Planned outage this weekend.

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Beta Uprising 11/19/2017

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hey any traps want to join my harem discord to fluff up the numbers so I dont look pathetic in front of my bitches


once a robot, always a robot

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>can't get gf because too beta
>fall for tranny meme and start taking hormones
>realize men's standards for trannies are ridiculously high, and nobody even glances at me unless im in the top 1%

nothing changed lol
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Are american colleges really as degenerate as they seem?
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Robots, should I terminate my system32?

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>be me
>16 years of failures and abuse
>kicked out of the military
>failing school
>the idea of going back to work in a factory is cancer
>dad is gone
>mom has Alzheimer's and is going going soon to be gone
>no sibs
>no real friends
>GF left me and occasionally comes over to pity fuck or use my place as storage
>friends from the service avoid me or i avoid them
>I am fake as fuck trying to be a normie but they can tell and we all know its just an act
>made videos detailing what I want everyone to do with myself
>keeping pistol on my side

please don't dox me

please don't put in the effort I don't want to cause a scene

just tell me robots, is it worth sticking around for another 25 plus years?
tell me what to do
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>tfw your porn addiction is starting to run on empty and you barely get anything out of your compulsive masturbation anymore

I think my days are fucking numbered. Anyone else know this feel?

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has their ever been a generation of people more JUST than millenials?
>fulfillment stems from consumption of liberal talk shows, high fructose corn syrup and drugs
>has not produced a lasting artist/philosopher/musician that will be remembered decades from now
>brainwashed from every angle, from their education to their media
>men with T levels that rival dying old men in their late 80s
>women who are bat-shit insane and want to destroy civilization
>open acceptance of 3rd worlders into their borders, degrading their lives even more
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mental illness general

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>what drug are you on?
>what has the past week been like?
>any advice for other anons?
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