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>"OK, Anon, open wide"

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>Hey anon! Can you, umm, sign my yearbook?!
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The four threads of the apocalypse.

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What made these places so creatively bankrupt? There's no novel discussion or nuance to their writing. It's just generic, rehashed, cliched schlock over and over again. It's not like they're fundamentally incapable of it, more like they chose to go down the path of garbage. But why, and can it be fixed?
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>Cmon nonny give my big pink booty a kiss!
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Spike deserves love thread

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>no bully
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Is transformation into a regular horse still an option for the bronies?

/glim/ Frosty Nights

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This is a thread for all things Starlight Glimmer. Post pics, greens and discussion.

Previous thread:
Topics discussed:
>MV's Part 2
>warm blanket
>pleasant dreams
>Thread being a bit lood
>So how many of you are here because you love/waifu Glimmer and how many of you are here for other reasons? >>39488371
>more butt
>topic slurry

Videos directed:
A Totally Objective Analysis of Starlight Glimmer | Part 2
>A weird man continues their journey to analyze every unnecessary thing about a lilac coated equine in a children's cartoon.

Art created:
>cute glimmy going kiting

>helping hoof

Legacy archive:
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Ban no hooves trash outside of one general.
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/ggf/ - Griffon GF Thread

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A thread dedicated for the lovely catbirbs and griffon gfs/bfs.
Griffonchads, Gildafags rise up!

>Previous Thread (Jan 2023)

>ai griffon gfs (
Outdated Guide from /CHAG/:

>Gilda Green Archive (Last Updated: 28/10/2022)

>Proxy and Gilda

>Previous griffon gf threads
Jan 2023:
Dec 2022:
Nov 2022:
Oct 2022:
Sep 2022:
Aug 2022:
Aug 2022:
Jul 2022:
Jun 2022:
May 2022:
Apr 2022:
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This board fucking sucks.
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