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Novi /ex-yu/ izdanje protiv botova.
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/ISR/ + (/MENA/)

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Israel General
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Are you a pedophile?

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I'm a pedophile.
I am most attracted to middle school girls.
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Have you ever come across men you find extremely attractive but you're absolutely not gay? Sometimes I see cute guys and I want to fuck them or facefuck them. Or maybe play with their dicks a little and make them squirm and feel uncomfortable since they're straight. I'm not gay so I wouldn't put their dicks in my mouth or my ass.

I'm 100% attracted to women but there are some cute guys that I would absolutely destroy and turn into my bitch. But I probably would never do it. It's just some fantasy thing.

You ever feel this way?
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/lat/ hilo latino

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hilo anime
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Are they what the rest of Africa would be like if not for foreign interference?

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A few Botswana facts:
-GDP per capita (PPP): $18,654 (compare to Nigeria's $6,130)
-Human Development Index: 0.728 (compare to Nigeria's 0.534)
-Lowest perceived corruption ranking in Africa since at least 1998
-Africa's oldest continuous democracy
-Through fiscal discipline and sound management, Botswana has transformed itself from one of the poorest countries in the world five decades ago into a middle-income country with a per capita GDP of approximately $18,100 in 2017

Keep in mind that they managed to achieve all of this in spite of terrible geography (landlocked and mostly desert). Imagine what mineral-rich DR Congo could be like if foreigners had just let them develop in peace.
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hilo /lat/ANO

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hilo sacrificio
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Trump researching 2016 run

Donald Trump has spent more than $1 million on electoral research for a potential presidential run in 2016.

Sources said the tough-talking “Celebrity Apprentice” host is increasingly being asked to speak at Republican events, and he appeared at the Oakland County Republican Party Lincoln Day Dinner in Novi, Mich., last week to a record crowd of 2,300.

“Everybody tells me, ‘Please run for president. Please run for president.’ I would be much happier if a great and competent person came along,” Trump reportedly told attendees. “I’d be happy if President Obama did a great job. I’m a Republican, but before anything, I love this country. I would love to see somebody come in who is going to be great.”
Am I the only one who finds this possibility scary? I think that if he really does run for president there's a pretty good chance he'll win. I have to admit though, this would turn America into an international laughing stock and it would be absolutely hilarious, still...
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