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How much of a role did black soldiers serve in the civil war on both sides
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The Haitian Revolution was 100% justified and I'm tired of pretending it was not
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>And the more I study the question, the more firmly am I convinced that the one supreme race is the Teuton. Observe the condition in the British Isles. The English are wholly Teutonic, and therefore dominant. The southern Scotch and eastern Irish are also of that blood—they certainly surpass their fellows to the north and west. The Welsh, who have no Teutonic blood, are of little account. Had it not been for the Teutonic infusion at the beginning of the Dark Ages, southern Europe would have been lost. Who were these early “French” kings and heroes that founded French civilisation? Teutons, to a man! It was the Teutonic might of Charles Martel that drove the Saracen Semite out of Gaul. Who were the Normans? Teutons of the North. It is pitiful to me to hear apostles of equity pipe out that other races can equal this foremost of all—this successor to the Roman race in power and virility.

Is this argument refutable? It's one thing to call other races subhuman, but is it possible to deny that the Teutonic race has had a disproportional massive impact on the entirety of human history?

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> No we are not LARPers
> Yes we are PURE Assyrians and direct descendants of Ashurbanipal
> Yes we are the PUREST semites in the world
> Yes we are the PUREST race in the world

Now seethe haters and Kurds.
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new study reveals the origins of the etruscans

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Why were poor southerners so willing to die for plantation owners?

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Why were the poor so willing to die for the plantation owners? We know most southerners did not own slaves. So why fight and die for the rich assholes?
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What would a Pagan Bible look like?

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Hard to believe Yehovah and Jesus beat out all these guys.
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Why didn’t the Armenian genocide happen sooner? I mean Armenians have been disliked by all people ever since the Roman and Greek periods

It was only after the establishment of a council of common Turk citizens that abolished the degenerate, corrupt, low iq sultan monarchy, that the Armenian problem was “solved”

Are republics truly superior and are batter able to deal with domestic interference and internal sabotage? Is that the reason?
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Why people on this board are not successful historians yet?

>inb4 ACKHTUALLY /his/ is not an history board
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