A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.

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Welp, 73 years on, did he turn out to be right /his/?
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>The Pyramids were built by slaves

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>The Egyptians in their heyday were slaverslike the Romans and Southern Amerifats

Who came up with this meme?
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I don't understand how people can not care that their country's demographics are forever changing, and that they will be replaced in a few generations. I love studying history, and reading about people defending their faith and society to the death is inspiring. Unthinkable amount of blood used to be spilled to protect your country and the people inside of it, and we have large populations of people now that don't care about their nation and their culture and their religion and the ethnic composition of their country. I am truly saddened by the way that places like Europe are headed.
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Why is it so hard for people to accept that this manlet commie revolutionary wannabe was the one that killed JFK?
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Persian demographic changes after mongol invasions

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How did the genetic and cultural makeup of persian lands change after the mongols and tamerlane wiped out a large portion of their population? Who settled in the genocided cities and lands?

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Is there any semblance of truth to the theory that Egyptian civilisation was created by Africans? I thought there was a recent DNA sample taken from King Tut that showed that 70% of British men shared DNA with the young king and less than 1% of modern Egyptians shared his DNA.

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Is Civilization/Barbarism a meaningful distinction?
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Her lewdness is a great nightmare.
Her anus is defenseless.
It contracts every time I move, looking like a second reproductive opening.
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Democracy is disfunctional

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Democracy, I compare it to a plane with passengers, do we ask the passengers who is most suited to pilot the plane? Do we also ask the passengers where they want to go even though it could be a shithole? plus they don't know the weather conditions(world order).

Debunk this
pro-tip : You can't
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