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Why were medieval drawings so weird and autistic?
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Is Karà Böga legit?

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Like at first I thought it was just a joke but after doing some research wouldn't it make sense that the height of the Ottoman Empire was at the time that they absorbed the Mamluk(Black African) Sultanate and used them in their administration.

Now I'm not saying that the Ottoman state was black per se, I'm just saying that up until the decadence of the Balkan(White) Jannisaries brought down the empire they had a highly educated, well respected class of black Mamluk administrators and officials in Constantinople.

It might not have been a "black bull" charging into battle but one that oversaw the inner-workings of the empire throughout its zenith.


Malcom X

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What was his problem?
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Literally WHO can stop them.
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Has anything interesting ever happened here?
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*destroys God*

>b-but muh free will

1931 china floods. 4 million dead.
1970 Bhola Cyclone. 500k dead.
2010 Haiti Earthquake. 316k dead.
1920 Haiyuan earthquake. 273k dead.
2004 indian tsunami. 227k dead.
1935 Yangtze river flood. 145k dead.
1923 Great Kanto earthquake. 143k dead.
1991 Bangladesh cyclone. 138k dead.

No free will sophistry will justify this. Your god is a mass murderer.

The free will argument is bullshit anyway. Thanks god for letting this backwards warlord cut off my hands and cut out my eyeballs and cut my mother's breasts off and rape my wife and kill my kids; at least the fucker has free will!
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What's his problem?
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