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What the hell is ripple coin and why is now the number two coin and with a cap one third of bitcoins ?

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I'm finishing a 3 month probation period in 3 days and I think I will be let go with a month's pay instead of notice. My managers are middle aged women (one rank above me but more than a decade older) who dislike me and want me gone. The job itself is easy.

I always planned to leave this job later this year and start a better one but this episode has left a sour taste. My manager literally makes shit up about me in meetings and emails and was shouting at me about how she was disgusted with me for not socialising with anyone. The other manager has clearly sided with the other. It's comical how they have nothing in my work to criticise, only my "teamwork and negative attitude".

I hope I get let go so I can get the chunk of money. I worry that they would falsely accuse me of serious shit if they somehow let me stay. If I fail probation it will be funny how much bigger my bank balance will be compared to when I started or if they keep me. Paying rent in London is a hoover of money, so saving is hard. And reference rules in the UK mean that all the company can say is that I worked here for a certain time.

It's like a law of nature that all low stakes office environments become female dominated vapid normie signalling fests. It's so surprising for me to see the hatred that some people have for people that don't act like ubernormies. I knew it in theory but to see it in practice is another thing. And the highest up male is a pencil neck weasely type (assuming he's on the womens' side). And my work is brainless and I spend at least 3.5 hours of every 8.5 hours doing nothing. But really, my main manager is the fulcrum.

It's bureaucracy that's detached from reality. I'm not totally against that, just stop the normie charade that comes with it. And the high level targets are flawed (I'm not annoying enough to point it out irl).

How quickly can I learn to code and avoid being dependent on peer assessment? Or is high finance the true way?

Next Phone

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Currently have a 128GB iPhone XR. It's almost 3 years old but works fine. Was kind of a ripoff objectively but I had to get an iphone and i thought it was the best one at the time. Thinking of upgrading to get 5G and OLED. Budget is around 1k max but saving money is never a bad thing. What should I get /g? Pixel 6, Samsung Galaxy, iphone 13? Or just hold on to the XR for another year or two. No preference for OS.
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twitch leaks part one

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We bring to you today an extremely poggers leak:

Twitch is an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, including broadcasts of esports competitions, operated by Twitch Interactive, a subsidiary of, Inc.

Their community is also a disgusting toxic cesspool, so to foster more disruption and competition in the online video streaming space, we have completely pwned them, and in part one, are releasing the source code from almost 6,000 internal Git repositories, including:

> Entirety of, with commit history going back to its early beginnings
> Mobile, desktop and video game console Twitch clients
> Various proprietary SDKs and internal AWS services used by Twitch
> Every other property that Twitch owns including IGDB and CurseForge
> An unreleased Steam competitor from Amazon Game Studios
> Twitch SOC internal red teaming tools (lol)

AND: Creator payout reports from 2019 until now. Find out how much your favorite streamer is really making!

Torrent (128GB): magnet:?xt=urn:btih:N5BLZ6XECNEHHARHJOVQAS4W7TWRXCSI&dn=twitch-leaks-part-one&
Repository listing:

Jeff Bezos paid $970 million for this, we're giving it away FOR FREE.

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No video = impossible to fill a HDD?

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Imagine if you bought a helium HDD these days, they are 16TB in size?

How do you fill it if we make an artificial limit which says you cannot put any video innit?

Video =
-tv series
-home videos (worksafe)
-speed running games
-best youtube streams ever which you wanted to keep for yourself to watch later in case its removed from internet
-video surveillance footage
-nature documents

That leaves us with all other kind of content possible. How to get 16TB filled?

-RAW camera images (these can get large I presume, still you probably need millions of these to fill up a drive)
-MP3 music (you will never fill 16TB with this)
-.ISO images of Windows software, OS:es, games (there maybe 16TB worth of Windows software made during the years 2000 - 2020, not sure but I wouldnt say this is impossible)
-PDF documents (unsure if you can find 16TB of documents without there being serious problem with duplicates)
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18 months ago I had never written a line of code and was only mathematically capable of basic algebra.

Last week I got hired at FAANG as a full-time SDE.

This board is full of morons and NEETs who can barely even fizzbuzz without looking something up. It's pathetic. There's so much FREE info out there. You can pirate any textbook every written in minutes. You can learn the relevant parts of a CS degree for free on coursera+edx alone.

I'd list the specific books/courses/prep I went through to pull myself from literal-tendie-autist to $180k-per-year-starting-TC but I'd just get bombarded with NEETs aggressively greentexting at me and having their fanboy wars over the language I started with like it fucking matters.

If you're reading this and realize a life of ricing a shitty linux environment and pretending anyone cares what browser you use just to posture for clout on a dying anime forum is not a good life: go take a course.
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but isn't Apple supposed to be the overpriced one?

>higher resolution, higher quality panel
>keeps receiving updates, runs the latest OS
>only 40 bucks difference
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Lol so I setup my VPS to return a picture of my friend's big black cock on all routes that end with .php, and made my server's .env file public but basically just has a message telling hackers to fuck off. I feel like someone's gonna get mad and DDoS it for doing this lmao. Do any of you guys ever just troll skids who run their tools that try various exploits from the CVE like this? I hope they wake up and are just like "oh boy! my tool detected a vulnerable server" just to see this shit
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/cumg/ - Cooming Utilities & More General

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FChannel General:
Endchan General:
Matrix space:

>What is /cumg/
In this thread we discuss technology and software for cooming, data-hoarding, scripts, and more.

>gallery-dl - scrape images, manga, videos and more from many websites

>Hydrus Network


>LoliSnatcher Droid



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Looking for help in searching for information about the mathematics of gambling technologies.

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Looking for help in searching for information about the mathematics of gambling technologies. Actually, I'm interested in the description of how the backend calculating/adjusts RTP and related things, for any kind of games such as slot machines or lotto. The algorithms, books, code snippets, a hint for what math area explaining such calculations. The only books that I found about that are (The Mathematics of Slots: Configurations, Combinations, Probabilities) on Amazon, but there is no e-version of this book and I can't buy it in my region.
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