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A Judeo-Bolshevik commissar was teaching a class on Zhukov, known communist.

"Before the class begins, you must get on your knees and worship Georgy Zhukov and accept that he was the greatest military genius of the Great Patriotic War, who never lost a battle!”

At this moment a brave Stuka ace, named Hans Rudel, with impeccable Aryan features, awarded the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, stood up.

“So Zhukov never lost a battle, communist wretch?”

The Red Menace smirked quite Asiatically and smugly replied “No, he was undefeated by any of the Wehrmacht’s generals.’

“Wrong. Field Marshal Model crushed him in Operation Mars, despite being outnumbered 2:1.”

The commissar was visibly shaken and dropped his garish ‘Hero of the Soviet Union’ medal. He stormed out of the room crying those communist crocodile tears, screeching about revisionism and diversionary attacks. There is no doubt at this point that our commissar wished he had been a Hiwi, fighting in the Russian Liberation Army.

The students applauded and all joined the Waffen SS that day, accepting the superior fighting power of the German army in their hearts. Suddenly an eagle named ‘Nationalsozialismus’ flew into the room and took a shit on the commissar. 'SS Marshciert in Feindesland' was sung several times, and Reichsmarshall Goering himself arrived and invited everyone to lunch.

The commissar died the very next day, his T-34/85 atomised by a single 88mm shell.
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where do afro-asiatic languages come from? are they really older than indo-european?
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post historic chads
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post your face when the military force occupying your town asks all the men and boys to assemble in a remote field. this is mine
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Was there combat consistently happening along major fronts 24/7 during the world wars?

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Only reason I ask is because it's hard to grasp the scale of these massive fronts like the Eastern Front during WW2 and the Western Front during WW1. Were skirmishes an outside of major offensives happening daily? How fierce was combat during the periods of lull?

Byzantium, 1250AD vs. England, 1250AD

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Upon the coast of Cuntwype-on-Sea 50,000 heavily armored trained killers disembark. The English Fleet is burning in the sea with a strange greenish smoke.

A man who looks very much like an angry Angel wearing black and gold armor is babbling on in a strange language and his army, mostly clad in burnished black brigandine with face masks are standing in complete silence.

They advance through Kent. Marching as one single unit. Cavalry advance to clear the ways, killing dozens of men with a few brief twangs of their cavalry shortbows.

Next .. wait wait wait ... is this even remotely how it would go down? What about the Billmen?
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"Constantinople? Never heard of her."
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Who would you rather have a beer with Hitler or Stalin?

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Keep in mind language wouldn't be an issue.
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Why is beauty such a subjective thing? It seems like people will have wildly varying opinions on who is 'beautiful', with only a few things mostly remaining constant, like facial symmetry, clear skin, facial features that tend toward the average, etc.