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Pony Transformation General

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Human becomes pony. How, why and what happens next are all up to you. New stories and art welcome!
Any type of transformation into ponies, dragons, gryphons, changelings, draconequus, etc., whether OC or canonical, & Anonponies of all shapes and sizes.
Want to be the little pony? This is the thread for you.

Recently updated stories:

Price of happiness - New & Complete

A collection of ptfg greentexts by Benighted

Petstore by ReMastering:

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Too Many Pinkies Plus One by Yuri Fanatic - Complete

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Selfish by Mayro - Complete

Anonfilly Emotionally Rapes Futa Moon Dancer by Yuri Fanatic - Complete

Archive of over 555 stories, as well as additional links and materials:
Past threads index:

Below are some suggested writing prompts.

>Hoofers: You're down on your luck, face it, these days who isn't but you see a help wanted ad from a new restaurant that's supposed to be opening soon called hoofers. Thinking nothing of it you apply and get an email back saying your training would be on sunday for your first shift on monday.

>Discord's Paw: Your wish is granted, and you finally get to be turned into a pony. That said it comes with some kind of consequence you didn't intend.

>Collared: your boss offers you a paid vacation in the place of your dreams, but you soon find out while having fun that he's in the market for a new pet and you're in his sights.

>Intersection: they made you into one of them. Hiding under beds and in closets, you strike when sleep takes them. The lucky ones get off with a stopped heart, the rest are dragged back to the sprawling complexes to be turned into more of you.

>Stray: you find out the hard way that there's a price for laughing at people when a deranged scientist breaks into your house and you awaken in a grimy alley with no food, no direction, and considerably fewer fingers. Making it out of the city seems hopeless, but maybe you can find someone nice to take care of you while you figure things out?

Previous Thread:
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NEETmums Edition.
Previous: >>41055732

>What is this general?
NEET/Misfit Pone is a thread for ponies who despite their best efforts (or in some cases complete lack thereof) struggle to fit in with the rest of society.

>What sort of stories can you expect to find here?
• Slice of life stuff.
• Lots of odd cute ponies becoming the waifu stories.
• Lots of being the cute oddball pony stories.
• A few NEET-recovery stories.
• A lot of smut, if you're into that.
• Lots of ponies to get you started with a variety of personalities and quirks. Don't like one of them? Give another NEET a try!
• Much, much more!

>Quick rundown on the pre-existing ponies ITT:
Floor Bored - The OG OC NEET from the very first threads. Floor comes in all different forms, but she's typically portrayed as a horny and kinda dirty mare most of the time. (
Pardise Skies - Paradise is a pony who started off as a NEET but ends up going to univeristy in a PiE setting. She's very quiet, easily spooked, likes to wear clothes and speaks with a stutter. (
Moon Dancer - Huge bookworm.
Taku - Friend of Floor who is *very* into anime. (
Goldie Mops - Goldie is another friend of Floors, only she's into kaiju and big monsters. Speaks with a cute lisp and seems very adorkable. (
Chimney Peep - Floor's sports nerd friend (Pic above, pony with the hat and lazy eye)
Home Sick - Probably the least covered NEET. (
Wallflower Blush, of Equestria girls fame but as a pone. (
Cuppa Noodle - Cuppa is a NEET snekpony who likes cup noodles and very tight hugs. (
Cipher the Programmer - The super paranoid overthinking male NEET-pony (
Dot Matrix - A pony who is into retro gaming. (
Anon Mare - Anon Mare is entirely up to your own interpretation. Same premise as Anon Filly but all grown up. The self-insert pony.
Writer's Block - A NEET pony whos background is currently unclear. Know anything about her? Let us know ITT (
Starry Sails - A chubby mare who lives in a PiE kind of setting. Friends with Anon. (
Synthwave - A femcolt/trap NEET that enjoys making electronic music. Very laid back, somewhat flat in tone and expression. (

>List of some of the stories with known authors so far:

>Archive of unnamed stories and one-shots:

>Link to OP:
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Welcome to the My Massive Pony thread!
I'll let you lick my lollipop! Edition

Writers, artists, and critiques are always welcome, so long as it pertains to the main idea of the thread which is size difference.
Check out our slowly growing ponepaste:

Previous thread: 40950565

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>Your favorite pone has done something bad. This is beyond debate...she's guilty as hell and has been convicted.
>Since Equestria does not have a long-term prison system the sentence is paddling; let's say 50 hard strokes on the unprotected rump.

