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Is winking coombait?
I'm trying to find out, considering we have a new board overlord that is the arbiter of all things.
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Find a hotter MILF

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Good evening, anons.

My name is Fimphiliacs. I created the /mlp/ YouTube channel.

I just finished school a little while ago and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I want to do what I can to fix our relationship with the board, and I want to hear what the board thinks of this channel.

I know the opinion of our channel isn't the greatest but it doesn't get better unless I start here with a conversation.

I'm not going to delete the channel. It has purpose and it has worth, and I'm here to collaborate with the board to hear what you want to see change.

I'm all ears. Let me hear it, /mlp/.


CYOA General #6

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This thread is for the discussion of all things CYOA

The easiest way to have your CYOA tracked

Active CYOAs as this thread was posted:

Into the Blue

The Good Necromancer



If you have any resources to assist with CYOAs or other CYOAs that were missed please post them.

A reminder: that sometimes this board gets very active with slide threads. Some CYOAs have died within an hour due to this.
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Have some OC hot off the presses for everyone's charming badass Ace Thruster.
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Coltquest #100

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Inventory & Spells:
CQ Wiki:

Previous Thread:

>The group finishes up their game of truth or dare, where some... Expected and unexpected things happen.
>The only unfulfilled dare is Pip's made to Maple, where she wanted the deer to take her to the top of the Citadel.
>The next day Ruby finds Pip has pinned Ann to the floor with an iron rod.
>Once that's resolved the group go to breakfast to figure out what to do next.
>Emerald joins Maple on some classes, while Ruby, Ann and Pip decides to scout ahead and climb the citadel.
>They just need to think of a plan!

Continued in the next post.
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Stop picking off smegma with your bare hands.

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Admittedly, this is more of a personal preference of the author and is directed towards mostly female owners. I have yet to see a male horse owner go to grabbing things underneath his horse without gloves on. In fact, I recently had a male owner assist me in procedure with his gelding and he wouldn’t help until I offered him full length rectal sleeves that went all the way to his shoulders. Usually regular wrist length gloves will suffice, but in all seriousness, wear gloves please. Remember you eat with your hands and smegma isn’t the easiest smell to get rid of.

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I want to have sex AS a pony
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If you got 20k per inch of horse pp taken anally how rich would you be?