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Name for wheel across the world

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Notice anything?
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>had somewhat complex societies
>rich culture
>traded a lot
>excellent navigators and shipwrights
>wore chainmail, used excellent swords
>created several polities

>reduced in popular imagination to naked barbarians on roids who just charge shit and rage and murder civilians

Would you agree that early medieval Scandinavians are unfairly treated in popular imagination?
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Žižek versus Peterson

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Why is no one in here talking about this?

Is there going to be any streaming?
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So did humans collectively just live in agony from rotting teeth until the invention of toothpaste?
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A new study just came out. Turns out, diversity was our strength after all. The myth of white race crusaders pushed by deus vault gang debunked once again.
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destroyed history

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post your favorite destroyed historical place
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What did he accomplish except the founding of Israeli state and Rightist movements being seen as Satan incarnate?
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