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PDF Share Thread #111

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It's Da Curated Archive™ !
It Will Be The Best 36 Hours Of Your Gaming Career!
Please exhibit Good Manners. This thread is for sharing, not drama. It gets archived after a certain number of if you waste posts on being rude there are fewer posts available for sharing.

Go to the last thread if you haven't looked at it. There is lots of stuff, including filled requests posted directly to the board.
Files posted directly to 4chan are not added to Da Archive, so go grab them now.
Archived threads can be found here:

Grab your documents. Da Archive is multiple documents. You especially want to get Da Curated Archive.

Look through Da Curated Archive first. It probably has what you want. If not, go to Da Archive. Get comfortable and browse through the blasted thing. It is over 160 pages long. If you skim over the Personal Collections without looking you will miss 7,6543 pdfs.

Remember, we are better than all of the rest of the horrible internet and good manners ALWAYS gets more results. Wise up or please go elsewhere.

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Reprint of Masks of Nyarlathotep

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Well, I'm unironically excited. If it keeps up the same level of organization then this'll be worth picking up just for that.
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What caused /tg/ and the internet in general to forget about this game? Is it because of the sudden death of many mp source mods? No fucking clue but the community is still making good progress.

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/wbg/ - World Building General and Fantasy Cartography

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Gain life

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People say that gaining life is worthless and pointless.
Why is this and how it's fixed?
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How do you come up with new dungeons?

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I'd like to make my own modules, but ideas are never good enough. How can I get over my creative block? I can't write anything.
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Is AD&D better than 5e?
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Find me a more powerful Psyker
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Android Netrunner General

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DLR Valencia is taking over the Worlds Championship EDITION

>What is Android: Netrunner?

>Android Netrunner Official FFG News & Spoilers:

>Floor rules

>Official FAQ, Compendium on rulings, and common mistakes

>Netrunner Card List and Data Pack Details:

>Deckbuilding Resources:

>Articles and Blogs:


Try "Why I run", great for prospective Runners looking for a hands-on demo on how Running works (replace the spaces by dots):
www nagnazul com/whyirun/whyirun.html

Mumbad Spoilers in the old thread >>43487192
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>The Origin Of Dungeons
500 Years ago the demon sorceress Abys was sealed away beneath her fortress by 4 legendary heroes and a 5th forgotten one. Over time, no longer held stable by Abys' magic, the fortress sank into the earth, becoming a haven for foul creatures, dark magicks, and the refuse of the Over-World. The fortress, now deep beneath the earth, became known as The Catacombs, and kids from all over found themselves drawn into its shadows - seeking riches, power, knowledge, and escape. Now, coming-of-age ceremonies and criminal sentences alike all revolve around plumbing the depths of The Catacombs, and the legend of Abys has been all but forgotten. Some say she yet sleeps in the dark below, the seals that keep her contained growing ever-weaker.

Catacomb Kids is a platformer game where you die a lot and have to start over. Also the levels are procedurally generated. I want to run a game based on it. Got any obvious system suggestions or should I homebrew something?