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Why is this guy cherished again? I find him repulsive to be honest.

red pill me on him
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Did women really fight effectively alongside the men back in the Viking days?

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What is your favorite work of Alternate History?
Bonus points for plausibility.
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ITT: /his/ approved Documentaries

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Does /his/ have any good books on China to help someone who doesn't know a lot about their history?
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post a more useless organisation
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How do you beat this /his? How the hell do you kill an elephant with like 500 lbs of steel armor?

I know cannons would work and guns might, but what else?
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ITT: The ones we couldn't save

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He had a hard life...
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Why are cities more liberal then rural areas /humanities ?

And why are rural areas more conservative then cities?
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>the allies were the good guys---
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