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>no thread on the craziest dictator in the past 100 years

But remember, it wasnt REAL communism!

>agrarian society
>kill everyone who was educated
>child soldiers
>year 0
>depopulates cities
>brutal prisons

Truly a mad man
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How historically accurate is Dunkino?
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What made Mussolini decide that joining Germany was a good idea?
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Which of them is right /his/?
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Let's say you have /some sort of time machine/. Who would you save first?

>Anne Frank
>Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
>Tanya Savicheva
>Joan of Arc
>Sophie Scholl

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Nazi Germany was evi
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Besides the end of the great war and the treaties made after.
What were the main factors that lead to the dissolution of Austria-Hungary?
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Name a more tragic character

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Pro tip: You can't
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Any recommendations for books and/or documentaries on the IRA campaigns in the mid-late 1900s? I think it's crazy that there was a almost 30 year long guerilla war fought in a modern first world country.
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Who is Amanitore, and why is /pol/ getting triggered that she is in Civ VI?
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