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based or cringe?
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Do you have regular power and water outages, /int/?
What do you do when the power is out?
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/lat/ hilo latino

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hilo anime
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I just learned the Aztec nobility bloodline is still around. They live part time in Spain as richfags and actually have Spanish nobility status. Why didn't they ever try to reinstate some sort of neo-Indigenous Mexican nationalist movement in Mexico?

Pic related is Juan José Marcilla de Teruel-Moctezuma y Valcárcel, direct descendant of the last Aztec emperor.
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Do you want to find love in Korea?
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/lat/ - hilo latino

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nunca te vamos a olvidar flaca
/lat/ te quiere
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/lat/ hilo latino lat

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hilo salames
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Put a photo of yourself through the portrait AI

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Pic related is mine
Not going to lie i wish this was real painting, i'd have the portrait of myself on my wall.
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