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Submission is Mandatory #110

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Privileges must be earned.

secret slave edition

>What is this thread about?
This thread is dedicated to stories that have clear dominate and submissive roles; both with and without consent.

>What exactly is welcome in this thread?
A wide variety of stories are welcomed here; from non-consent and sexual slavery, to abusive manipulation and psychological domination, to maids and extortion, and even healthy consensual relationships with BDSM role-play elements.

A few topics that are discouraged are NTR, vore, scat, and other similar themes.

Up to date archives:
Thread story list:
Thread list:
Unsorted oneshots/prompts/unfinished greens:

Outdated archives:


Historical Note:

This thread was originally founded to support the “Submission is Mandatory” story by MrNameless. While the story has gone on hiatus, it’s content is referred to by a number of stories in this thread.

Submission is Mandatory by MrNameless (Recommended)
Nightmare Moon summons Anon to defeat the EoH. In return, she grants him ownership of the Mane 6.

(Non-Canon SiM Expanded Universe Stories)
Octavia POV (Recommended)
Other Stories -


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Active stories:

New/Updated in the last thread (#107):
>The Carat and Stick by RapeApe !bwwXn5Gx.o
Cadance forces Rarity onto medifag Anon.
End of the last update >>39032812
>Untitled green from a different thread

Last updated in #106:
Prince Anonymous starts building his harem of mares.
End of the last update >>38873128
>Untitled one-shot
Dash is getting punished.
>Untitled one-shot
Description of wearing latex in the sun.

Last updated in #105:
>Untitled one-shot
Total latex induced sensory deprivation.
Start here: >>38698379
>Untitled one-shot
Guard pony surprise team building exercise.
Start here: >>38758466

Last updated in #104:
>Untitled unedited one-shot

Last updated in #103:
>Megalomania by ⸸ !PENTAponY.
Psychologist Anon experiments with pony companions.
End of the last update >>38347491

Last updated in #101:
>Untitled Applejack and Coco one-shot
Anon makes Applejack answer some questions.

Last updated in #99:
>Untitled Sunset story
Wizard Anon uses Sunset as a magic battery/source.
Part 1: >>37322337
Part 2: >>37410250
Part 3: >>37831879
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woah mlp looks a lot different than i remember
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Reject the sun, Praise the chaos noodle

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The Erisposting must continue!
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/FoE/ - Fallout Equestria: A Post Apocalyptic Pony Thread - Iceberg edition

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Trying to make an Fo:E iceberg, add a thing or two and describe what it is when you post it. Icebergs are basically just common knowledge or mundane things on the very top, with more obscure or fucked up things on the lower you go.

Fallout Equestria, a story that bleeds two franchises together to build something bizarre. On one side, you have death, destruction, decay, and misery - on the other, you have retarded horses that caused it all. Doesn't sound like it should mix? You'd be surprised. When the world around you is wasteland, all you're left with is hope, and as we all know, horses can do spectacular things to destroy that little hope.

Read Fallout Equestria by Kkat to appreciate the setting that many writers have poked but then abandoned after being so captivated by the wonders.
The original story which unfortunately spawned its own fandom can be found here:

These next four stories comprise the rest of what is considered "the big 5", alongside the original. They were biggest hitters early in the fandom, simply because they appeared at the right time.

Project Horizons:

Pink Eyes:

Murky Number Seven:


Though, a reminder; just because these are the most well known, that isn't to say that there aren't other stories out there! There are many hidden gems that simply don't get the love they deserve purely because their authors were useless and left them unfinished. Why not try to find something you like in these wrecks? Anons are absolutely welcomed and encouraged to return with fic discussion of even the most obscure fics!

>Fan games:
Fallout Equestria: Remains is a Fallout Equestria Roguelike. It is the best thing to come of the fandom recently. Seriously go play it

Balefire Blues is a Hearts of Iron IV mod. In it you take control over various FoE factions seeking to conquer the wasteland.

Ashes Town is a derivative of Pony Town in the Fallout Equestria universe.
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So fucking true
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>everyone on /mlp/ is obsessed with sex
>but they're all disgusting virgins who are completely unable to have sex
>they want to have sex with fictional characters instead
>they somehow think these fictional characters would entertain the idea of having sex with them anymore than actual women do

I had to see it to believe it. Its like some sort of ironic paradox. A cancerous land full of pathetic, unlikable, cursed subhumans stuck in a loop of unending despair. They think the ponies of MLP would ever breed with them when the women of the real world would laugh at the idea. How can anyone live like this? How can anyone go a second of their lives with this knowledge and not be moments away from killing themselves? /mlp/ truly is the saddest board in existence.

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>mfw mods delete all mentions of horsecock in trixie threads
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Ain't no way
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Skunk Pony Thread?

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I think these creatures are adorable and need more love.

I'm into skunks but not so much into smelly things (Though feel free to talk about that too), so I did a bit of writefagging and wrote the opening chapter to a story where a zebra falls into Scentquestria and all the giant skunk ponies are mildly obsessed with his stripes.

Anywho ain't my first rodeo in these parts, but this pony-hybrid type needs more content.
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I'm STILL mad. The show was supposed to be about redemption and forgiveness, and Twilight killed Sombra. Then Tirek, Cozy, and Chrysalis were straight up summarily executed.

This isn't what My Little Pony is supposed to be about.
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