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How many children will you have with your daughter?
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I hate these faggots like you wouldn't believe
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imagine what could have been...peace...friendship...indisputable dominance over the med sea & black
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Tianamen square pastas

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>your cunt
>your tianamen square copypasta equivalent, that will get you in trouble should you post it

I want to collect these.

I'll start.

Vucic liar Лaжeш Byчићy, Vucic faggot Byчићy пeдepy, Pussymouth Пичкoycти, Vucic dictator Byчић диктaтop, CHC кypвa ceндвичapкa њaм њaм, Gay tomboy PM Ana Burn-a-bitch Пpeмијepкa лeзбeјкa Aнa Бpнaбић "вeoмa pyжaн дeчкo" N1 чeтвpтaк. Murder of Oliver Ivanovic Убиcтвo Oливepa Ивaнoвићa, "Stop Bloody Shirts" Cтoп кpвaвим кoшyљaмa #1od5miliona Serbian protests, Zemunski klan Murder of Zoran Djindjic Убиcтвo Зopaнa Ђинђићa Kidnapping of Miroslav Miskovic Oтмицa Mиpocлaвa Mишкoвићa, Srebrenica genocide Macaкp Гeнoцид y Cpeбpeници Бocнa 1995 "Hoж, Жицa, Cpeбpeницa" Mothers of Serbrenica Maјкe Cpeбpeницe, Arkan's Tigers Apкaнoви Tигpoви serbian war crimes ICTY Хaшки тpибyнaл Butcher of Bosnia Paткo Mлaдић, Paдoвaн Кapaџић, Dayton agreement Дeјтoнcки cпopaзyм, Operation "Storm" Oлyјa Уcтaшe Jasenovac concentration camp Jaceнoвaц лoгop зa дeцy cpбocјeк, Slobodan Milosevic Cлoбa Oтпop! Гoтoв јe. KLA Greater Albania Beликa Aлбaниa 1999 Bill Clinton NATO bombing Merciful Angel Mилocpдни Aнђeo Kosovo independence 2008 Heзaвиcнocт Кocoвa Kosovo Recognition Пpизнaњe Кocoвa EULEX "yбиј yбиј шиптapa" "yби, зaкoљи, дa шиптap нe пocтoји" Gay pride parade LGBT Пapaдa пoнoca "yби, yби, yби пeдepa", "yби, зaкoљи, дa пeдep нe пocтoји"
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WHO says new coronavirus may be passed person to person
Since 2012, there have been 34 confirmed cases across Europe and the Middle East, with 18 deaths

Imagine this virus spreads, causing a global pandemic.
How fucked your country would be?

Some general points to consider:
- % of people living in metropolitan areas with close contact to others
- % of people living in highly underdeveloped areas with poor hygienic conditions
- level of healthcare, and chances of getting good medical treatment
- general health of the population
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How many children will you have with your daughter?
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Why are Germans like this?
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Why whitu race is so wonderful?
Whitu race is master race!
Please adopt!
I am not English teacher.
I am true honory whitu!