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post weapons that make your dick hard
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Not to be biased or anything, but how the f*ck did feminism turn from a genuine struggle for equality for women into the joke it is right now?

Who is responsible for this?
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Why does Poland exist? Look it's landmass, its' fucking gigantic relative to most European countries and I implore you to name something that the country has ever accomplished of note. No major empires, they didn't have territories in other country.
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>dude Pol Pot did nothing wrong
When will this old rat die?
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Book thread

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Come on, /his/! Keep the book general going!
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GEDmatch spreadsheet of 467 Turks

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87 results from other ethnicities from Anatolia (Zazas, Kurds, greek speaking Anatolians, Arabs, Lazes/Georgians and Armenians) are also included

You can see each sample's province, region, and Dodecad K12b results on the spreadsheet.
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>The Ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem, the penalties for injuring or killing a cat were severe.

>In Islamic tradition, cats are admired for their cleanliness. They are thought to be ritually clean, unlike dogs, and are thus allowed to enter homes and even mosques, including Masjid al-Haram. Food sampled by cats is considered halal and water from which cats have drunk is permitted for wudu

>Cats were also popular in Ancient Greece and Rome. They didn't use cats as hunters – instead, they kept domesticated weasels for pest control – but pet cats were treated well. The Romans saw the cat as a symbol of independence. But everything changed in medieval Europe, when cats became associated with the Devil

What the fuck was wrong with medieval Europeans? Everyone seemed to recognize cats as the divine beings they are in some way, there's even this story about muhammads cat sleeping on the sleeve of his dress when he was getting up for prayer, so instead of waking it up, he cut off the sleeve it was sleeping on.

How can Muhammad be more sympathetic than anyone in medieval Europe?
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Is it just me or do wehraboos and tankies both seem to have very surface level knowledge of Nazi Germany and the USSR respectively? They seem more interested in uniforms, tanks, guns, etc. than how they functioned as states or their longevity or the quality of life of the average citizen in each state.

I have 2 questions about Islam

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1. Most Muslims think that women should cover her head because of an agreed interpretation of the Quran, but other Muslims either translate the Quran verses to mean that women should not cover their head at all And others believe the verses say that women have to cover all but one eye.

So my first question is how many ways can those verses be translated and do women not have to cover their hair or do they have to cover all but one eye or what?

2. The second question is regarding face coverings as being seen as an act of modesty and making yourself closer to god and exhibiting loyalty to your husband. Arabs cant seem to make up their mind whether the Niqab is modest or a way of seducing men. Because many Arabs consider wearing the Niqab to be an act of beauty or sexiness. So what is the Niqab really? Modesty? Or seductive?
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>rides into your village
>starts speaking Latin with a weird accent to you
>"Hail citizen, this village is now back under Roman administration by grace of his imperial highness Flavius Petrus Sabbatius Iustinianus. You are hereby subject to paying all associated taxes and tithes. We will also be confiscating any horses or cattle that you may hold to aid with our campaign in Italy."
How do you react?
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