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I can't believe this shit was a thing

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what's the point of playing humans in a fantasy setting where you can play a magical race? at this point why playing fantasy RPGs altogether, no? if you like humans so much, then play a game with only humans.
but then again i could tolerate this utter lack of creativity and lame personality if not for the fact that poltards do it on purpose, as some kind of political statement. what the fuck is wrong with them?
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Why doesnt your sci fi game feature lombaxes?

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I mean, look at them

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Convince me. Convince me why having female characters in active warzones and in battlefields is such a good idea. Convince me why female characters would be physically capable and not inferior to any man of adult age physical strength and constitution? Convince me why female player characters who may or may not be attractive and beautiful wouldn't be subjected to sexual assault, sodomy and rape from vile male combatants!? Do you have a plan to prevent your female OCs from being sodomized, sex slave'd, gangraped and dehumanized solely because they're the female gender!?

Female warrior? Female knight? Female paladin? Heroines and Saintesess!? In the battlefields and warzones!? More like future rape victims! You are practically begging your female OCs to be in the same exact scenario and outcome in goblin slayer. In which some female fighter is brutally raped so hard she most likely is forever traumatized I to being a mindless vegetable. THAT is what awaits your female characters and OCs regardless of their race, powers, abilities and magics. Enjoy having your female OC Sorceress or "sorority" be overwhelmed by physically superior male enemies, gangraped and forever traumatized and struck with a permanent 75% debuff against any and all male characters and NPCs.
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>multiple(!) threads where a troll outright expresses his whole game is working towards stopping people from playing 5e
>All the dumbest forms of bullshit to try and justify this pure and simple contrarian shitposting

And people wonder why this board continues to get worse and worse, day by day. It's almost like encouraging trolls to troll and exaggerate how bad they think a game is just leads to a board-wide death spiral. There may be a way to save /tg/ and "heal" it from these trolls, but it would need a drastic policy shift that we're not likely to see, which is odd considering that the "policy" of "don't let shitty trolls actively and deliberately try to stop people from discussing popular games" is hard coded into the essential spirit of this place. Without something so simple, what other result could occur other than this place just turning into a handful of retarded contrarians complaining about how no one here plays any games anymore?

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It's gamin' time.

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It's no secret that the community surrounding Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition consists almost exclusively of retards, furries and weirdo sex pests like the trannies and the gays. A lot of people like to blame the simplification of the system itself, I don't buy that, 5e works and it's easily homebrewable. The reason for the deranged community that has surrounded this hobby in the current generation is simply a symptom of its popularity and the popularity of left leaning clown-world bullshit such as Critical Role. Also now it seems more and more trendy to hire absolute weirdos with no clue about a products history rather than actual fans.

This is a place away from that. A place you can play Dungeons and Dragons without any server rules. Say what you want here as long as you're over 18 I don't care. No furries or Animefags. This server is also system agnostic and pirate friendly, we get all our games for free.

This server is based on the GMT timezone and we hate ilterate people, Americans and anyone who uses DND beyond.

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>higher level the character is = skimpier their outfit is

Why is this meme so common in discussions across the web when it's not based on anything in actual tabletop games? Is it because people who never played TTG assume they're like vidya?
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Heil Hitler

Fuck all the trannies that have taken over this board, gay ass fucking losers

/3.0e/3.5eg/ D&D 3.0/3.5 General

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For discussion of D&D 3.0 and 3.5e


>Dragon Magazine Archive

>D&D Tools
Previous Thread: >>89940367

Feats Edition
Thread question: What are some of your favorite feats?
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