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Obscure/Misc. Toku Movies Vola

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This is a vola for Toku movies that are not from these series: KR, SS, Ultra, Garo, Godzilla, and MH.

volafile org / r / rbbhu33g

Currently has: Zeiram 1 & 2
Currently uploading: Zebraman 2, Tekkouki Mikazuki 1-6
Will upload more after

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>‘In the past, I have received so many letters from fans, and I was so happy, but I couldn’t write back to many of them. So I thought I can do this online. That’s why I reply to every message I receive on my blog. I respond to any type of comments. Also, there is an increase in number of people who say that they want to meet me in person, and many of them are working people, so I get a lot of energy from them. I get worried, for example, when I hear that a man in his 40’s is feeling down and lacks confidence. I feel much better when I talk to him and he goes home with a happy smile. We also have to protect the young people. Oh, I will beat up someone who’s older than me and is acting strange.’

Don't be older than Kogawa, or else!

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What are some good toku movies that aren't Sentai/Rider, /m/? I've been wanting to check out Amemiya's stuff for quite a while, any recommendations?
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The first three episodes of this are the best animated Getter media ever made. It's just a shame about the other ten.
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/m/useum Thread V

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It isn't fair that the Google captcha makes us say "I'm not a robot". That is organocentric. End cyborg erasure!

Formerly: Nyaa recovery thread.

Previous thread:

Old links


Various Mirrors:


Recommended Anime torrent and ddl sites:

>volafile · org/r/BFwgl2 (request obscure anime here)

FTP Servers are still dead. [F]
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/m/ cameos thread
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*Spoilers* During the 90s I started watching the fansubs and something happened that didn't allow me to finish the series. I rectified that this week.

God I remember this series being so much better than this. The love story was what it was, but they really half-assed how the mechs were used. Escaflowne got broken as hell at the midpoint with Van pretty much becoming an unstoppable God of War in it. The rest of the guymelefs seemed pretty useless compared to Escaflowne, the Zaibach suits, and Schezarade. They were basically just set pieces. You mean to tell me there weren't more Ispano Guymelefs out there?

Overall this is really just a half-assed series. Poor worldbuilding and character development run rampant. The concept of medieval mecha was a good one but the execution was poor.

Now the movie...that's a different story. I liked how it was darker in tone and made Escaflowne and the Alceides the only two pieces of "armor." They simplified the hell out of the story to fit it into two hours but the film works better imo. Getting rid of Issac Newton and all the Atlantis shit was a great move.

I'm going to start watching Code Geass next, hoping for a better experience.
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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #1972 - Winter Woz-derland Edition

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Old Thread >>17071689

>How to get into KR and where to start?
>List of subbed series
>Direct Download Links
>Kamen Rider Monster Compilation

>Zi-O Episode 16 preview

>Kamen Rider Cross-Z V-Cinema Trailer

>>Kamen Rider Zi-O and Build Heisei Generations Forever

>>Heisei Generation Press Conference
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Armored Core Thread

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Raven, it's time for another Armored Core Thread.

In case you missed it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_GV-fWSLeqLqN-gA6T9-xlf022TKtH33/view?usp=sharing

Previous Thread: >>17048422
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