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Is there a more reddit philosophical movement that the "Enlightenment"?

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Laos is probably the most useless piece of land ever to grace the face of the earth.
Why was it created and why hasn't been erased from the map yet?
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Why are we spending money on space programs and exploration when they are children starving in Africa?
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Why did Zionists hate the British so much? Didn't they give them Palestine in the first place?
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Is there any example in History

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of a superpower that was taken down by barbarians but then came back even stronger?

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Were knights in eastern europe a thing?
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Why does this book trigger so many people?
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The history of Irish rebellions has largely been a history of failures, aside from perhaps Collins and Hugh O'Neill who did pretty well.
Are there any reasons they did so badly? The United Irishmen/Wolfe Tone are hailed as heroes despite doing an awful fucking job.
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ITT: aesthetic country borders
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So lemme get this one stright

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How did they transport these niggas on rafts, wouldn't the cows rebel or jump into the water?

Legitimate question