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Who was in the wrong here?

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Who was fighting to save the repbulic?

Can we get a thread on Islam going?

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By that can we get a thread on historical Islamic atrocities? I'm sorry but I hate radical Islam and I don't understand why this board has such an affiliation and love for Islam and for radical Islam as well. Mods don't ban this because I want to get a thread going on Islam and I want to have a rational discussion on radical Islam without you calling me names like stupid Boomer or something like that.
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Favorite history related games?

For me, it's pic related. 100% positive reviews on steam. It's absolutely fucking mental.
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What's up with the Freemansory X Catholic Church rivalry? What's the history and causes behind it?
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>Here's your gewehr, bro
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The new Catharge
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Who was Rome's greatest general?
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ISBA with Ancient DNA thread

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For those wondering:
>The symposium aims at bringing together scientists from a multitude of disciplines in the field of Biomolecular Archaeology in order to have the opportunity to discuss their latest work on a multi disciplinary basis and to join their forces for applying state-of-the-art biomolecular techniques to archaeological research.
>Various sessions will cover divers methodologies such as proteomics, genetics and analysis of other biomolecules or isotopes applied to a range of exciting topics covering for example human migrations and population genetics, diet and nutrition, domestication, adaptation and ecology or microbiomes and pathogens.
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How did postmodern neo-marxism come to be so relevant, since it's the bastard child of failed ideologies?
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Out of Africa Hypothesis

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Are there any books which already incoperated the new evidence from the Balkan homos and those far older in china? Any alternative hypothesis available?

Disclaimer ib4 sperging: No thanks, I'm not "/pol/", I'm a slavnigger simply interested in human migrations, megalithic structures and shit related from a neutral position.
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