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Remember 1981

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when gays all over the country started dying of a mysterious, heinous collection of illnesses and the CDC said pic related

Asking for a friend in Wuhan
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"Cheddar Man"

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Why are the soft tissue reconstructions of Cheddar and La Brana so triggering to Eurocentrists? We have a reasonably good idea of their skin pigmentation, so why make a fuss there's an agenda?

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I'm trying to read The Capital.
It would be really useful if some one you annons could tell me which Sections are the hardest and which ones are the most important (with key concepts and ideas).

Many thanks on advance
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Why would a government use millions of people as workers, which are necessary for war production, only to attempt to wipe out all of them?
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Brythonic Celts: A thread

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ITT: We discuss the Celtic Britons
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Who were the most heinous traitors in history? Which are the greatest acts of betrayal we have records of?

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>PZPR's coalition PRON still won the elections
What went wrong?
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>open bible
>control f, omnibenevolent, all good
>0 results found
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Why is murder, rape and robbery illegal?
Is "the rule of law" just a conspiracy to give beta leftists a chance and eliminate high test, savage barbarian real human beans from the gene pool and create a race of tame consumercuck bugmen?

rise of empires ottoman netflix

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Ottoman sultan Mehmed II wages an epic campaign to take the Byzantine capital of Constantinople, shaping the course of history for centuries.
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