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Don't Mess With Texas

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Dear Joe, ya dun goofed now.
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This episode grinds my gears like no other

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Everything about this ep except maybe the premise is just the most contrived, non sensical bullshit that makes no sense within the world of MLP gen 4 it leaves me fucked up about it every time I rewatch the show.

>inb4 over analyzing a children's show

fuck off what else is happening on this board

First off, what is this bullshit of "keeping the business alive through the winter". Is this implying that the apples pay a mortgage/taxes on their land? Land that was explicitly given this particular family by the god emperor of their entire race? Ur telling me they can just lose that shit if they don't sell cider?

Also Applejack could have struck a million deals with F&F that were beneficial to her: selling F&F the apples, providing the apples and buying the cider off F&F, etc. But even IF F&F had decided to source their apples elsewhere (increasing their overhead making cider more expensive) the apples still could've just competed with them in PV. Just cause they make enough to provide to all of PV doesn't mean EVERYONE is gonna get their cider from F&F.

Then after the competition when the apples "lose" they go to pack their things and move out of the entire Farm. The fuck? The deal was that the winner could sell cider in PV, nothing to do with the Farm itself. AJ still could strike a deal where she provides the apples and gets some profit ffs.

Don't even get me started on this "there's not enough cider for everyone" BS.
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Say goodbye to your secret crap dumbass edition
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>They said you’d be able to clean me up after a good workout…
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I absolutely love her, when she smiles!
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The state of this board Holy fuck.
Horishimoot just kill it.
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