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what would have changed If the soviets had started producing the IS-3 in 1940?

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What did Augustus do right that Caesar did wrong?
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Australian Aborginals

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I have heard very little about the aboriginal cultures of Australia compared to other aboriginal cultures in other continents. Especially compared to the nearby Maori. Why is this?

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Do modern Greeks identify more with the Byzantines or Classical Greeks?
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Kuk (Kek)

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Redpill me on this dude

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Who suffered the most in human history?
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Were serial killers a thing prior to capitalism?
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Who's your favorite Saint?
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Where does anti homosexuality come from?

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I can understand racism and it's causes, I can understand Sexism and it's causes, but the moments in history where homosexuality is repressed, especially male homosexuality don't really make sense to me outside of a religious, Abrahamic context.Why, is there some social advantage or is it a side effect of something else.
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