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/lat/ - Hilo latino

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hilo argentino
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DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2415

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DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those studying the Japanese language.
Japanese speakers learning English are welcome, too.

Read the guide linked below before asking how to learn Japanese:

Check the Cornucopia of Resources before asking where to download X or Y:

Archive of older threads:

Translation requests, learning method / eceleb discussions: >>>/jp/djt

Previous Thread: >>125163021
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Hilo latino
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Name one world-changing thing to come out of here.
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/ASS/ - Africa (Sub-Saharan)

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welcome african posters
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american stories

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>meet american tourist while i'm on vacation in france
>"wow anon, you speak pretty good english for a canadian!"
>"quite a change for you huh? no igloos as far as I know in this entire country"
What the fuck do you faggots think happens up here?

/lat/ hilo latino

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hilo anime
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Cunny edition
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