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Is 26 too late to turn it all around?
I don't know where to start, I'm panicking.

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I had a brief phase (14-15) where I unironically believed I was a bald eagle otherkin. AMA, you know, if you feel like it. I wanted friends so badly that I tried fitting in with the most autistic and destructive community imaginable. Here I came ten years later, even after coming to my senses I still have no friends or companions outside of my boss. My entire life has been nothing but failures and half baked ideas.
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What do you guys think of my new OC

also Agatha general. For those who missed it she blessed us with a new video yesterday

/sexual enlightenment/

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Greetings mortals. I am the Goddess of Sexuality. I have come to raise your consciousness regarding sex by giving you advice on how to align your sacral chakra to the correct frequency.

All I need of you is but a link to a generic example of your favorite kind of porn (video or webm will suffice), as well as the answers to a few questions and I'll tell you everything about your sexuality and how to reach pure sexual nirvana.

>sexual orientation
>number of sexual partners
>Favourite pokemon

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>be me
>love the US and wanna live in it
>I would escape all the normies that shat on me for years
>legal process of doing so is almost impossible
>I don't even know where to sleep if I go there

End my life

I wish some robot would let me live in his/ his mommy house
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25+ General

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Just spent the last 3 hours stalking people I used to know on Instagram and seeing how exciting and better their lives seem. How are you guys holding up?
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its ya boy bobby here niggaaaaaa
do what you gotta do


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if you get 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 you have to tell the girl you like that you like her.
0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and you send her 1 picture from your 4chan folder (or pictures folder, whatever)

bonus points: post the reply

are you man enough to take the challenge?

pls odds
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What does your imaginary girlfriend looks like, /r9k/?
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Why the heck do Americans complain about house prices when homes in the US are so cheap?

In Britain this house would cost $90,000 minimum regardless of location.
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