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I really want to eat pony asshole
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What is this place...

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filled with so many wonders? ♥ ~
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Show me the nyx
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/mlp/ Feedback Thread

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[moot]Please post general feedback, suggestions for rules, janitors, and everything else in here.[/moot]
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So what did you guys think of the latest episode Dragon Quest?

Like all kids shows, teenagers are invariably portrayed as dicks.

Spike and Rarity are now "family", but not in the Applefamily way.

Twilight continues to be the luckiest pony in Equestria that everypоnys secretly jealous of.

Owlicious confirmed to spend rest of days with Derpy in the symbol library
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>no rule saying rule 34 is not allowed
>Barely NSFW
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>Twilight would call it piss
>Applejack would call it urine
>Rarity would call it wee
>Fluttershy would call it piddle
>Rainbow would call it wizz
>Pinkie would call it tinkle
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Mare Fair 2023

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“Perfectly fair” Edition
Previous thread: >339889387
September 29th - October 1st

Mare Fair is a pony convention looking to celebrate our love of ponies, as well as all the very special people that continue to make the Ride what it is - that means (You)! This project is being put together by board regulars who have a history of successful projects and want to borrow some of what makes this place so special and bake it into a delicious autism pie. Mare Fair has partnered with Fallen Oak Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation, a small horse charity located in Florida. Proceeds from our charity auction, spaghetti tendie dinner, as well as other events, will be making a difference in the lives of real equines.

>What’s new?
We're excited to publicly announce a unique attraction coming to Mare Fair this September: The Mare Gallery! The Mare Gallery will be a small, handpicked collection of bespoke art pieces, created by beloved artists from the board and around the fandom, on display in one of the con rooms. All of the pieces will be one-of-a-kind and almost entirely never before seen. After letting attendees bask in the glory of this top tier mare art during the weekend, all of the donated pieces will be put into the charity auction to benefit the real horses of Fallen Oak Equine Rescue.
The Mare Gallery is being curated by Lunar Harmony, a longtime Secret Santa mailer, board art appreciator, and creator of the 2022 Antithology finale clip that the Mare Gallery was inspired by. captions on

Want to be a bona fide community guest at Mare Fair? Mare Fair wants you!
Simply fill out this form, and you will be among the elite of the elite. Those who have bought a badge will be sent a form over email to get your response “officially” but in the meantime we wanna see everypony’s apps. We’re hoping to compile all of the attendee apps and release them in some form or fashion at the end of the con.

>Con bullshit
Panel apps are due to close July 9th, if you or your friends have been on the fence about doing a panel for a while, you still have some time to think about what you want to do. Don’t be shy!

INTERNATIONAL ANONS - the US has ended their proof of vaccination requirements for travel earlier in May. This restriction was an issue for some of you so we're letting you know this policy has been lifted.
Vendor applications are closed but you can still contact us to join the waitlist.
Volunteer, vendor, panelist, and musician apps can all be found right here under the “apply” tab

Official info about the convention is only coming from these trips:
Neighsayer !!QkuoUYKaDn8
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I'm on my way to being the most hated shitposter in the world. I've never seen a photo cause as much hatred and contempt as my meme. Jannies delete my posts and ban me as fast as they can, but Nyxfag posts freely. Probably the mods are Nyxfags. I like Nyx, but I don't like the hypocrisy of not being able to force my meme while he can. I declare a open war to every moderator, janitor and authority in the world. My weapon is laughter and my shield is insistence.

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