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What's it like living in a country with mandatory conscription? Do people actually enjoy it?
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what exactly went wrong?
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Jomon girls are look exactly like a anime , if we put colorful hair and colorful eyes.
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Reddit has actually absolutley unironical better content then this shit hole
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Forrige: >>128646255
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need to breed a ton of japanese women and irreparably shift the genetic insularity of the jap phenome
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>After ousting the Spanish from the north of the island in 1642, the Dutch East India Company proceeded to build a colony on Taiwan. Harsh campaigns were launched against Taiwanese aboriginals that resulted in equally brutal Dutch retaliation. The 1636 punitive attack on Lamay Island in response to the killing of the shipwrecked crews of the Beverwijck and the Golden Lion ended ten years later with the entire aboriginal population of 1100 removed from the island including 327 Lamayans killed in a cave, having been trapped there by the Dutch and suffocated in the fumes and smoke pumped into the cave by the Dutch and their allied aborigines from Saccam, Soulang and Pangsoya.[21] The men were forced into slavery in Batavia (Java) and the women and children became servants and wives for the Dutch officers. The events on Lamay changed the course of Dutch rule to work closer with allied aborigines, though there remained plans to depopulate the outlying islands.

>In the 1650s, the Chinese pirate Koxinga formed an alliance with Taiwanese aboriginals and proceeded to drive out the Dutch. Christian churches and texts were burned and the last holdouts surrendered in 1662. Dutch women and girls were taken as wives and concubines by the conquerors. Koxinga personally took the teenage daughter of the Dutch commander Caeuw (described as a "a very sweet, pleasant maiden") and that many of the Chinese considered the Dutch women more agreeable and pleasant-tempered than the venal, scheming Chinese women. It is noted that Taiwanese with blue eyes and fair features can sometimes be seen, possibly descendants of Dutch mothers and Chinese fathers.
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>capitalism won’t colapse in my lifetime
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When is holland going to take the boers back?Africa is for africans
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