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Circumcision hate thread. Let it loose anons.
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how to get a gf?

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As title suggests, how does one get a gf?
from time to time girls seem to be interested, at least i catch girls looking at me from time to time could be because i look like a loner though :"^)
am autistic and dunno how social interactions work, at least not the specific ones of getting a gf, never got told how to get one and neither tried, so have no clue.

is it possible getting a ldr gf that lives somewhat close i live in europe, so timezones arent a problem? and if so, how does one go about getting a ldr gf?

>pic unrelated
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So why aren't you vegan yet?

It's the morally-responsible, ethical and healthy choice. Plain and simple.
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Tuesday Night Drinking Edition
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Let us play the Bingo Chad game!
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Alright r9k,, how do I respond?

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>waiting for the sun to go down so I can go outside without anyone seeing me

Is that normal?

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>got first credit card in the mail today
>says my credit score is 715
>have never had credit or a loan before
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Rank these features from most important to least.

>body fat %
>facial structure
>penis size
>financial security
>social status
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Why are humans so fucking disgusting?
>can contract diseases that can kill you
>have disgusting intestines that are inside of you right now
>need to eat and drink in order to survive but watch out, a lot of these things are bad for you!
>can spit
>need to piss
>actually have to push out a shit atleast once-twice a week that stinks and looks fucking disgusting
>takes a lot of effort to look good
>actually can't decide what you look like nor can you choose what sex you want in the beginning of your life
>have emotions that can either be bad or good
>you literally are forced to live this life

There is no god. What kind of god would create such disgusting and horrible species? If A lot of these go for animals as well. If there is a god, he has abandoned us a long, long time ago. And for billions of people to not realize this is astonishing.
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