Remember this from ages past? What if, this time, you had to give your favourite Wonderbolt a spanking?

>Imagine you're inspecting the Wonderbolt grounds and you find Soarin sneaking food from the team fridge in the dead of night.
>"You startled me, Anon!"
>How is it they break in the new recruits?
>A big military issue leather paddle?

Could you do it, anon? Do you have what it takes to be the Wonderbolt Discipliner?
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AI Art Thread #37

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AI Art Thread #37


This is more of a one click manager that you can install / run the other backends though. Easiest by far. Recommended to download Forge through it and use its built-in Civitai browser to download models with.

For models not through the in-built downloader just download and drop them in Stability_Matrix\Data\Models\* (lora folder if a lora, TextualInversion if embedding, stablediffusion if checkpoint...)

Faster / more efficient version of Automatic1111 with some helpful extensions built-in. I would recommend installing this through Stability Matrix.

>Stable Diffusion Automatic1111
The original for posterity's sake.

Has a learning curve but is extremely customizable and usually has the latest methods / papers implemented first.

>"But I don't have a decent GPU"
NovelAI also does great pony:
You could also use a service like civitai.


>Pony Diffusion V6 XL

>Autism Mix (Alternative model based upon pony diffusion, I prefer the DPO version of it. Better anatomy / more coherent.)

>Seaart (Less pony knowledge but has artist tags and is very high quality.)

>Useful artist style LoRA:

>LoRAs by /mlp/:

>LoRAs by /h and other useful info:

>How to make your own LoRA:

>Prompt tips for new users:
Grab a image you like the style of from the desired model's citvia's site and drop it onto the PNG info tab in SD, you can then click send to text to image to reuse its generation info for your own images. Change the seed so you do not get just the same image. Use tags from e621 and natural language.

Recommended extension:

>No, AI art is NOT stealing.
Here, all the usual misinfo already addressed in one easy place for your viewing displeasure:

>Previous Thread

>Past Threads
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I fucking hate cops, theyre such pigs and oppressors.
>be in train
>fucking oink oink pig swine comes up to me
>asks for my id
>i ask if im being detained
>he says no
>he says he's asking for my id because i might have mental disabilities for walking around with a mlp stuffed animal
>tells me leave
why are cops such bullies, fucking pigs
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Update on my pony cum jar project.
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Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls and Humanized Thread #338 - Nice Pair Edition

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Previous Thread: >>41084169

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Story List:

--Recent Writefags-- ( can be swapped with if necessary)

Grey: (Luna) (Celestia) (Cadance) (Various) (Fluttershy) (All Four Pie Sisters)

Cosmic Butthole: (Celestia) (Mane 6) (Fluttershy) (Fluttershy) (Various)

RealDash: (SciTwi) (SciTwi) (SciTwi)

Magna Anon: (Fluttershy) (Rarity) (Pinkie) (RD) (Twilight) (Applejack)

Anonymous: (Pinkie Pie)

Anonymous: (Coco)

Less Recent Writefags:

Archival Pastebin: ( can be swapped with if necessary)
Thread Resources:
FimFiction Group:
Google Drive:
>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history. Quite literally as of now.
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ITT, the moment that made you laugh the most

Flutterguy is a given, I know absolutely no one who hasn't at least cracked a smile at the singing scene

The whole scene with Rarity grieving in her room while the other girls try to apologize. ''That's your answer to everything''

Fluttershy flipping the fuck out when RD pulls a rainboom

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CYOA General #15.5

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Previous thread: >>40895837

Untimely demise edition

Choose Your Own Adventure. AKA Quest.

>Discuss Current, Finished and Upcoming CYOAs
>Give advice on CYOAs
>Pitch ideas
>Get critique
>Trade art

List of stories: WIP (formerly anonpone). Your best bet is to search via desuarchive.
List of related content:

>How do I run a CYOA?
>I can't into art, but I'm a competent writer. Should I still run a CYOA?

>What day is best?
>What time is best?
>What race would you play?
>What genre are you interested in?

>Can I run a CYOA in this General Thread?
Yes, just take care to differentiate yourself if there's another ongoing CYOA here.

>Active CYOAs as this thread was posted
Moonlight >>Here
Rise of Paradise >>40865415
Semantic Error >>40899856
Caravan Guard >>40927699
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