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>ask a capitalist how they would prevent monopolies forming in a true free market
>dead silence

Why do some people still believe in that incoherent ideology?
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Has Christanity outlived its purpose in the Modern Era?

I don't see it having any positive or meaningful contributions to society anymore. Rather than being a patron of science and art, it seems like its antithesis. When did this happen?
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>god creates universe
>waits 9 billion years for solar system and earth to form
>waits another 4 billion years for living beings to start walking the earth
>waits around 500 million years for evolution to churn out human beings
>human beings come up with their own countless religions which vary all over the world
>finally appears to one person or a small group of people and give them the word of god
>this group of people was right and has the true word of god, all the others were either lying or insane
how do people believe this
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Is porn greatly harming society?

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History YLYL and more things like pic related.
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what's the functional purpose of banning nudity?
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What is the most overrated civilization and why is it the Romans?

Is it because they killed Jesus?
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Someone break down the Mesopotamia for an ancient history pleb

Quality vs quantity

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Has there ever been a war where quality of troops wins over quantity of troops? Great northern war, Napoleonic wars and to an extent ww2 comes to mind

Obviously ignore colonial wars or others where the opponent had extremely inferior gear and equipment
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At what point in history did Leftism begin to openly detest the working classes?
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