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moni is a stupid wanker edition
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Confess my child it is Tuesday.
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Robot rental

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Anyone ausfags in melbourne got a free room or something from 25 october to 1 november? Thing is, ive booked my plane tickets and stuff for pax but I sorta fucked up and the accommodation i was planning on having kinda fell out from under me, if anyone wants like 200 bucks for me to stay in their house for a week then drop a discord or something and ill get to u
About me:
>19 m
>uni student
>part time worker
>p plates so i could drive you around if i hired a car for a day
>never been to melb, only left qld once
>not gay so you dont have to worry about me trying shit
>never had gf etc etc so im not gonna be bringing people home or anything
>after pax, am pretty much gonna be free for the week and wanna see the zoo and museum and stuff so can hang out with u
>would pay for food for us
Bunch of other stuff i guess but yea

Optimally you:
>in melbourne
>not a rapist or murderer or thief
Would be grateful
Also i can bring a sleeping bag if needed that mum bought me so you dont need a bed either
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>jerk off to porn
>cum pretty easily
>jerk off to fantasies/thoughts
>too hard to cum

Now, long story short, I pay for some things for my ex sometimes. I'm a beta, cuck, loser, whatever you wanna call me. She just told me to pay for her speeding ticket, and then told me she wants to have kids with her current boyfriend.
Proceed to jerk it and I came just to those thoughts. I usually can't ever cum unless I'm watching porn.
How is this a bad thing? It's the first time since I was a kid, basically, that I could make myself cum without something visually stimulating and overtly sexual. It's freaky that this fantasy is the first thing to make me achieve this.

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What is the strongest/safest high explosive I can make in my home that will fit inside a 500 x 100mm PVC tube? I have experience with electronics and can build a remote/timed trigger.

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I deadlifted and studied engineering for years, and my oneitis takes some caveman cracker instead of me (an educated black man). How the fuck do I deal with this?

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>tfw Moscow
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Why not just settle for an average 5/10 gf? Why do you really want a 10/10 supermodel?
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Just in case nobody has heard rap before, let me show you what it sounds like:
>big gun me shoot you
>ooga booga
>big red hate big blue
>I got big wee wee
>I shoot you again
>and take your girlfriend
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