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Where were you when Chinks and Vatniks BTFO

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> During the Sept. 12 test, an unmodified U.S. Marine Corps F-35B from the Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 1, acted as an elevated sensor and detected an over-the-horizon threat.

> The F-35B sent data through the aircraft’s Multi-Function Advanced Data Link (MADL) to a ground station connected to the Aegis Weapon System on the USS Desert Ship (LLS-1), a land-based ship.

> The target was subsequently engaged and intercepted by a Standard Missile 6.

Scuttlebutt says this target was tracked and identified by the APG-81, you can do the same with IRST and EODAS.

All the expensive "Sea Skimming" missiles the Vatniks were crowing on about just became obsolete overnight.

> F-35 BARCAP 200 NM out from the carrier
> IRST/EODAS spots huge hypersonic missile though air friction heat
> cues a hundred missiles from the DDG escorts
> every single AShM intercepted 100 NM from the carrier.
> all without turning the radar on
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Why dont you own an 8 + 1 maverick 88 anon?
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What are some /k/ approved bands or music? Specifically punk rock or metal, that type of stuff, because almost every band that sounds good is made up of commie scum, and skrewdriver sounds like hot garbage. I already know about metal jesus and his affinity for the Confederates btw.
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What's the rundown on the CZ 527 carbine?

Are they tough as nail and reliable or are they garbage?
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murdercube left us?

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what happened to it seems to have shat the bed recently. Torrents listed on the main page dont have any seeds either. do you guys have the ar/k/ or anything saved to seed?
information sharing thread i guess.
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Can someone give me the full details on lead exposure and lead poisoning when handling and firing ammunition and firearms?
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AR General / AR Thread /arg/

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Operator Edition

Old thread
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ILLINOIS: Assault Weapons Ban introduced in Congress

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Full text:

>Telescopic or folding stocks
>Capability of holding 10 or more rounds.
>Having a detachable magazine
>Belt feeding capabilities
>Barre shrouds
>Any pistol 50oz or more when unloaded.
>semi auto shotgun that has at least 5 round capacity
>semi auto shotgun that has a a revolving cylinder.
>semi auto shotgun with tele
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shtf loadout thread

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my girlfriend said, if i get at least 50 loadouts she'll send nudes
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double magnification

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>1000 rounds
>two scopes
>one rifle
Why is this scary to people?
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