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What are some proven historical examples of controlled opposition?
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>we're going to throw you in the river. If you survive, you're guilty of witchcraft and will be burned at the stake, if you drown, you're innocent

Was this the correct way to treat roasties?

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On what historical basis did Tom Clancy think that Russia would be more closely aligned with American interests than China when he wrote this book, when in fact the exact opposite has come to be true?
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Why is this hated so much?

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Ive seen this book mentioned on this board a few times calling it a shitty book with no reasons why. I don't give a shit about roman history, I'm just curious why /his/ hates this book so much.
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WW 2 German tanks that make you cream your pants

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Face it, the master race knew how to build kick ass tanks and exploit uncut girth like nobody's business. Hitler was to blame for the loss, not German industry.
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What would've happened if Subutai wasn't recalled? Could he have really conquered the Holly Roman Empire or even France?
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I need more /his/ memes
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*conquers you*
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Why can’t capitalists into aesthetics?
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