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I've been programming full-time for 4 years now (before was not devoting myself to it), almost finished my bachelor in CS and have 2.5 years of commercial experience.

I enjoy my work as software developer, I like programming, I do some projects in free time.

But, whenever I think of solving some real-world problem outside of my job and hobby project, and creating solution, which will be valuable to other people and businesses, and of course can be potentially profitable, I feel absolute void. Or worse, even if I come up with some problem, only to realize that market is already oversaturated with solutions.

I know many of you feel the same, but maybe some of you have any thoughts on it or on how to overcome this miserable state.
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you just know...
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is this ok?

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Apple patents keyboard-free MacBook

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/noa/ - Noa General

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Squishy edition

Here we talk about and post Noa, the queen of /g/.
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>yes '' | yay
>go to bed
>wake up
>turn on my computer
>sddm is all broken
I had to go scourge fucking reddit to find out I need to downgrade mesa. GNU/Linux just doesn't work.
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/emg/ - Friendly emacs/lisp general

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Smol image edition

>General Emacs resources (GNU Emacs Manual) (Emacs Wiki) (Big List of Packages)

C-h t (Interactive Tutorial) (GNU Emacs Tour) ((Youtube) General Introduction) ((Youtube) Org Mode) ((Youtube) Advanced Configuration)

>(Self) Documentation
C-h k (Keybinds)
C-h f (Functions)
C-h v (Variables)
C-h i (Assorted Manuals)

>Premade Configs
=Make your own= (Doom Emacs) (Spacemacs (heavy)) (Witchmacs (Basic config with sane defaults)) (Prelude (Basic starter kit))
>Managing Multiple Configs (Profile switcher)

>Reduce Startup Time
use-package defer (Native Compilation, experimental)

>Changing Default Keybinds
>Programming resources for Emacs Lisp, Common Lisp, Scheme and Clojure:

If there seems to be a bug (or complicated issue), anons may ask you to compose an MWE (minimum working example).
To create an MWE, try the following:
1) start emacs with "emacs -q". This disables your init.
2) try to reproduce your issue with as few settings changed and packages (manually) loaded as possible.
These steps ensure that other anons can replicate your problem if it's something more involved. Sometimes you even find the cause yourself this way, too!

Previous thread: >>80818715
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>paints his nails
>heh nothing personnel kid
did he go full tranny mode or what?
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2021 Windows 10 Flicker Thread

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Happy New Year. Do you ever say to yourself.. Gee whiz.. why are the icons on the taskbar always flickering in windows 10????

wait..... i know the answer..
windows performs a redraw of the icons when a SHChangeNotify call is made to shell32, specifically either SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED or SHCNE_UPDATEIMAGE, as outlined here:

This looks like shit and its amazing this issue persists. Now take a look at microsoft 'support' forums. Ouch.. here's a complaint about the issue from 2009 (LOL, 10 years ago) 'Taskbar Flickering constantly. How do I make it stop?'. A more recent one has a Top answer from windows Expert 'A. User' suggesting to run 'sfc /scannow' to solve the problem!

no one is behind the wheel of the ship at the windows division of microsoft, or even microsoft in general. really sad stuff
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