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Reading more about the fall of France, it's hard to not despise the Brits. They bitched about France trying to enforce the treaty of Versailles, speculated on the Franc in order to weaken the French,as soon as Hitler was elected tried to have good relations with him. Signed in 1935 a naval treaty that contradicted the treaty of Versailles without even consulting the French (signed on the 120th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo to make everything worse).
When the war started, the Brits only sent a pitiful force while the French mobilized more than 2 millions men. I guess the british plan was to let the French sacrifice their population. The Brits then won their most impressive battle of the war when they managed to run away.
They then, for stupid reasons, decided to destroy the French ships at Mers-el-kebir.
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Somebody told me /his/ is full of high IQ people. I have a question: can anybody refute him logically? I don't think so.
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>The term Indo-European
It's really just Indians trying to compare themselves equally to European BVLLS when in reality they're irrelevant.

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1. When was the peak of American power on the globe?
2. When was the best time to live in America as an average citizen?
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What are some interesting but less popular parts of history that are worth reading into you?
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How would you change your life if god actually existed?
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Is Latin America just a bunch of US vassals because of monroe doctrine? I’m reading about their history after independence and they all got into debt and got occupied by US or had dictators that promoted US interests so Europeans didn’t blockade them to make them pay back loans

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let's abandon this giant palace and live in some mudhut in Ravena or Aachen

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>Transylvania is Hung-

Reminder that THIS is where Porolissum, the Roman capial of Dacia was located. Right in the fucking north of Transylvania.

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If there was a list of most incompetent leaders in history, he would easily be top 3. How the hell did he let it happen? He had so many chances to kill Cortes and his crew before they even got a few miles into Mexico.