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trio maestro edicija
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/brit/ - The Adele Appreciation Edition

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Dunkirk : Two "new Frenchmen" tortured a kitten in a microwave, live on Snapchat
In this video, two "youngsters" are forcing the two-month-old animal into a running microwave.

"The kitten scratches on the walls, you can hear it screaming in pain," explains Michel Vanwaefelghem, director of the SPA in Dunkirk. (Note : SPA being an association for animal protection).
In this 20 seconds sequence, the kitten is struggling and screaming in the microwave. Throughout the video, the "youngsters" are hilarious.
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Novi /ex-yu/ izdanje protiv botova.
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>be me
>1st gen Ethiopian
>born and raised in America
>go to good private schools growing up.
>never even think about racism
>transfer to public for hs
>People are crudely and openly racist
>think it's not a big deal. I can just ignore it
>discover hate sites and uncensored internet spheres
>realize how strongly people actually feel about Africans even if they don't say it out loud
>realize that I don't mind living in America but that it will never truly be home as it wasn't built for me
>2010s continue. Racial tension becomes unignorable
>can see the weariness and anger growing in peoples' eyes
>realize it could lead to the worst thing possible
>End of uni decide that I'm going to move to my parents' home country
>It begins to decay because of ethnic tension
>It's now on the brink of bloody Yugo style race war
>If it doesn't balkanize this time it likely will in the near future

Does this happen in your c*nt?
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/cum/ - Canada US Mexico

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Maine edition
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Guess the country.
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What did the japanese mean by this?
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back to >>>/pol/ incels
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