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This is le 56% face
Does anyone have le 39% face (the real number)?
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Afterparty editie
Thank you everyone for attending the 5000th thread. All countires that have visited the party thread have been put in the map.
Welcome: people that attended the party
Not welcome: the rest
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hilo latino

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edicion A CARA FO GATO
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>not using the dark net to buy drugs

explain yourselves /int/
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rateer mijn vd -editie
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/ita/ - il filo

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Which South American country do you like the most?
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It's coming home edition
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what happens here
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>go to London for vacations
>at the airport they tell me they mixed up my luggage
>I have to solve a puzzle to find the correct one
>fine, whatever, time to head to the hotel
>grab a taxi
>driver tells me he doesn't know the address
>gives me a map where I must solve another puzzle so he can find my hotel
>finally solve it and arrive to my destination
>upon registration at the lobby, the receptionist says she can't attend me
>she's been stuck with this puzzle for hours and she wants me to solve it
>here we fucking go
>FINALLY everything is in order and I get the key for my room
>reach my room, and surprise, the fucking key lock is hidden behind a puzzle involving my key
>on my way I also happened to find random coins scattered everywhere

Are you brits all autistic or something? Why are you so obsessed with damn puzzles?