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Why are horse legs so weak? Could you nurse your mare’s broken leg back to health?
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>handgun on my nightstand watching me be depressed
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have a bad hoof? you are in good hands!
•hoof polish
only at Anon's
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That buck breaking southern plantation owners would train their horses to break bucks too?

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>in school
>teacher gives us big project to do
>make a animation about anything you like
>i choose mlp
>3 weeks later
>forgot project, need to make animation
>start to panic and take desperate measures
>go onto youtube and get one of the videos
>edit so that it's my name in the credits
>show at school
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/mlp/'s Pony Gaming

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Turned off 1-inch monitor Edition

Discuss vidya and play with fellow horsefuckers.
Pony vidya, pony mods and related videogame discussion are also encouraged, any type or genre of videogame is welcome.
If you want to play a certain game with /mlp/ don't hesitate to ask. People might just join and play with you. Don't be afraid to add each other. Who knows, maybe (You) will start up a new staple group?

More importantly, have fun!

Vidya played previous thread: Age of Empires 2 DE, Equestria at War, Left 4 Dead 2, Vintage Story, Deep Rock Galactic, Barotrauma, Warhammer 40K: Darktide, Black Ops 3 Zombies, Tabletop Simulator, They Are Billions, SRB2Kart, Killing Floor 2, PAYDAY 2, Minecraft, Project Zomboid, Golf With Your Friends and OpenTTD.

Last Thread: >>39794689
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Latex ponies

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One more thread for the weekend.
Last one ended with plenty of discussion, and also plenty of edit/draw requests. Lets see if this weekend can fullfill some of those.

Also, the usual drill:
>post latex pones
>discuss latex pones
>write latex pone greens
>reply to latex-pone-posters!
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Welcome to /mlp/ - Pony

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We fucked up and turned our back to one of the largest subcultures in 4chan's history. This was not out of malice, but ignorance, and responding to general upset from the rest of the community when pony threads began to overwhelm their respective homes. Ponies haven't had a real home outside of /b/ and /co/ until today.

So we're trying to make this right, and give the ponies the home they've deserved from day one. I honestly have no idea what to do with this board and will be relying on you all to set the culture and help come up with its rules and provide suggestions for janitors. I think a lot of you are tripfriends, so hopefully one stands out that would make a good one.

I would ask that you try to centralize all pony related threads here in /mlp/, and direct fellow ponies from /b/, /co/ and others to this board.

Friendship sure is magic,

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I fucking hate cops, theyre such pigs and oppressors.
>be in train
>fucking oink oink pig swine comes up to me
>asks for my id
>i ask if im being detained
>he says no
>he says he's asking for my id because i might have mental disabilities for walking around with a mlp stuffed animal
>tells me leave
why are cops such bullies, fucking pigs
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