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How would you feel if you were a girl and looked like this?
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is this the dream team /r9k/?

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Kanye in office would mean women get muh liberation and will end the blowjob embargo and stop black people from breaking everything.

Musk will be the powerhouse behind the operation, a jet engine so to speak, capable of taking the country Mars and then back safely.

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The afterlife is real

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What if I told you that God and The Devil are doing a wager for the souls of humanity? If you become an enlightened, perfect soul and go to Heaven: God 1. Conversely, you are a piece of shit operating on the consiousness level of an animal and go to hell: Satan 1. Heaven must be almost empty; judging by the state of the world.

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so what are the expectations towards me as a 25 year old? and whats the reality of things?

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Hey Robots,

I have to write 5,000 words in 10 days for my final university work so it actually has to be good.

How do you guys get productive, I just feel tired all day
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Gentle Femdom /gfd/ Thread

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A thread for gentle femdom and related topics (femdom, mommy gfs, etc.).
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