend 3 years ago after blew his brains out and saw the aftermath, so now I could just never do it. I'm here for you. God, there better be a heaven or something because this is a lot of work and I'm not even halfway there.

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I have so many problems I need to fix with myself, but ultimately I feel no motivation to do so because of my thin dick. Even if I fixed my life, maximized my body, maximized my fashion, worked hard on my social skills, etc. - at the end of the day, no girl will ever REALLY like me because of my inadequate dick (6.25x4.5). It's just not thick enough. I can't give girls those deep, full, satisfying orgasms. She will never be dickwhipped. God, it sucks. I would feel so much more zest for life if I just had an adequate cock.
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/r9gay/ - #953

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Skinny jeans edition.

Last thread: >>56843242
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/drugfeel/ — Shrooms edition

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>What do you have coming in
>What are you on right now?
>What would you like to do?

Thread question:
>When/how did you do shrooms the first time?
Bonus question:
>What drugs do you like to jerk off/have sex on?
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Make yourself and your waifu/crush

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Let's have another thread.
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