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How did you pick an random/edgy domain name for your personal shit?

You do have a FQDN name for your home network don't you? You're not running DDNS like some pleb?
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How do people even deal with this slow-ass package manager?

Is Gentoo an elaborate prank?
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>uncle pushed large package to local repo on backend server
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Whats a good way to create a website with a news section and forums.

Possibly image board for the forums and something with upvotes and downvotes style for the news section, not exactly reddit but similar.

Is this going to be easy to create and implement ?

Difficulty for this should be moderate to hard , but nothing too extreme. Coding is aright but nothing that will require learning too much,but willing to learn if better results are possible.

Assume i know nothing
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I'm much happier since I took the Apple-pill, no constant broken drivers, no broken wireless, no daily broken conf files, no broken, no system to maintain, it's a real pleasure to work on these machines, got mine in 2020 and never had a single issue unlike my stinkpad with arch.

Adults that aren't on the spectrum uses Mac, I've met dozens of highly qualified engineers (clients I've worked for), I'm talking people working on satellites, adaptive optics, silicon wafer production, aeronautics, every single one of them are on an Apple computer, and they don't waste their precious time bitching on their distro shitting itself after running apt-get upgrade.

The Macfag pill is the ultimate red pill, take it early in your career, or suffer miserably.
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If one was to stumble upon a .clos site how would a man access this site? feel free to email me
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>be me
>work at startup in 2019
>earn like $2,000 a month but work from home and have freedom to work at my own pace
>been worried for the past months that my work ethic is too lazy and that I am slacking off way too much and not making enough contributions
>FFW past months
>finally got a full time job earning $90,000 but very anxious that my lazy work ethic is gonna backfire
>turns out almost all my coworkers are even lazier than I ever was at the startup

Operation Nigger Drone

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Attention nigger loving mods: this is not a doxxing/call for invasion.

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise with DJI loudspeaker attachment.

Speaker is clearly heard over 200 metres away.
35 minute drone battery life.
7 kilometre control distance.

Nigger riots do not have DJI Aeroscope tracking devices. You can fly without a 4G connection and you don't need to register your drone.
Take off in a secluded area, gain 20 metres altitude and then proceed to fly 500 metres to niggers and blast NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER at them for 20 minutes before returning to takeoff point. Change battery and then change location to repeat the public service announcements.

You will not get tracked down if you fly back to base over buildings and natural barriers, especially if you're over 500 metres from the rioting niggers. Record the onboard drone footage for anti-nigger propaganda purposes. It is not illegal to warn people of niggers via aerial systems.

All other drone ideas will fail unless you are a drone expert. This is the most reliable method to blast NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER at niggers, whilst retaining the drone for repeated nigger drone missions.
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/g/ WTF?
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