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Mares just wanna have fun.
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Why is this show so offensive
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>Jesus! But I thought you were dead! Oh, my Lord, I missed you so much.
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I'm so tired of fandom things being deleted.
I'm so tired of non-pony "pony content" (worst in the music, but elsewhere too).
I'm so tired of G5 being soulless.
I'm so tired of how garbage G4's ending was.
I'm so tired of the entropy slowly eating away at everything I love.

I'm so tired.
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Berry Punch getting so tipsy she starts accosting you at the party, eventually leading to hardcore pelvis breaking rape. You cannot live with the shame of being a mares toy but you know her drunken fits will lead to more physical harm.
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Aye, O. Lets go!
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Trans Pony Thread

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Post cute trans ponies!
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>it's been 9 fucking years
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