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ITT we write a friendship report to Princess Celestia, one word at a time

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It's over

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Now being trialed on /biz/
Expect a rollout for the rest of 4chan.
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pink fluffy unicorns grooming 15 year olds
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CYOA General #15

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Previous thread: >>40627865

Spring into action edition

Choose Your Own Adventure. AKA Quest.

>Discuss Current, Finished and Upcoming CYOAs
>Give advice on CYOAs
>Pitch ideas
>Get critique
>Trade art

List of stories: WIP (formerly anonpone). Your best bet is to search via desuarchive.
List of related content:

>How do I run a CYOA?
>I can't into art, but I'm a competent writer. Should I still run a CYOA?

>What day is best?
>What time is best?
>What race would you play?
>What genre are you interested in?

>Can I run a CYOA in this General Thread?
Yes, just take care to differentiate yourself if there's another ongoing CYOA here.

>Active CYOAs as this thread was posted
Moonlight >>Here
Rise of Paradise >>40865415
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tubby horse thread lol

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post your plumpest pones! also if this is still up by tomorrow ill do requests lol.
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Why is this board so filled with conflict? PTFG vs AiE, G5 vs G4, EQG vs FiM, Mane 6 vs Background character.
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Previous Thread:

Pony Community Leaders Discord Dump:

"The List":
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>And here is my beautiful girlfriend
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/bug/ Thread 1: A New Bug

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Holy shit, we have been dead for too long /bug/ bros. Now we are back and buggier than ever! Let's revive /bug/ and bring some much needed worship to our Queen!

In /bug/ we talk about our glorious leader Queen Chrysalis, gush over how cute lings are, and call gaylings gay.

Some old links:

Old Hive Directory:

Very Old /bug/ Pastebin:

BuggyCYOA archive:

I'll get to working making a new Pastebin directory but in the meantime, post your favorite bug stories, art, and appreciation to the thread!

Previous thread (I think.) >>36281695
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AI Art Thread XXVIII


This is more of a one click manager that you can install / run the other backends though. Easiest by far. Recommended to download Forge through it and use its built-in Civitai browser to download models with.

For models not on Civitai just download and drop them in Stability_Matrix\Data\Models\* (lora folder if a lora, TextualInversion if embedding, stablediffusion if checkpoint)

Faster / more efficient version of Automatic1111 with some helpful extensions built-in. I would recommend installing this through Stability Matrix.

>Stable Diffusion Automatic1111
The original for posterity's sake.

Has a learning curve but is extremely customizable and usually has the latest methods / papers implemented first.


>Pony Diffusion V6 XL checkpoint for Stable Diffusion

>Autism Mix (Alternative model based upon pony diffusion)

>Useful artist style LoRA:

>LoRAs by /mlp/:

>LoRAs by /h and other useful info:

>How to make your own LoRA:

>AMD USERS (note for AMD GPUs using Linux is like 4x faster)
Further advice

>Prompt tips for new users:
Grab a image you like the style of from the desired model's citvia's site and drop it onto the PNG info tab in SD, you can then click send to text to image to reuse its generation info for your own images. Change the seed so you do not get just the same image. I'll work on making a prompting guide soonish.

>No, AI art is NOT stealing.
Here, all the usual misinfo already addressed in one easy place for your viewing displeasure:

>Previous Thread

>Past Threads
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