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>some faggot at work starts making le french army jokes
>"name two wars in which france surrendered"
>mfw he literally cant
can you, /his??/
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Why is John Locke the greatest philosopher in history?
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Are they a part of the West?

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Post creepy history
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You have sixty seconds to name at least 3 legitimate artistic, scientific, geopolitical, historical, or cultural contributions to humanity made by Poland. I'll clear up some answers to make way for original ones.

Poland's greatest composer: French
Poland's greatest scientist: married a French guy
Poland's greatest painter: Jew
Poland's greatest astronomer: German
Poland's second greatest astronomer: emigrated to America, denounced for being a Soviet spy
Poland's greatest runner: Jew
Poland's greatest director: Jew, emigrated to the West, pedophile
Poland's greatest actor: emigrated to America
Poland's greatest poet: Jewish/Lithuanian
Poland's greatest kings: Hungarian, Lithuanian, half-Lithuanian/half-Ukrainian
Poland's best queen: Hungarian
Poland's greatest church leader: one-quarter Austrian named after Austrian emperor
Poland's greatest war leader: Lithuanian from Vilnius
Poland's greatest general: Belarussian
Poland's first president: Lithuanian, killed for not being Catholic
Poland's greatest philantropist: Jewish
Poland's greatest linguist: Jewish
Poland's greatest mathematician: Jewish
Poland's greatest interpreter: Son of an American and a Brit
Poland's best vidya game: Based on Czech history
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Anglo-Saxon Thread

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Wes þu hal /his/torians. Post facts, artifacts and anything else about the Anglo-Saxons and Anglo-Saxon England.

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How did they get all of the bodies out from the gas chamber just in time before the next batch of jews were sent into it?
It seems like it would take an entire fucking day at least but there were several groups gassed each day
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What were the greatest rulers AND conquerors in history? I’m looking for figures that were both great tacticians, strategists and rulers.
My first guesses would be:
>Julius Caesar
>Alexander the Great
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>That fatass Henry VIII got to tap this but i'm still a virgin
Fuck my life desu.
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/his/ vidya

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What's /his/ been playing recently?