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Have you ever had a woman come on to you but you were too autistic to notice the signs or act on them?
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>fell for a gril who loves Jesus and seems to like me
>think she has to be the purest woman I've ever met
>today she tells me that she's nervous about getting a tattoo on Sunday
>I fucking hate tattoos, they literally make me stop a porno, and make women seem instantly less desirable
>she says it's just gonna be a small one on her wrist probably, when I asked where and what
>but also that she doesn't know what she's going to have tattooed yet
>hopefully it's just a cross
>still can't deal with the idea of her having a tattoo
>suddenly realize it's only autism making me upset, just having the tattoo doesn't make her a worse person let alone a whore
>tfw can't put into words why I dislike tattoos beyond that I don't like them
What do I do bots, drop her? I feel like at this point I have to make some concessions if I'm going to find a qtgf, and I think in this day and age it's almost impossible to find an attractive girl who doesn't have either a tattoo or a non-ear piercing....
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General for the discussion Abstract Lyricism and Wine tasting
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...Trannies all over the shop... You'll be one of them, sooner or later...
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this book, and the series, is all you ever need to understand about women. it explains everything about the eternal roastie if you read between the lines.
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Drugs and chill

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I'm currently trying out the speed paste that I bought recently. First time doing amphetamins so I bombed about 180mg orally and spread the rest on my finger over my gums. The effects began after about 5 minutes and made me feel very awake like after two strong cups of coffee. Now I'm just sitting here and waiting for the actual dose to kick in. It's been one hour but I had a big meal an hour before I took it so I will probably wait another hour or so before I consider redosing. I'm noticeably more energic, confident and optimistic right now though so I don't mind waiting a little bit.

It's a very comfy feeling, even comfier than weed. I hope that I can use it to study the next two weeks for my math exams but for now I'm gonna relax since I have a programming course tomorrow.

What is your drug of choice, robots?
What are you currently on and what do you plan to do this evening/night/morning?

Also general /drug/ thread. Alcohol tolerated as long as it's not consumed socially in a party enviroment.

>only normalfag take drugs
Normalfags don't take drugs because they have been indoctrinated by society to hate them. Robots, who suffered the scorn of it and became disillusioned, are more likely to try anything to ease their pain.
No one cares for your arbitrary morals.
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>He hasn't become the girlfriend yet
What's your excuse?
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Is there a bigger joke than """lonely""" women?
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Would there be less bitter young men if we had government-sponsored virginity taking programs?
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l really want a friend!
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