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When can we pinpoint the exact beginning of Western decline and cultural/moral degeneracy?

One argument, states that it all went to shit after the French Revolution in 1789.France, after the execution of Louis XVI by the Montagnards had 2 emperors, and 2 kings, up until 1871.But it was mostly the fault of French monarchs that tried to restore Absolutism and L'Ancien regime in France, which was rather implausible.

On the other hand, after WW1, 4 empires were dissolved(Ottoman,Russian,German and Austro-hungarian),and empires like france were so decimated, they were forced to import colonial subjects (i.e Africans) for labour since they lost a fair portion of their manpower,and hence most feminist/egalitarian movements started.

Then again, WW2 marked the end of European world dominance, with the last 2 european empires being periodically dissolved(with the help of Americans),and thus the period of decolonization began, which hasn't ended to this day.Europe is being less important by the decade, and is now facing a huge immigrant crisis.

Therefore, what is it, /his/?
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Genuine question.
Why would anyone in the working class willingly support capitalism? Even from a short sighted perspective, it would seem directly disadvantages to you as a worker to support this ideology.

Not even baiting, I seriously don't understand this.
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Is it true that blacks built America (economically and infrastructure wise)? Aren't they entitled to reparations?
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Cute south Americans are rare in this world because of those damn diseases.

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Sometimes history is really painful.
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Why are Positivists almost always sexual deviants?
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>yfw you realize you're the product of billions of years of natural selection and sexual selection and even if you're dumb by human standards you're still a million times more smarter than all those dumb animalcucks and you have unique intrinsic worth to the universe simply by virtue of being human
You're awesome anon i <3 u!
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why were these guys so culturally dominant
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Which terrorist organization had/has the best aesthetic? Pic related ETA certainly had a unique look
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The Seas have eyes

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I really want some actual knowledge on the Sea People!!!

...But I can go read a book for that. LET ME HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON THE SEA PEOPLES /his/
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Was the Treaty of Versailles too soft?

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is pic related perfect Europe?
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