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tfw from Kentucky

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>Dad came home after the hospital after showing my brother the proper way to use a noose after my brother had tied the rope around his chest.
>We have a 2,000$ medical bill from the ER
>I tell him to pawn or sell his motorcycle to help pay it.
>He's going to sell his truck and ride his motorcycle to work,even if it snows.
>We are all going to have to ride on the back of his motorcycle if we want to go somewhere.

Please get me out get me out get me out of this state I need to get out.
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>mexican cartels literally have their own armies
How the fuck did it get this far?
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Fuck Chinks

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You can see my adoptive mothers grave to the left
She was the only one who really loved and cared for me
I can't take it anymore, there is no point in living
Gonna kill myself tonight by drowning
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faggots believe this
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/lat/ - hilo latino

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>scottish """""men"""""
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do this happen in your country?
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/lat/ hilo art attack

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hilo latino
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