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Are you gonna cum inside your waifu this Valentine's?

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Where would you go if /mlp/ got deleted off 4chan?
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>Groom TWO VAs of the show, date the two, one who he knew since she was 10 years old when he was in his 20s
>Directly say he doesn't actually care about MLP and only did it for the fame
>Get called out by a staff of the show, and by the creber father (the parents were forbidden to be their at their marriage)

>still has a very good career, ends up working with Ingram and has no issues in the world.

The world has no justice anons.
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Board buzzwords

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List me some, so far the more recent ones that I know are:
>thirdie (I assume this means third worlder)
Are there any more that I should know of?
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>Eat up!
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How do you respond to them without sounding angry, flustered or the least bit triggered?
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Anyone else seen this really well done web animation to Antonymph that got put up a couple of days ago? Definitely one of the more engaging web animations I've seen in a while
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What are your my little pony mental illness headcannons?
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let’s play a game emulpee.
>your dick size (Don’t lie, we’re all anons here)
>your favorite pony