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> authoritarian power-hungry piece of shit
> destroys the republic
> sets Rome to the course towards destruction
Nothing personal, kid
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>Et tu, Brute?
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is this real /his/?
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If you need a general to win just one classical era battle, with no other aspect of the war mattering, would you take Alexander or Hannibal?
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How many years does capitalism have left?

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I'm waiting for this glorious and inevitable worldwide revolution I was promised 170 years ago. Surely it's happening soon?
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What even was the bronze age lmao

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Why did Ancient people never visit America?

How hard could it have been? The Atlantic isn't even that huge.

Were they literally retarded?
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Municipal Politics

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Could anyone recommend me good material on municipal civics? I live in Vancouver and I'm fascinated by the dynamics involved in power brokering at a municipal level (loved the bureaucracy in The Wire, for instance, and follow @CityBureaucrat quite dutifully). Particularly interested in real estate development in North American cities and general land use patterns. Sorry if this belongs more on /lit/, I figured the urban studies / political science crowd probably hung out here more.

Not interested in any particular time period - ancient to modern, just so long as it involves the tedium of bureaucracy.
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Besides inventing an economic model and ideology that is responsible for killing billions of people, this guy was alright !
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What is the deadliest single day battle in history, if we only included military deaths and not civilians?
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