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/his/ video games

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What are some /his/ approved games?
I've been having some free time lately so I picked up Ultimate General: Civil War. It's fucking great. There's some bugs and weird shit (it's still in testing phase), but completely playable, and also the best AI I ever saw in a video game.
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Hindu mythology is filled with DBZ+ level shit.

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hindu mythology has some of the most absurd and ridiculously detailed descriptions of mystic weaponry and power i have ever seen out of any religion or mythology.

Just have a read and look at how ridiculous it all is

Can anyone who actually studies this try to explain this to me?
why would they write their characters and hero's to be so over the top powerful as opposed to more relaxed "Zeus throws lightning bolts lol"?
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>born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire
>runs for chanchellor of Germany
Why was this allowed?
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Hey, newfag to philosophy here

Reading Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. I came across this passage that something to the extent of "If you feel like you want to do some pleasurable, instead think of how other people are being good/just or acting according to their inner daimon."

Question: I like listening to music. It's pleasurable to me. So I can't listen to music because it's pleasurable? What if creating music is someone's "gift given by nature"?

> plz help a confused person
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Which era was the most aesthetic? I'm going with the 1940s.
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>Chinese dynasties are considered each legitimate successors
>Successors of Rome (the Byzantines, the Holy Roman Empire, the Ottomans, Moscow) get dismissed
Why is this the case? The Chinese dynasties arose from different geographical regions, were based in different capitals, controlled different territories, were ruled by different ethnicities, spoke different languages, and yet the narrative of "4000 years of Chinese history" is often taken for granted. Hell, even the Republic and the People's Republic are considered part of the legitimate succession. Meanwhile, even the Byzantines are dismissed as Greeks LARPing as Romans.
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What historical power does the United States remind you of most? What does history suggest will become of America?

/his/ memes

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Need some more /his/ related memes
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Now that the dust has settled, was the Bush administration really all that bad?
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Stop giving ever increasing power to centralized government.
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