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Semantic Error

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Cyberpunk Pony CYOA
Thread (29)

Previous thread (28) >>39724569
Desuarchive (Anonpone now dead):

Semantic Error is about a low life hacker trying to scrape by in a futuristic Equestria.
Cold File (our protagonist) has been lead around on mysterious jobs given by a client going by the handle Wintermute, took a job helping a race driver find a saboteur, as well as taking a job helping a mysterious pony forge documents for 2 foals and a young adult mare and recently Cold File has also decided to help the princess Twilight stop a plot to target her head of security led by the local mafia.
>Bits: 31,220 (Updated for next post)

Current Jobs:
>Wintermute- (Both tasks paying 7000 Bits +bonus)
-Help Silent Night infiltrate a library to obtain the tome, "Mortem Diu Somno" or find some other way to obtain the information inside of it.
-Help Chestnut infiltrate Patwrite to obtain a copy of an AI named Apollo.

>Truth merchant- (Full papers required) (Pays 6000 Bits)
-Hacker needed to craft some Equestrian identities
-To do this right information must be registered with the department of health, the department of social security, passports are processed through the department of consular affairs. (Social security card already obtained) (Input information into the Health department's database need a printout for birth certificates)

>Speed lover-
-(Near completion) Help Ace Thruster interrogate a hacker involved with introducing a destructive AI assisted virus into the various interconnected systems around a race-track.

>Twilight- Assist with the capture and interrogation of an assassin. (operation on the 22nd)

Discord: RHCWAUrq4E
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do you guys think fluttershy fucks filllies with her marecock
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/mlp/ rewatch stream S5E9+10

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This week’s episodes are “Slice of Life” (Written by MA Larson) and “Princess Spike” (Written by Neal Dusedau), originally aired June 13th and 20th 2015.
Find the stream here:
Countdown here:
Post any emote or fan video suggestions ITT, either for the episodes or for new content
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>What is The Absolute State
The Absolute State is a voice chat discussion between anons for the good of anons. The goal is to encourage proper introspective discussion of this board near the end of the year in order to hopefully start off 2022 with the best /mlp/ possible.
>How can I join
Anyone will be able to watch via the cytube link, but direct participation is highly encouraged either through this live /tas/ thread, cytube chat, and/or voice chat. Feel free to join the voice chat discussion once the link is posted in the anchor.

Please try to keep longer discussion points on the thread instead of the live scrolling chat. It just to make things easier for me.

last threads
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Fluttershy is such a cute pony. Just looking at her big eyes and gentle smile is enough to make anyone happy.
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>um . . . woof?
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Horsey mouths

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A follow up/sequel to
>>40236672 & >>40311470

Anything goes, not just vore images (kissing,licking,mouth holding, aheago faces, or any mouth focused/related)
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ITT: We post our favorite pony and fetish

>Twilight Sparkle
>scat and poop smearing
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Mare Fair 2023

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>When and Where
September 29th - October 1st Orlando, FL
See for info on hotel accommodations and badges!
You will not have to pay for your hotel room immediately and you can still cancel until a few days before check-in, so better book now!

>New shit
For our most exciting announcement yet - those purchasing their badge in person at the convention should expect to pay an extra $3.90 due to tax. Only a few vendors will starve, it’s okay.

Shout out to ja0822ck for the beautiful piece you see in the OP. More freshly squeezed ja0822ck art will debut at the Mare Gallery.

8:30 - 9:00: ElectroKaplosion
9:00 - 9:30: popstonia
9:30 - 10:00: Cantersoft
10:00 - 10:30: DJ Wiener Schnitzel
10:30 - 11:00: DJ SleepyHooves
11:00 - 12:00: vultraz
12:00 - 12:30: Radiarc
12:30 - 1:00: Shuffle
1:00 - 1:30: Vale & FL0
2:00 - 2:30: Sound Bandit
2:30 - 3:00: MCMIAC

>Sponsor Swag
Still coming along nicely! Last two items are shipping or will ship soon!
Prepare to spend some of your hard earned shekels! The selection is going to blow your mind
See our list of vendors here:
We've got all musicians announced at this point and can promise you a concert you will not forget:
Listen to sets from ElectroKaplosion/Marequest, MetalCorePony, Vultraz, Cantersoft, Soundbandit, Shuffle, Radiarc, FL0 & Vale, DJ Sleepyhooves, popstonia, mcmiag and DJ Wiener Schniztel
Signups to become a Clout Gobli- I mean community guest are still open!
3 tragic fates are available for you to choose from: community guest, guest of honor, or blacklisted guest
Applications will be compiled and published. Sign up today!!!!!
We’ve partnered with Fallen Oak Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, a small group helping mares and other equines in Florida

Official info about the convention is only coming from these trips:
Neighsayer !!QkuoUYKaDn8

Last thread >>40312352
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Early GalaCon thread

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Come one, cum all Edition
Last attempt: >>40255998

Hello Yuroanons (and any enterprising internationals), GalaCon is coming up in less than two weeks, so we should have a chat and discuss what to do and where to go.
If you're still on the fence on whether to come or not, please do! We had a bunch of Anons last time and the more, the merrier. Some Anons may also still be holding untaken hotel beds for latecomers (>>40263385), complimentary >rape included only if you don't want it.
Discuss plans, guests (or lack thereof), panels (schedule when?). Are you going to the maid café? I want one of those plushie maid outfits at least. A shame that plushiecon is cancelled, could we make our own? Gala ball is cancelled, too, are you still bringing your suit? Are you going up on the community stage or just moshing at Prince's concert? Are you going to visit the man on the seapony?

Also maybe we can start making some plans for before- and afterparty and Anon dinner. There's a park/forest area right next to the con building, so that'd be a natural place to hang out before and after (weather permitting). Maybe we can annex Small Alder Island into discount Gallopagos for the duration of the con.
There is an Irish pub close to the con centre, too, Bobby's Irishpub, so we could keep that tradition alive.
There's also a beer garden (Biergarten Schwaneninsel) even closer for that authentic German afternoon experience.
The tannery (Gerberei Waiblingen) is also right at the edge of the park and very well rated, but kitchen only till 20.
Several Italian and a Mexican restaurant in the city centre, too.
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