German Reunification

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>1991 is no longer covered by the 25-year rule
Should Germany have been allowed reunification?
>A poll of four countries in January 1990 found that a majority of surveyed Americans supported reunification, while British and Poles were more divided. 69% of Poles and 50% of French and British stated that they worried about a reunified Germany becoming "the dominant power in Europe". Those surveyed stated several concerns, including Germany again attempting to expand its territory, a revival of Nazism, and the German economy becoming too powerful. While British, French and Americans favored Germany remaining a member of NATO, a majority of Poles supported neutrality for the reunified nation.

>Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher told Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev that neither the United Kingdom nor Western Europe wanted the reunification of Germany. Thatcher also clarified that she wanted the Soviet leader to do what he could to stop it, telling Gorbachev "We do not want a united Germany".

>Although she welcomed East German democracy, Thatcher worried that a rapid reunification might weaken Gorbachev, and favoured Soviet troops staying in East Germany as long as possible to act as a counterweight to a united Germany.

>Thatcher, who carried in her handbag a map of Germany's 1937 borders to show others the "German problem", feared that its "national character", size and central location in Europe would cause the nation to be a "destabilizing rather than a stabilizing force in Europe".

>The pace of events surprised the French, whose Foreign Ministry had concluded in October 1989 that reunification "does not appear realistic at this moment". A representative of French President François Mitterrand reportedly told an aide to Gorbachev, "France by no means wants German reunification, although it realises that in the end it is inevitable."
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what causes a younger generation to become more reactionary and conservative than its predecessor?
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Let's discuss democracy and alternatives

Be honest /his/, do you think democracy is the best system you can have?

really makes you think

What are alternatives that wont end in a totalitarian dictatorship?
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Military Uniforms

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Hey /his/, which is your favourite?
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What the fuck was going on in medieval Bologna?
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Architecture Thread

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Last one reached image cap.


Here's La Defense, Paris.
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I often hear that Islam promotes equality to women or at least improve their condition in comparison to the more Misogynistic pre Islamic ME, is this true?
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Is the freedom to sue whoever you want for whatever you want a form of free speech?

Some months ago i saw this brought up on /int/ (a very /pol/ite board who is consequently pretty libertarian and free market pro) that some were angry that new international trade reforms will result in big corporations will be able to sue small businesses

So is the right to sue anyone you want for anything a form of free speech?

alot of the best snipers in WW2 were women

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especially soviet snipers

are women naturally better marksman then men... (they have superior hand eye coordination) over men?

would an all women's navy seals team be superior to a male navy seal team?
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