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Who ruled over your country/region 1000 years ago ?

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France: Robert II the Pious.
A rather long reign for that time, from 996 to 1031. Overall a good guy.
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What does it mean to be a modern man?
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Wartime / patriotic music

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I know this is not /mu/, but an integral part of what makes the culture of a country unique (and its history rich) is in what kind of tunes they're listening to and singing as they slaughter infidels, cope with the grim possibility of untimely demise, conquer foreign lands, think of their triumphant return to the homeland, and go out in a blaze of glory.

That and /mu/ is full of underage, uncivilized, uneducated, and ungrateful brats.

I call upon you, /his/, to share music anthems, sound-offs, orchestral compositions, and marching songs that make you want to go on long marches, fight in great wars, die in valorous battle, and live through legends and tales of your deeds. Music that fills you with pride, longing for action, a sense of purpose, and nostalgia for auld lang syne.

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Jewish Holocaust vs Chinese WW2 Casualties

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/his/, enlighten me. Why does nobody talk about the casualties of the Chinese people compared to the Jewish in ww2?
If we take the conventional number of 6 million jews exterminated, and compare it to the 15-20 million chinese killed, we see that its nearly three times as much or more. I have never heard a single fucking person talk about it, never in history class but you better believe there was an entire two weeks for the holocaust.
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What religion Europe would be without Christianity
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/his/ vidya

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Shill me /his/ tier vidya
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Between the Roman and Han Empires, which was the more centralized? I've been reading that Han China was highly decentralized, with the Emperor delegating a lot of territory to various nobles and giving them basically full autonomy. On the other hand, the Roman Emperor often had much more authority over provincial Governors. And yet, China had a more centralized system of bureaucracy and administration.
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Is china a national socialist country?

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social conservatism part in china is missing but the common point with fascism are really close
Han supremacism , disregard and forcefull asimilation of minorities
Militarism taiwan , vietnam , tibet and xingiang
Extreme pride on their culture and history
The governent control the economy and not the other way around
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Choose your fighter /his/: Early middle age edition
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