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Why do people go muh Deus Vult about these loser knights when the crusades were ultimately a failure? Holy Land was with muzzies and they also became Ottoman Empire.
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>Americans are not that brave.
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Was it justified?
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>North is Mainly German
>South is mainly Anglo or Black
why is this ? what about the midwest/Dakotas attracted Germs ?
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What is the weakest point in Islam that causes it to crumble as a coherent religion, preventing you from becoming Muslim?
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They could have gotten HURT!

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Why did the Mongols so brutally defeat any European feudal armies but did not begin to advance further into Western Europe?
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If Mexico was colonized the same way England colonized the states with settlers instead of just fucking the native women and killing all the war lords, would Mexico be better than the US?

>warmer weather
>Prob would have kept the South West states
>No need for a wall, Americans would probably want to move here
>Would be good ally to US for both world wars
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Indians = Ancient pagan europeans who raped niggers

Why do some people portray the Carolingian Franks like this?

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Btw, it looks like the Byzantines portrayed themselves in their romanticized paintings
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