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ITT, the moment that made you laugh the most

Flutterguy is a given, I know absolutely no one who hasn't at least cracked a smile at the singing scene

The whole scene with Rarity grieving in her room while the other girls try to apologize. ''That's your answer to everything''

Fluttershy flipping the fuck out when RD pulls a rainboom

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Would you date this mare if she was real and confessed her feelings for you?
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the mare has to eat all the eggs
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Ban no hooves trash outside of one general.
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/Sun/day: Prettiest Pony Edition

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It's /sun/day! Let us bask in Princess Celestia's gentle radiance.

/Sun/day Story Archive:
/Sun/ Music Playlist

Have a Celestia story that you want added to the archive?
>Link to story on Pastebin or Ponepaste
>Say whether the story is finished or unfinished, or if it is a one shot (this is important for sorting)
>Provide a synopses of the plot (please do this, I don't like writing these)
>Any other important information that you want to add, such as the thread of origin.
Broken Pastebin URL? Replace with

Humanized variants of Princess Celestia and others are unwelcome here.

Previous thread:
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>Viva Reverie trooned out
>EurobeatBrony trooned out
>Digibrony trooned out
>Nowacking trooned out
>Wootmaster went gay
>JHaller went gay
>Michelle Creber went gay

Totally nothing going on here, I'm sure they were all born that way, although it is strange that so many of them were born that way maybe there's something in the culture, no that's a bigoted right wing conspiracy theory, by Ford it's time to take my medical regimen that helps me stop noooooticing things, a gram is better than a damn after all, might go to the orgy-porgy with the other alphas later

Open Pony General #148 - Wireframe Edition

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Previous thread: >>39824728

>What is Open Pony?
A model for Second Life that beats all other 3D pony models. Info here:

>Just give me a MARE
Idiotproof starter guide:
A noob's guide for other noobs:
Braindead simple Anonmare guide:

>Join the /mlp/ SL group

>Where is the /mlp/ hangout?
Baltimare, open-access:
Cloudsdale, invite-only:

>After that, visit one of the many other Second Life pony hangouts:
Luna's Empire / H-Mart Tower (Free goodies in the gift shop):
Ponyville shop:

>Content creation resources:

>Baltimare design/planning channels:

>Live Baltimare stream
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>"You really think you can compete with this anon? What a joke. Just sit in the corner and watch a real stud."
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