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/sgg/ Symphogear General

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/krg/ - Kamen Rider General #2712: Three Eras Edition

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Cosmic Break Universal

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25 more hours until the suffering resumes
>The official service will start tomorrow (April 7th), but we will share the lineup in advance regarding "Union Coin Exchange" which also affects Union selection.
>Please check the contents before selecting a union.

>before selecting a union
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Macross General

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harmony gold bends the knee edition

>Harmony Gold had already lost the fight for the Macross trademarks in almost every key market in the world. Big West had obtained all the leverage it needed to effectively shut down the Robotech franchise outside of the Americas. With the Robotech franchise devoid of any realistic future prospects, it was more or less inevitable that Harmony Gold would look for a way out either by bending the knee to Big West in order to obtain a percentage of the profits from Macross releases worldwide or sell their stake to someone else who would.
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Would Full Frontal's Side Co-prosperity Sphere been successful?
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Any news on that Gundam movie yet?

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I just remembered it's supposed to be a thing desu. Last thing I remember hearin about it was them announcing the writer back in 2019 and that's all I heard. Any idea when we might get more news?
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In to the trash it goes
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/m78/ Thread: Sevenger Fight Edition

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What was the purpose of the city episodes of Genocyber? I'm not sure what it added to the overall narrative, and it's thematic meaning only seems to be Elaine is undying. Otherwise I have no idea, it feels like 2 episodes of a random show.


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>Open the /m/ archive
>All the latest posts are whining about how SDGO is better than GBO but oh no its dead
Aren't there multiple private servers of this game running right now?
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