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Why were the Germanic tribes so primitive while Rome was achieving the height of civilization?

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What caused this gap? Don't mean to start a flame war just curious.
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What were the main differences between western and eastern Africa historically? I guess the east was colonized by Arabs and some were Semites, but was there anything resembling civilization in western Africa like there was in the east?
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Save it.
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Abortion is murder

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You faggots seem to very like to argue about god. I would like to spice things up.

Here are my arguments that abortion is murder:
P1 Zygote belongs to the homo sapiens sapiens species (is a human)
P2 Abortion of the zygote kills the zygote
P3 Usually it is not alowed to kill a human being (except for self-defence or during wars) AND it is not alowed to kill a human in older forms, so it shouldn't be allowed to kill him in any other form
C1 Abortion is a murder
C2 Abortions should not be allowed (because there is no compelling reason to murder)

Inb4 random bullshit
1.Consciousness is unfalsifiable
2.No, there is no other definitions of humans. Only the scientific one.
3.If you want to argue that murder in this case is justified, then explain why exactly. No, "having a bad life" is not an argument.
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Is this true, Catholics?
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Who wins an open battle?

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English army of Agincourt / Roman army of Cannae
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Atlantis discussion

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>under the dirt of the Atlantic
>located near former Garden of Eden
>Plato wrote about it
>destroyed in worldwide deluge
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Why do brainlets think that Rome was on the verge of industrialization because they had a toy steam engine for drawing curtains in a theatre? Even if somehow they invented a functional tractor or assembly line the wealthiest men of Rome would shut that shit down in hours because it would turn every last valuable slave they owned into a potential revolutionary.
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How did europe became superior to every other civilization since the 13th century?
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Why do European nations get over shit that happened in the past and tend to not hold grudges compared to Asian nations whom tend to hold the most insane grudges ever?

Euros went through 2 world wars and multiple smaller & medium sized wars throughout our whole history and we're in a political and economic union now, we're cool with each other now.

All East Asian states still hate each other over WW2 let alone anything else and will literally never get over it while also letting insanely horrific things their own country did to their own population slide and they never mention it.

What's wrong with Asians /his/? Why are they like this?
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