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Real Estate thread

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Anyone into renting their real estate for vacation purposes? How fast do you recover your investment and how much more challenging is it?

BTW what would be the cheapest way to put fake walls so I can pretend my apartment has a whooping 5 rooms instead of 2?

I saw the apartments with 4 rooms, 2 were micro sized you could fit 2 closets in it at most.

Also can I somehow hire a bunch of young adults to sacrifice their first house offer so I can get cheap real estate?

I feel like every distro sucks

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Arch breaks on updates. This could be handled if it was installed on btrfs with snapper and shits, but it takes too much time to configure

Slackware is buggy as hell and its firefox version even struggles to play some videos.

Opensuse too is buggy as hell, you will occasionally end up adding tons of not-so-much-trusted repos, you even need one to get codecs

Fedora isn’t that bad overall, but it’s made by redhat (hence NSA) and also is the root of many evils plaguing the GNU/Linux world - systemd, pulseaudio, GNOME. And one also has to use third party repos to install codecs

Gentoo is a fucking joke, its overcomplicated package manager is vulnerably to mitm. Compiling everything from source is a fool’s errand

*Ubuntu is buggy and its software is ofteb outdated.

Debian provides age old software, its package manager simply sucks. Also stretch is the only distro that refuses to work with my laptop’s hybrid graphics.

Also all DEs suck:

KDE is a joke. Its startup takes more time then the actual boot to login screen, also it’s extremely buggy and tends to crash every now and then.

GNOME is a joke. They made it completely unusable, heck, can I not have a fucking taskbar and proper window buttons? Why those huge titlebars? Why write this shit in JS and make it so fucking resource hungry? And it also tends to crash/freeze ever since the move to 3rd version.

Mate and xfce are by far better than the two above mentioned bloated pieces of shit, but they are somewhat stuck in development. It’s 2021 and neither of them has a file indexer (in fact, xfce’s thunar doesn’t provide any search functionality), they don’t seem to be moving to wayland any day soon, and they just look ugly.

So what do? Where can I find sanity in gnu/linux world? Or should I just make the switch to mac OS?
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making a resume for the first time and what the fuck do I put on it if I'm self taught and looking for my first job
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Happy birthday, Satania!

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It's her birthday, today, /g/!
What are your wishes for her?
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/flt/ - Friendly Linux Thread #13

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Alright guys, let's have a friendly Linux thread. Let's stop the shitposting and unnecessary insults/bait and have a productive thread about Linux + other UNIX like operating systems (BSD, OSX, Solaris welcome). People who have questions about migrating to Linux, ask here and maybe /g/ can help. Maybe you have something tying you to Windows, but there might be some UNIX software to help. Remember:
>no bulli
>UNIX > Windows
>CLI isn't scary
>help if you can or at least point in the right direction

### We have a web site now ###
(we might be moving to a wiki soon)

Feel free to post your setups (dotfiles too), screenshots, applications, new stuff you did etc.

Previous Thread: >>48933118
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How to get street address from IP address

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I watched this video recently where a streamer accidentally showed their IP address and someone figured out there home address with it. How is this possible? I always thought an IP could only give you what city someone was in and any more details would require a legal notice to your ISP.
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Yep, I'm thinking based.

/wdg/ - Web Development General

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>2 MB
why do they refuse to progress
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xfx rma

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sup fags

I've got an aging 4870 and am thinking of upgrading. Does anyone know if XFX still has 4870s in stock for RMA replacements? Anyone got any experience with XFX RMA in general? Thanks.
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