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any websites that will respect my right to free speech?
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Explain this one to me /g/. I copy and paste text from the search results into the search box, and Google tells me it doesn't match anything, even though the text came directly from Google search results. The fuck are these people smoking?
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Let's create our video hosting site where users can comment on videos anonymously. Hosting is on me
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Why do people think this is private and secure? It's literally worse than trannycord. Secret chats don't support images or groups and phone number is required. Trannycord even loses your messages after a long enough period of time.

Name ONE reason to use this shit
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Stallman hates nuclear power

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>The idea that the UK is "behind" on building new nuclear power plants flies in the face of all economics. It makes no sense to do that since building renewable generating capacity is far cheaper, safer and faster.
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Google employee here.

As of this week, moot works at Google.

Ask me anything.
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Reproduction is not done when in danger. YHWH (God) allows child brides

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Police create danger for white men to reproduce.
Thus white men do not seek out a mate when there is police control.

In the wilderness, where there are no or few other individuals,
the organism can reason to itself that the constraints against it do not exist.
In densly populated enclosures, such as in the mouse utopia experiment,
there is no escape from potential hazordous interactions.

Thus reproduction stops.

Additionally, the white man is forward-thinking.
If an interaction with A will cause a potentially life-destroying interaction with B,
and the defeat of B will then cause a certainly life destroying interaction with C
The white man will not pursue the interaction with A, unless cognativly impared.
(thus the need for alchol or meth for whites to reproduce at all)

The same is true for white men amongst
1) Police
2) other white men. (who all seeethe about "pedos")

Whites absolutly ABHOR the idea of a man marrying a young girl child.
Marrying female children is the one way to have a "safe" family life:
1) Girl will likely be impressed with your martial, programming, strenght, and career, and can be GROOMED to like you (ie bride and GROOM)
and can be taught not to call the police on you.
2) Girl won't have diseases.
3) Girl won't have maladys of the mind.

White men are a clear and present danger to other white men:
always seeking to torture, castrate, or kill any other "fellow" white man
that would marry a young virgin female child.

White men are better off if there are no men for miles in his vicinity:
and this is how he used to live: but cannot any longer.

Allies marry their girls to their men.
Enemies do not.
ALL white men are enemies of eachother.
If someone would not marry their daughter to you, if they had one: they are NOT your friend.
NO white man is a friend of another.

In the past this was remedied by distance.
In the more distant past men formed clans and DID marry their girl children to their men.
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are macbooks the official party rocking hardware

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What technology is the government using to make little girls look like a grown woman?

This girl is 12 years old.
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/wt/ - Watch Thread

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Based Max Hetzel edition.

>Required Viewing For Newbies:
>Strap Guide:

Previous thread: >>59537738
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